Your earliest memory and why you think it is.

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I was by a lake, fishing. For some reason I imagine it from a third person view, as if I was my mom looking at me.

My earliest memory is posting Christmas cards around my old street with my mom as a two year old. This has been confirmed as having actually happened by the parental in question and I have no idea why its the one that sticks out.

I don't remember.

I remember when I was about 2 or 2 and a half, my dad used to have long hair. He got it cut for a job interview and I remember him coming home with short hair and I thought it had blown off like a hat or something. I was one stupid kid.

My earliest memories in chronological order (to my knowledge) are:

Walking down a hospital corridor. (I think I was visiting my new born sister which makes me 3 yrs and 2 months old),
Possibly the same day, me sitting in the back seat of a car watching a baby being put into the front seat while outside a big biulding, I assumed a hospital. (i.e. the day my sister came home from hospital when she was born).

And finally, falling over down some steps and hitting my head on a sandpit at play group when I was little. I even remember the sound of the sand slipping under my feet and everything.

Significance? Hmmm... the first two I guess is cos that was the first moments I had a sister (that's a big thing when you're 3 I guess), the second is cos it was quite traumatic really, the resulting scar from the injury is with me to this day.

Playing Sonic 2. That, or waking up in the middle of the night, my eyes seeing red and black stars all over the floor. Hmmm, now that I think about it, it's odd that they were red and black. Those became my favorite colors. And it's never happened again.

Not sure why I remember it but I was around two years old make the year 1977ish. We were in minot, north dakota. My parents took my brother and myself to the local frozen pond for some fun on the ice. He was ice skating while I was sliding around falling into the small snow banks on the edge. The thick snowsuit I was wearing made it difficult to move and get up after my repeated falls.

mine has to be when i was 3, and at my best friend's house for babysitting, he jumped off his fireplace and bit a hole clean through his tounge, then later that day when i was taking a nap i rolled off the bunk bed and hit my head on the corner of a dresser. we got to be ER buddies.

The mobile above the crib.

hey ambi, i would like to have the great reading adventure from you. can you ISO it or something please? i cant find this cool game on any abandonware websites nor can i find it in any online stores like amazon.


And: Holy shit, do you really write kindergarten with a "t"? What the hell...?

Yes, its a german word, not an English one.

I am not sure it was on the same day, but I remember making blanket forts with my older brother in our room...drinking hot cider, and then those plastic skeleton heads they put candy in..and the cherry taste of marzipan. I know I was under 4 because we moved from the place some time after that. I probably remember those things because it was Halloween and we lived in a place with woods all around so Halloween was cool, and the cider and marzipan are strong tastes and not something you eat was compartmentalized by my memory.

I just remember this black void, then a sudden jolt and I was sitting with my mom and my younger sister in our car (an old Suburban, if memory serves). We were talking about how I was almost... four? It's weird, that moment when you suddenly have all this information in your head, who this bunch of people's names are and where everything is.

I remember when I was about 2 or 2 and a half, my dad used to have long hair. He got it cut for a job interview and I remember him coming home with short hair and I thought it had blown off like a hat or something. I was one stupid kid.


my earliest was when I was about 5. I wanted to ride my bike down a hill, my brother wanted to ride up. So after a small shouting match we rode at the same time. He just fell off the bike, I went flying off into stinging nettles.

It sticks out the most because it was god damn painful. Though I do have another one that was during the same age, and I'm not too sure what order they go in.

I saw my neighbor having a heart attack. It stuck out because it's been the cause of recurring nightmares ever since, along with seeing a whole apartment building on fire at the same age.

Um, when I was 1 1/2 telling my parents that I didn't want a baby brother.

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