What does Partial Nudity mean?

I mean, nudity is when you aren't wearing clothes. Partial nudity would mean some amount of clothes... aren't we ALL partially nude? Except like, Darth Vader? It's like saying Partially Dead.

In video game ratings, it usually means partially obscured breasts or buttocks. At least, it has in the games I have played.

Sideboob, I suppose.

mostly side boob and ass, but nothing frontal.

I think partial nudity would go something like this:

full set of clothes = no nudity
underwear or revealing swimsuit on female = partial nudity
nude but covered by convient censer = partial nudity
fully nude = full nudity

Oh, wait... we talking in general, or just videogames?

usually means sexual provocative, but with clothes on.


Partially revealing...erm, excitable elements of the human form.

For example, difference between a sweater and a bikini top.

Yes we all have partial nudity, but when it's usually featured in game ratings it means somewhat along the lines of:

'Games which show slight pieces of sexually-related organs.'


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