Poll: Who is your Favorite Mass Effect 2 Team member?

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When i was playing Mass Effect 2; I loved picking up team members with cool missions, or just cool presence.

So to everyone that has played ME2 enough to get all of the team members (i hope thats all of you) who did you like best?

Legion was my favorite.

Tali and Garrus.
My partners in crime throughout the series.

you forgot someone didn't you.

Mordin and Grunt were my two favourites

Garrus, Mordin, Grunt, Thane, Tali and Legion.
Yeah. It was hard.

you forgot someone didn't you.

since there are only 8 question responses, i couldn't fit them all
I added the "other" option for a reason.

Tali. =D

Count Igor:
Garrus, Mordin, Grunt, Thane, Tali and Legion.
Yeah. It was hard.

You've echoed my thoughts perfectly.

Grunt and Thane. Complete opposites that add awesome expierences to cutscenes and conversations.

Well, since we're picking from the runts of the litter, I'd say Thane. His voice has the same resonant frequency as my ear, so whenever he talks it feels like a naked Angelina Jolie is tickling me with feathers.

Of the new squadmembers, I chose Mordin. He had a lot of the best lines in the entire game, and had a lot more dialogue than most of the other squad members.

Grunt, he's all "Brawggllghbraaa I'm pure Krogan fear my absurd amount of health Regeneration" I always threw him right into the middle of the fray sniped anything that might make him really really angry and he took care of the rest.

"Geth do not intentionally infiltrate." - Legion, Geth Infiltrator

Grunt is amazingly awesome.

I'd say Legion because I think he brought in some interesting ideas and was revealing about the Geth. Extra Credits showed well what was interesting in the character, even though he himself was not that interesting (nor was strictly meant to me).

Grunt, his face amuses me.

Anything not human was good enough for me.

Samara. I know no one else likes her, but, hey, her character concept is neat and interesting to me and I found her the one I most liked talking to. Also, badass, in an eerie detached sort of way.

Pretty tough chice for me. I chose Mordin because of his fast talk and jokes but it could've been Tali, Garrus, Grunt, Miranda, Thane, Samara, Legion or anyone except Jack or Zaeed.

I honestly can't decide, they all had something unique about them that made them awesome. Now imagine how amazing it could have been if you'd been able to choose all of them almost right from the beginning (like in ME1); Legion especially had so much more potential.

Your asking me to pick between:

Its too hard!!!

for me its got to be Kasumi from the DLC. i have no idea why either, i honestly love them all but shes the one character i like the most. i just hope that shes in mass effect 3 and that you can romance her

You put Miranda and not Tali, the awesomest character ever, on the poll? Tali, who has killed more people than Clint Eastwood?


Tali and Garrus, I excpect I would like Legion to but he never survived the mission.

Mordin..i like interesting people
Also Legion seems interesting

I can't pick a favorite. I love (almost) all of them.

You forgot my favorite, Tali!!!

Second favorite is definitely Garrus.

Garrus, he's a badass justice keeper, he should have became a spectre or squad leader a long time ago.

Second is Zaeed, he's cool.

Third is Tali for obvious reasons.

I have unhealthy amounts of love for Miranda.

That said, Mordin singing Gilbert and Sullivan makes him a close second (joint with Legion, just for being awesome).

My favorite is garrus, you know I romanced the hell out of him.

Legion, Garrus, Tali. End of.

1. Thane+Mordin, joint winners due to interesting backstories and characterisation.
2. Garrus, who WAS my #1 in ME1, but due to being a bit of a 1-dimensional asshole in ME2, he's demoted.
3. Legion. Funny, interesting, unique.
4. Tali and Samara. Samara was interesting, but not enough was revealed about her.
5. Everyone else.
6. Miranda and Grunt, both are utterly boring outside of combat and useless in combat.

Thane. Or Garrus. Or Legion. Damnit I can't choose!

ME2 is one of those games which has become incredibly rare these days as I actually care about practically all of the characters. Even some of the less used side-characters were well-constructed enough to be interesting and seem somewhat "human" to me. Many poeple have already pointed out the missing Tali, one of the most interesting ones for me, along with Mordin and Legion. Choosing one might actually be pretty difficul-

No it wouldn't. Hands down, Garrus. Between his loyal nature, strong sense of justice, fierce, strong personality and guarded, yet deep and passionate heart, that Turian is sexy as hell.

Either Samara (love the over the top justice thing, find it funny but I do not encourage it), grunt (I like the way he wants to take everything on and gets hungry at the most inappropriate times), Legion (for a robot, he has a very good sense of humour, very dry) but of course it had to go to Mordin. I like his various reasons not for talking, his "talks" and I like his work ethic; he enjoyed working with his team on the genophage and his time on Omega because of the challenge it represented

Joker's conversations with Shepard are funny too

"It'll be better than the old days"

"I hope so. I died"

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