Poll: So...you swap bodies with your girlfriend/boyfriend...

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normally with my avatar, I'd say


But for this, I'd like to definately have some fun messing around with her family XD

I would so switch bodies with my boyfriend!

And then he'd be in my body and we'd get it on! :D
I always wanted to know what it felt like for the guy. :3

Well first I'd play with my boobs and stuff. After that, definitely. Partly because I'm curious how it feels for a girl and also because if I can figure out what the best things are from both perspectives, we can do them more often once we're back in our own bodies.

We do get to switch back right?

How much time would I have? If I had a full day, I'd do it for hours, if only to improve on skill, and be able to say; "see? it's not all that easy" afterwards. I think I'd go and play with my... herself for a while to see how that goes as well. I think she'd do the same.

Also -

- I'd parallel park a few times to show her the seat is fine. [or adjust the seat accordingly, I -am- fair, I doubt it though.]
- I'd wear a short skirt and see if I can notice all the guys watching, or if they - we- really just think they don't notice.
- I'd also try and work my.. herself into a situation wher enormally I'd be on my own, and see if I get help from anyone. I don't know, lifting groceries or something.
- I'd try a few beers and see if she really can't hold it, or if she just says so.
I think the day's over now :)

edit: Oh, and prank calls!

Honestly I think I would, if for no other reason than because it would be an incredibly strange and unique experience.

Would I have sex with my girlfriend in my body? No. Why? Because if it sucks I will blame myself (my body) even if my girlfriend is the one piloting it... I will feel... inadequate... /sob

One very important question: Can we switch back? Is this permanent or just one of those 24 hour things?

If the latter... yes. And then I would dance in front of her (him?) so she (he?) can know what it feels like to have a hard-on and not be able to use it in the best manner possible.

And then play with my (her?) boobies some. And then just fuck all day. She (he?) must wear a rubber, of course.

Yes, very much.

It would be a bit weird screwing yourself..

If I had a girlfriend, yeah I would if she was willing. I'd be too curious what it would be like.

Sad thing is it wouldn't be much different, I'd be shorter I suppose, that's different.

Well I don't have a girlfriend but I think it would be interesting, I always wondered what it would be like to be the fair sex (without some weird sex change operation that doesn't even truly change your sex but rather makes you into a freak), as many before me said: I would be too busy playing with my new boobs and fingering my vagina; so maybe I would wait to do myself until after I have satisfied my curiosity.

For the experience, yes. Nothing more.

Hell yes.

But wait that means i have to to deal with her bitchy parents...

Hmmm, decisions...

for sheer fasination value alone id consider it


...would you 'do it' just to see what it feels like?

And if you're single; let's get all hypothetical on this one kay xD.

So yeah, for those of you who don't know, this is the opening question for the Painkiller Already podcast (which is entertaining; it get's Munch's seal of approval:D).

So, you and your (possibly imaginary) boyfriend/girlfriend switch bodies. Would you have sex just to see what it's like from their perspective?

Personally...yeah, I would actually.

But the question is...would YOU? DUNDUNDUN.
Edit: In case you don't understand the question><:
Would you have sex with yourself if you were the opposite sex?
Cheers IrishAdams you big lad:D

On one hand yes (purely for sex), but mostly no b/c hubby has lots of health issues that would make me crazy if I had them.

It would just be too strange for me to do.

Nah. Not because I don't want to be my lady friend, but because I'd preffer not to have my own body hanging off of me.

Dunno how she stands it...

Since me and my significant other are both male, it wouldn't really be anatomically different, but hell yea I'd switch for a day or so!

I'd be tall and damn sexy for once!

I don't mean to be crass.. But we'd prolly spend a week or 2 in bed... Doing.. Stuff..

It would be interesting, definitely...

Not sure that I'd do it though.

Pfft, I already spend days at a time just staring at my luscious body, I don't see how much different this could get. :D

On a slightly less fictional note, I would probably just fap all day.

All day.

Yeah, just to feel it and to perv out at her(my) naked body in the shower all day.

Since me and my significant other are both male, it wouldn't really be anatomically different, but hell yea I'd switch for a day or so!

I'd be tall and damn sexy for once!

More or less this. It's not nearly as crazy when you're gay. I'm not my own type though, so I'd be settling big time. :(

Yes, and then after the sex and masturbation i would take many awesome pictures for myself when i switch back.

Can we switch back?

Would you have sex with yourself if you were the opposite sex?


OT: Yeah probably, though if I became the opposite sex I'd probably do a ton of other things too.

But, how do I switch bodies with a hand? :(

Women have these neato suction cup toys so that you don't even have to bother with that, you can just take a 30 minute shower and get a similar experience.

Okay straight dudes... you're in your girls body, sure, but you're still mentally yourself. So you'd be getting penetrated. Regardless of whether it's you doing it, there would be digits, members and/or toys entering your body. Did you guys think this through? =P

Also, this question sucks for gay guys. I'm the active partner so it would mean becoming passive for the experience. Nope. My butt is for pooping and tooting and not for funsies, tyvm ^^

The conundrum here is that I don't find myself attractive. But...yeah, I think I'd throw myslef a sympathy fuck.

I haven't even had sex from my perspective. So I'll put that under maybe.

Same, It would be interesting though... And possibly lead to a few WTF? was that reactions.

sure...might be interesting

The phrase go fuck yourself gets a lot more meaning.

Yeah, I'd do me.

I'd either be like "awwww yeah!" or see myself naked and be like "My god, do I really look like that?!?"

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