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Poll: Psychology vs. Sociology. Which study is better for you?

For me, I seem to enjoy sociology, although a mixture of both is also powerfully good for me. Sure, sociology is my favorite because of how intrigued I am in group-thinking, but that would mean stereotyping people. As for psychology, I get to learn about individuals and what makes them different from others, but that would also mean neglecting others.

However, which study do you prefer, and why?

I've always found psychology much much more interesting than sociology. Thats just me though.

I prefer psychology because I find individuals more interesting than groups.

Well part of my university degree was studying criminology, so I'll go with sociology.

Also, no Sigmund Freud. Fuck that guy.

I did my undergraduate degree in sociology and got a huge amount from it. Now I am doing my masters degree in film and finding psychoanalysis* fascinating so I would say for me it is a draw.

*I am aware psychology and psychanalysis are not interchangable but I do consider them very closely linked.

psychology seems a little bit more smoke and mirrors than sociology but i"m not a huge fan of either.

at the time of the vote it was 3 3 3 . made me smile.

Neither, I prefer Anthropology. Hooray for cultural awareness!

I'm taking both this semester, and sociology interests me a lot more. That being said, there are some pretty cool things in psychology as well. I also did enjoy anthropology.

I prefer Psychology. It's what I got my Bachelors degree in. Social and Sexual psychology are the top tier for me

Daystar Clarion:
Well part of my university degree was studying criminology, so I'll go with sociology.

Also, no Sigmund Freud. Fuck that guy.

No psychologist would use Freud's theories today. He was a basis for Personality psych but his ideas have pretty much been thrown by the wayside

Psychology, mainly because it encompasses neuroscience and evolutionary theory, the latter of which I'm extremely interested in. I guess sociology has significant links to evolutionary theory, but I'm a reductionist in the sense that I think of evolutionary concepts at an organismic as opposed to a group level. Blame The Selfish Gene.

Why not just do psychology with a specialisation in group psychology? You get to understand hopw people work as individuals, as well as how they react to socially relevant situations. So it is like learning how each part of the social machine works, how they work together, and then you can extrapolate sociology from that. Like studying electrical physics to understand circuitry.

I'd like say psychology because I think that if you understand the individual than you have better chance of understanding a group, but then again it could work the other way around so I guess both.

I've found sociology to be more interesting to me than psychology, but only just. Probably because I like to see how people act and think as a group. Of course I make sure to couple it with psychology so that I can better understand the group by understanding it's individual parts.

I find the inner workings of the human mind (and the myriad ways it can go wrong) eternally fascinating, so I chose psychology. Yeah, sociology is pretty cool sometimes (especially Milgram's experiments, which are scary awesome), but I prefer psychology.


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