Epic Battle Music

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I'm looking for some music to add to my playlist that I use for games which contain grand battles on an epic scale. After a while, no matter how good the music, I get tired of the same tracks over and over so eventually for any game I'll switch to my trusty custom playlist. It contains a fair few tracks, all absolutely random, but all go very well with "epic" battles.

It can be any style of music, with any theme. Fantasy is good, medieval themed, folk themed, space themed... it's all good. =D There's nothing like Preliator by Globus coming on when on Mount & Blade: Warband and facing impossible odds. ^_^

Examples of the sort of music that interests me:

All suggestions are welcome!

Lux Aeterna, it's awesome it can get you so pumped, as the top rated comment on YouTube says : "It makes homework epic".

Anything in the original Total Annihilation soundtrack is awesome.

Badass music GO!

One of my favorites is Crossing Rage from Ys Seven, its just a downright pumped song, this version is heavily extended, so it repeats itself quite a bit, you can get all you need to know in the first 2 or 3 minutes.

This song plays during a few iconic boss fights in the game, generally one on ones between Adol and another person, or a giant friggin monster in an arena or something of the sort, you get the idea.


As an added bit of advice, keep an eye on the Ys series in general, especially t he new psp remakes for epic battle music, the whole series is just riddled to the brim with awesome guitar peices. The recent Oath in felghana remake has quite a few choice songs as well.

The Burly Brawi from The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. It's quite epic.

Mighty Obstacle and B.B. Evolution. Technically these versions are remixes, but they are still epic either way :D

I'd say just about anyhting by Veigar. It's god damn epic.

Just a couple.

Skold - Chaos

Give me this in any battle, and I'll find a way to win, even if it's a tickle deathmatch. ;D

Best of the 3:
I'd say just about anyhting by Veigar. It's god damn epic.

Awesome, I've never heard these I don't think. It's a pity they're so short, but they'll go nicely mixed into a playlist. =)


Just a couple.

Thanks for these, I'll be sure to look into them some more. =D

Skold - Chaos

Give me this in any battle, and I'll find a way to win, even if it's a tickle deathmatch. ;D

Ah yes, Twisted Metal. Brings back all sorts of memories. =')

Keep em coming guys, some great music here. ^_^

I know some kickass 16-bit boss themes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlNr1Vbbo18 *would make a great chase sequence*

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sldQysJ3HJs&feature=related *fitting for an underwater battle or bioweapon boss*

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhMU7JaWOLY *I don't know why, but this kicks so much ass*

Again with more epic. Is epic it's own genre, if not it should be for this guy. Two steps from hell, another good choice.

All the RA3 music is damn epic, as is The star wars music for battles.

My favourites would be:

And this:

And from my past... how could I forget:

the last samurai is my favourite film and this track, when the last of the samurai die sends chills down my spine, almost makes me cry (2:36).

Where is the love for Star Wars?

Well ok it not as epic as I remember but it still one of my favioute battle music.

Rhapsody of Fire
Blind Guardian

Look up those 3 bands. They specialize in epic battle music. :D

Dragonforce. Music made to kick ass to.

When is Two Steps From Hell not good for a battle or fight?


When is Two Steps From Hell not good for a battle or fight?

never! great battle music X3

I have one more to add to this.

Why here's something for you.


Yes, I do watch SMBZ :D

Looks like you need the most epic song ever: LACRIMOSA!

Also, you're gonna need something from the most epic composer of all time: HANS ZIMMER!

Battles & Brotherhood and Axes Of Evil by 3 Inches Of Blood are pretty epic :P

Based on what you posted I'd say the group Two Steps from Hell would have what you're looking for, if you want truly epic music.

Any mentions of O Fortuna yet?

I have some, spoiler'd for the sake of neatness.

I'd post more from BlazBlue and then post some from the Guilty Gear soundtrack, but I feel like I've posted enough already.


Sanctus by Karl Jenkins. Keep listening, as around the third minute it escalates into a whole new level of intensity.

Actually, most stuff by Karl Jenkins makes for good "epic" music.


This too. I'm not sure what it's actually called, but the music speaks for itself.

Don't let the "Narnia" bit fool you... this is one of my favourite tracks. I bought the soundtrack just for this song.


I'm ashamed!
No one has


Some damn good songs to fight to.

there is a damn good reason why E.S Posthumus is my favorite music group of all time EVER...

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