How come no one's allowed to hate stuff anymore?

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Allow me to clarify my statement:

Many times I have been in the middle of a pleasant conversation with a person or group of people and the topic drifts around until this person/these people proceed to exclaim how they worship something like coffee or bacon, making clothes out of it, bathing in it, mixing it with the blood of virgins, etcetera. I hate the tastes and smells and nutritional benefits (or lack thereof) of both of these products and upon informing people of this, I seem to incur their wrath.

Why am I not allowed to hate bacon? It's disgusting and has obvious health risks.

And coffee, not only does it stain your teeth, but it inhibits the production of dopamine in your brain. And that's important.

Come now people this abuse has to end. It seems that now that we've at least made it socially unacceptable to not be tolerant in most of today's industrialized world, we have to stoop to alienating people who aren't interested in things that a group of people feel are good.

I do not alienate people for liking coffee or bacon or whatever it is that they like, so why must I be ostracized by people for not liking these things? Is my argument not valid? Is it not the one that in fact has scientific basis and is not held up by the loose assertion that 'it is just the best thing ever.'

And in case you are wondering, I have actually lost friends over this. There is a group of people who actually yell loudly about how magnificent coffee and bacon are whenever I enter a room.

So escapists, I ask you this:
Have you ever been the one to attack another for not liking 'awesome' thing x?
What other things have you found induce such irrational behavior in your fellow humans?
Have you ever been the victim of such abuse?
And do you, like me, believe people should totally chill out about such things?

And yes, I am aware that many people will be urged to childishly quote me and write how bacon/coffee is amazing, regardless of the facts, even just to 'kid' with me, so I would like to formally request, anyone who wishes to preform the above atrocity, please take a good introspective look at your life and whether you would like to be known as the one who sided with the cults of bacon/coffee. And if you find that you still want to, I suggest you buy a lifetime supply of the item and concentrate on it and not this thread.

And also, I dislike intensely every single Call of Duty game. I do not like the whole realistic shooter thing. I believe the point of video games, literature and art in general to be the ability to escape the realm where the laws of the universe apply.

Edit: OK I understand, hate is a strong word. My hatred began only as dislike, but I was bashed so much for this it polarized into what I call, very casually, hatred. Still, I try to use the word sparingly and hope its casual use on this post has not seriously offended anyone.
Also! I never attempted to drill into anyone's head that they shouldn't eat/drink bacon/coffee!
I simply tell people that one of the reasons for my dislike/hate/whatever you want to call it stems from the negative values toward your health from the products.

Edit(2):Ok, I get it. Hate is a strong word. I will cease using it. Now, how about we move on to the issue at hand and disregard my word choice.
Let me rephrase the issue: Why is no one allowed to disagree with popular opinion anymore?

I think you're all being silly. Especially about the whole bacon and coffee thing. Yeah its nice but its no reason to get all religous about it. At the same time is it really necessary to hate the stuff. Hate is a strong word, yet I see it thrown around all the time here. "I hate this", "I hate that", "Hate, Hate, Hate". Seriously, how can you bring yourself to hate something like that so often?

Dislike? Sure.
Find wrong? Okay.
Be annoyed by? No problem.

I understand that people like things (although "Love" seems to be thrown around with the same frequency as "Hate") and that some people don't like things. Unless this is something really serious, like whether its okay to murder someone in cold blood, can't we just at least tolerate other people's opinion?

So OP, I'm with you. Kinda.

You hate bacon?!?

HERETIC! You shall be burned at the stake.

Naw I'm just kidding. Seriously though, that does sound kind of crazy for your friends not to deal with you anymore just because you don't like certain things. The world would be a dull place if everyone liked the same thing.

I like Bacon and sorta like Coffee. But i see your point. Who cares about that stuff. If someone doesnt agree with your interests that let them be. But im a total hypocrite with this and music haha

Simply enough, liking and loving something is positive, hating it is negative. blathering on about how you love this that and the other can of course get annoying, but not as quickly as someone who hates everything. Of course, this problem isn't as evident here in Ireland. We, as a nation, love to complain, after all.

Because when you justify your hatred of things you tend to make people who like the things you hate feel like they're being criticized for liking the things they hate, hence they tend to respond with "Bacon isn't stupid, YOU'RE STUPID!" hence it's easier not to "hate" bacon but rather to "dislike" bacon.

Who says no one hates stuff anymore? Hipsters, bros, douchebags (lots of people fit in this category). Hate 'em all, mostly because they don't realize how pathetically transparent they are as people.


But yeah, bacon is nice. Coffee can go down the drain for all I care though.

Hate is offensive. Its attractive emotion, not repulsive. When you hate, you dislike something that much that you actually care about it and want to ruin it even if it costs you something, not just ignore it. If you just dont like some really, really badly then you loathe it, not hate it.

Your opinion is not a valid reason to hate something.
Just say you dislike something, and the reason why, if they ask. Saying you actively despise something asks for trouble. Our society tends to consider someone declaring their opinion as an open invitation to heckle and annoy. Having an unpopular opinion is even more dangerous.

I've lost friends over not drinking tea.

also over hating reality TV, and shit like the X-Factor.

I'm not sure if I'd call these people who gave you such a hard time about your opinion, "friends." Who cares what people like or dislike? I just think people have too much time on their hands to be honest to even think of these things. Are you telling me you would not eat this?


lol, talk about people having too much time on their hands..however, I love bacon, and would have a taste of this for sure!


I'm not positive, but I feel like this is a clever troll of some sort...

Of some sort...

I'm going to go ahead and put this on your own head for trying to point out why you dislike these things, rather than just shrugging and saying "I just don't like them." I don't think they're ostracizing you because you don't like something they like, I think they're doing it because in trying to convince them that what they like is bad for them, you probably came off like a dick.

Well, I think that your reasons for hating bacon and coffee are retarded (I get it if you just don't like it, but avoiding it because it's 'bad' for you? Jesus dude, live a little) but yeah, I have noticed how it seems bad to hate or dislike something, although I haven't experienced what you have. I've been called a 'conformist' for hating Twilight and Beiber, as apparently I'm doing it to "try to look cool".

I'm not though. I hate those things because they suck. They suck hard.

Although I will agree with other responses here in regards to the use of the word "hate", I get where you're coming from. Using the word "hate" loosely and strictly in a casual, conversational way, I hate all forms of melon. An opinion which gets me a lot strange looks. Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe etc... Hate it, Hate it, Hate it. I wish I could enjoy it, it looks tasty and I love the bright colours. But the moment it hits my taste buds, my throat tightens and I can't bring myself to swallow. It get spit out in seconds. My tastes refuses it outright.

Of course you're allowed to hate stuff. I tell people I don't like coffee quite often and they seem fine with it....
If it ever happens again, just find what they don't like and do the same thing as they did.

I'm not sure if I'd call these people who gave you such a hard time about your opinion, "friends." Who cares what people like or dislike? I just think people have too much time on their hands to be honest to even think of these things. Are you telling me you would not eat this?


lol, talk about people having too much time on their hands..however, I love bacon, and would have a taste of this for sure!


The shrine of Bratwurst!

Ehh... I don't like people using the word hate, just because they use it to mean dislike.

OT: Yes I have called someone who admitted they didn't like bacon a heretic. But as we were friends I didn't mean it and we had a good laugh about it. The only difference is that I don't ever offer them or talk about things that go well with bacon and gammon.

It's illogical to not be friends with someone who does not like one particular food or drink (Or game... Yes Portal I'm looking at you) especially if the people that are disliking a person who doesn't like bacon are also friends with vegetarians...

Also I've never been subject to this irrational behavior, I seem to like most things and I have friends who accept me for who I am, not for trivial things... (I mean they put up with a lot of stuff that I do that make them not feel well) They also understand that not everyone likes the same stuff (Such as one of my friends doesn't drink alchohol, he still comes to parties but we don't pressure him into drinking... Much...)

If you lost your friends over this, I would largely bet it's because you kept bringing it up like a broken record. That, or they're not very close to you as friends.

Also, you're wrong about the dopamine production. Coffee, through it's active ingredient caffeine, increases dopamine levels similarly to what you see in cocaine (source: Also, if you use said argument and still drink soda (caffeinated), then you're pretty much a hypocrite.

So, if you spent more time researching your opinions instead of berating your friends about their lifestyle choices, maybe you wouldn't have such a rough go of things.

Human nature. Those who go through life accepting what is fed to them as "positive" and "negative" by whatever section of society is most immediately visible to them tend to look down on those who hold differing views. If those differing views are presented as a violent rejection, the conditioned return response is violent rejection of the person holding those views. Even if such things are initially presented as a joke, if those involved don't study their own motives, the joke tends to be taken too far.

Have you ever been the one to attack another for not liking 'awesome' thing x?
What other things have you found induce such irrational behavior in your fellow humans?
Have you ever been the victim of such abuse?
And do you, like me, believe people should totally chill out about such things?

Yes. All the time. It's just me ragging on my friends though, I don't really give a shit.

The way I dress. Seriously a guy has a predilection for skin tight jeans and fancy waistcoats, scarves and ties and suddenly he's the biggest queen this side of Soho.

Yes. I don't care. Liking different things and having different tastes is what makes people interesting.

Not really, friendly ribbing is good. Seriously either your friends were assholes or you're just way too sensitive. Either way, someone's a dickhead and the friendship wouldn't have lasted either way.

I too, hate Bacon.
I don't see what's so damn tasty about it.
It just.. isn't x_X

Here's a appropiate song;

In the case of your friends, it sounds like they've fallen victim to the typical popularization trap. Liking things solely or in part because they're pop-culture or geek-culture icons. Like zombies. I'm not a fan of zombie anything, and other people who identify with geek/gamer/whatever culture look at me like I'm deficient.

In general cases, although I don't want to live in an emotionless, hyper-rationalized society, when you think about it the word 'hate' is very, very strong. Like the word love. But we tend to use them liberally in everyday speech, usually to try and quickly hammer a point home. Unless you actually HATE bacon or whatever (which I'm not saying is impossible) I've tended to find it easier to go with something like 'Eh, bacon, not really my thing'. People will still be amazed, but they'll get over it quicker.

well whatever some people care about shit to much. you do like mudkipz though right?

To be honest, I'm a person who hates a great many things, including several popular "Musicians" and food-stuffs. BUT, I don't think it hurts anyone that I have that opinion, and I hate it when people get butt-hurt over someone's opinion.
On a different note, I've been drinking Coffee since I was, literally, a year old (Family tradition) and I love B.L.T. sandwiches and use the excess bacon grease to fry anything else I make. You haven't lived until you've fried a hamburger in bacon grease.

Well obviously if everyone liked and disliked the same thing then we would have nothing to talk about and life would be pretty bland!

I don't dislike bacon but I don't love it either and my boyfriend always has a go at me when I say I don't like beans :( I'm sorry but they are nasty little fuckers! But then he doesn't like half the food I like and I do get a bit argumentative when he has cheesy beans all over his fish... I'm sorry but yeah that is really wrong and deserves to be made illegal!!!

But no I don't think it fair for people to throw a proper hissy fit just because you don't like bacon or coffee, everyone has their own tastes.

I just don't like the taste of coffee. Also you've lost friends because you don't like coffee and bacon? I find that hard to believe as the sole cause.

You can hate whatever you like, you're perfectly allowed to do that.

However, if I think you're a misinformed bacon avoiding fool (tehe) because you've told an obvious bacon lover in a conversation that you don't like it, i'm going to tell you you're wrong and that's the end of that. Its a conversation, a statement warrants a response.

In any sense, you should get different friends. The ones you were friends with sound like douchebags.

Also, eat bacon, who cares about health risks. You silly.

sounds like you had a tiny argument with some people over bacon, and took it way too seriously.
don't be so over sensitive.

That said, when i told some friends that i don't like portal, they seemed pretty appalled.

You forgot about Twilight.

It's ok to hate that :)

Baby Bacon Jesus, my life is now complete :)

You are only allowed to hate stuff if you are religious. If it is part of your religion it can not be frowned upon.
Man I hate religions!

I hate.
I never forgive.
I never forge...wait, what was i saying? Oh dear, i'm getting old. Anyone?

I love bacon and coffee, but I hate this thread.

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