See post for details.
Labor - Light
6.3% (37)
6.3% (37)
Labor - Heavy
5.8% (34)
5.8% (34)
8.7% (51)
8.7% (51)
19.4% (114)
19.4% (114)
4.4% (26)
4.4% (26)
3.4% (20)
3.4% (20)
State employed
9.3% (55)
9.3% (55)
Other, please explain.
41.9% (247)
41.9% (247)
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Poll: What is your profession?

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Entry level call center sales/customer service rep 7 years running.

No plans on leaving or advancement as I'm content with my hours and can live comfortably off my income while still putting some away for the future. It is discouraging that I make less in raises than we experience in inflation on a yearly basis though.

I'm a 3d environment artist in the video game industry. Maybe I actually put a fine arts degree to use.

Past jobs have been graphic design-type crap and Chinese linguist in the army. I also worked for Halliburton once, lol.

Student, taking Computer Science. I guess that would fall under IT, but I don't plan on working IT for a non-computer related company.

Other, I do simulation modelling of ecosystems.

So, sciencey stuff.

Aircraft engine certified mechanic.

sales... being a Bartender and all

Operator at a nuclear power plant. Pretty awesome job I think. I've got to hold a million dollar fuel rod as it went in the pool, so I'll be the last person to ever touch it for the next thousand years or so, always thought that was pretty cool. Also saw Cerenkov radiation firsthand, just wished I could've taken a photo of it. I do like my job, especially since I haven't had a single college class. (so far anyway. DO plan on getting college knocked out eventually. Only time will tell though.)

I'm starting a job as an apprentice tattoo artist.

I'm so excited!

I would be a full-time student right now; a student of Statistics to be precise. I plan to go onto grad school next year, get at least a MS, and then go into pharmaceuticals or the medical industry.

Both my current "profession" and the one I plan to work both seems to fall outside of this categorization in this thread.

Mine is a combo of sales and admin.

I support the Sales Execs for a car rental company.

"Hello IT have you tried turning it off and on again?"

before that working in the deli at my local farmer's co-op

I can't believe you actually put a vote poll for occupations. Considering the 1000's of possibilities.

Ummm... I guess state employed. Deputy Detective specifically.

I'm currently employed as a researcher in biotechnology at my university as a summer job. But technically I'm still a student.

I enjoy alcohol, so I'm making a career out of it. unfortunately wino was already taken so I'll settle for sommelier. though that will come later. As it stands now mainly working in the supply side of bars and restaurants. Technically a civil servant too. we're weird like that.

I'm a student, studying Computer Science.

Currently in College training to hopefully become an Opera Singer. Failing that, my grandfather owns a small business that is starting to get off the ground. I currently help out wherever I can, and I'll continue to do so as the years go by.

EDIT: Double post deviousness, which precipitates this sentence with requisite character count that effectively explains this post. Lost in a loop...loop...loop...looooo...

i use to fly ground attack aircraft before our government sold our air force so i retired and took over running the family construction firm

Retail, namely I work in a bookstore. I don't plan on it being my "forever job", but it's a decent job and it pays the bills for now.

I am the adversary, and must always remain the adversary.

Tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

I'm a student in high school at the moment, but I'm undergoing my application procedure for being an army reservist for the rest of high school, so state employed I suppose.

My profession? Yeah I could tell you my profession.

GAH ninjaed :/

I'm a gardener (what? most people my age are workin in shops and it pays better than that.)

Also in a couple bands although neither are doing much atm.

I bag groceries, but I'm thinking about applying to work at a comic book store that's hiring. I've been there for a year and could use some change.

I am helping slowly kill the world populace.

....*fast food employee*

Line cook in a restaurant. As of now I work saute, next week back to broil. Rinse and repeat.

I paint Warhammer miniatures for other people. It's a win-win job.

I'm currently working as a sign technician, which is to say, I build, fix, put up, and bring down signs. I'm currently pissed at Gamestop for making me replace all of their signs ( at least in my area) from EB games to Gamestop, I've got six EB signs in the shop and six more in the dumpster. Oh well, at least we got a new truck with a winch on it so I don't have to carry the signs up in the bucket by hand.

Say at home mum... (Before anyone says it's not work.. it damn well is- and with no knock-off time/holidays)

( am also a Tupperware lady... which isnt very hard- plastic sells it self)

My profession? Yeah I could tell you my profession.

'Haroo' isn't a fucking profession.

As for me, I don't have one. I have enough money that I don't need one.

There are way more job categories than that...! Off the top of my head I'm thinking Sciences, Service, Arts...

In about two weeks I'll find out whether I'm cut out for being an artist, and if I survive that I have to find out whether I'm cut out for working for game companies in my city. A lot of "ifs" and "buts" in my future. If I got my dream job as a Concept Artist, I think I'd be under NOC unit group 5241, Major group 52 - Technical and Skilled Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport.

...where would "private protective services" fall under?

Robert Ewing:
I research new military technologies involving 1500 mega-watt heavy duty super colliding super buttons.

It's for kind of a small little company, doubt you would of heard of it. Not many people have. They're quite underground.

LOL, I c wut u did thar. XD

I am a QA tester at a game company that makes MMOs. (No, it's not Blizzard. We WISH we were Blizzard.) Most of what I do is rewrite text that has been translated from Chinese into hilarious Engrish. It just barely pays enough for me to live on, but I enjoy it. It's fun. :3

Student now, Horror writer later. I sure do love me some Lovecraft and Stephen King.

I am a translator.

What languages?

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