HEY! Who wants to play bubble breaker?!

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I <3 u

I disapprove.

EDIT: To avoid low content... I'm already in hell, why would you want to extend it for another 24 hours?

You are a terrible person.

FUCK. I was like "Oooh shiny!" and then I remembered what it does. Guess I won't be hanging out here for a while.

So many buttons to click, so little time...
Kross, the next step is to make worse punishments.

This is the "don't press this button" game, isn't it?

However, as they are not clearly labelled, I shall press the buttons without fear!


[16:14] @Kross: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/18.297629-HEY-Who-wants-to-play-bubble-breaker
[16:15] @FrostyCoolSlug: erm
[16:15] @FrostyCoolSlug: the site bugged
[16:15] @FrostyCoolSlug: you have a bieber avatar
[16:15] @Kross: hahahaha
[16:16] @FrostyCoolSlug: oh wait
[16:16] @FrostyCoolSlug: wtf is this?
[16:16] @FrostyCoolSlug: what does this do? :(

Oh this is just mean. Hilarious, but mean.

Blast you and your shiny buttons! Alas, I'm the sort to give in to curiosity.

My cursor was right on one of these suckas before I remembered what they did...

You're a terrible person, indeed.
Nonetheless, well played. :P

Is it weird that I knew what it would do, but clicked it anyways?

Must...Not...Click buttons.
Oh boy, do you have any idea how bad I want to click the buttons right now?

Laughed for like three minutes. That is beautiful sir, thank you for making my day more awesome.

Well I almost clicked...then remembered what it was and quickly let go of the touchpad.

oh man.. i almost fell for that... then i read the first few post and realized what you did. you evil evil person. whew, dodged a bullet there.

Come on, this is just evil.
I mean, really, really evil.

Oh this is just mean. Hilarious, but mean.

It wouldn't have been possible without your dedication to the Biebs.

I <3 u

Wii <3 u 2...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh... where's my shotgun?!?!

I'm already insane as it is... damn you!

I am rather amused by all of this.
I still think your best thread was the one where you banned everybody, though.

Ooooo buttons! I'll press this one-


Well played sir, but I have once again slipped the Bieber Net!

I was like oohhs and aaahhhs thinking maybe I could pop a bunch by dragging the cursor down.....

As I said in IRC, congrats. You actually got that to work outside of the badge page of user profiles, and MAN is that a lot of code when I see the quote. Admittedly, it did take a while. As for the rest of you, it'll be fine in 24 hours.

EDIT: Or...24 seconds. Hmm. Guess he shortened the time for it.

EDIT 2: Never mind. Back to 24 hours, folks.

Kross enticed me with gaming..

Then betrayed me with Bieber :(

If only they actually made a sound when you clicked them...

I approve of this post though. It'd been a couple of weeks before I'd seen this on everyone. Only tigermilk actually kept the avatar afterwards, I think.


Oh this is just mean. Hilarious, but mean.

It wouldn't have been possible without your dedication to the Biebs.

This was a training exercise..

What is Kross employed to do again?
I'm not sure "tormenting the community" is in his job description, but it should considering how much effort he puts into it.

Man, I accidentally clicked it. Now I've got to put up with Bieber again.

Rick Astley would've been much better.

I already have the badge for playing this game once, and once is good enough for me.

Kross, I hate to say it, but you have problems, man. I mean seriously, Y U DO DIS!? I pressed the damn thing twice, now you want me to keep sacrificing virgins to this button god!?

EDIT: Damn you, Kross! I read a post that it was 24 seconds and clicked it for the lulz! I HATE YOU!


Scizophrenic Llama:
Man, I accidentally clicked it. Now I've got to put up with Bieber again.

Rick Astley would've been much better.

"Never going to give you up!" or is it Never say never?

Thanks for the laugh, I'm in Bieber hell.

Ah F**K!!!
I hate you.

EDIT: How do i get rid of it?

Ah F**K!!!
I hate you.

EDIT: How do i get rid of it?

Wait for your penance to be served

Edit: 24hours

Someone call the WHO; there's been a resurgent outbreak of fever at The Escapist.

Ah crap I forgot about these. I clicked one before seeing the comments. And now I am facepalming so hard. Well played, Sir, well played.

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