Are you fanboy/fangirl of something?

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I'm a fanboy of the following:

Shadow of the Colossus
Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus
Final Fantasy VII and IX
Mass Effect
And for the most part Metal Gear Solid. I'm currently playing 2 for the first time as it was the only game in the main series I have yet to play up until recently.

Look at my avatar.

Now back at me.

I've now become diamonds.

I am a Law & Order: Criminal intent fangirl, as I love Vincent D'Onofrio (he is my avatar for people who don't know who he is, he played Edgar the bug in Men in Black and Gomer Pyle in Full metal jacket). I am also a huge fan of the Dilbert comics.

I was a hardcore fanboy for many years. I had a passion for my favorite game developer and religiously bought every game they ever made.

Then they were bought by EA.

Now I'm not a fanboy, or even a fan for that matter, anymore.

I am unfortunately a futurama, mass effect, valve, and slayers fanboy. I would also say I'm an arrested development fanboy, but frankly I don't think they exist as everyone is a fan of the show. Yes, even you Jeff (or whatever your name is).

Reliability and longevity. I'll ignore flaws in every other area imaginable for something I can always trust to do as I ask without hesitation.

Also, Top Gear.

The real question is, can you be a fanboy of TG? I say no, because there aren't any car shows like it, namely that there I have never seen another show where the people driving the cars are actually full on critical. And there has to be a better show/movie/game, but you still love the worse one more because you're a fanboy. That said, I do like TG.

But my personal one is the live-action Resident Evil franchise, for it takes the premiss ''supermodels with guns'' totally at heart, while the rest of the movies are almost just as unserious as GI Joe: The rise of Cobra.

Shameless Deus Ex fanboy. I love the psuedo-realistic dystopian future it provides, the critcisim of freedom about both individual choice and free markets that are unregulated. I'm not even that big of a sci fi nut, but Deus Ex makes me shiver and squirm to the core. I've completed the original and Invisible War more times than i care to name, and i have multiple copies of the original Deus Ex on PC and PS2, Invisible War on both Xbox and PC, and Human Revolution on PC and Xbox 360.

Valve (to some extent) and Minecraft. Oh Lord, Minecraft.

...I spent most of my weekend constantly refreshing for new information from PAX about the 1.8 update.


I have each book that came out within 1 week of when they were available (since I got into fantasy about a decade ago), and I even bought each legend of drizzt collector edition book, so I could just bring one big book instead of several small books with me. I've read each forgotten realms / corona book of his a minimum of 7 times, and almost all of them I could eagerly read again and again.

Guess my fanboyness extends to...

Dyansty Warriors
Rise Against
The Big Bang Theory
Lord of the Rings

But that's just listening specifics. Many more general auto-interests but I just haven't listed them down.


MOst things Atlus related and all things Shin Megami Tensei related I will gush over pretty quickly ^^"

I am a massive fanboy of the film and book, "Let The Right One In" and the writer in general. I love it to bits and I don't really know anybody who likes it as much as I do... :/

I'm a shameless obsessive fan (of "phan") of the classic Phantasy Star franchise.

Not the Online games (though I like those too), THESE games for anyone not old enough to remember.

Yeah, I place these on a pedestal above any other RPG series I've ever played. They don't write compelling casts of characters like this anymore. There's a level of depth in the mythos and universe here that is rarely seen and even with all the loopholes, it just becomes more compelling.

This was a time when you still had to use your imagination. Nowadays, where every game tries to be a high-budget cinematic movie-like experience, I miss that.

The Legend of Zelda of course holds my greatest fanaticism. But I'm also a fan of Metroid, the Halo series, and the Modern Warfares. Starcraft 2 for the sake of analysis, but I'm not a rabid fanboy.

Texas Joker 52:
For Mass Effect, I came to the party late, and I think it was both a shame and a boon for my ME fandom, mainly because I can't help but enjoy the second game more, that being the one that introduced me to the series, but because of that, I got the first game and played through both almost countless times. Of course, Tali helped.

Whoa. Did I make a second account and not realize it? Because that is very much me.

In addition to Mass Effect being my favorite game on the Cita... Xbox 360, I'm also a fanboy of the following:

Harry Potter (very recently)

Pretty much anything with Nathan Fillion in it.

Doctor Who, like the OP.

No. There are thing I like and there are things I love, but fanboyism is just insane and admitting to it would be like admitting to assassinating the leader of your country or something.

Is there something you love that you love and you won't let anyone else ruin for you. For me i am a doctor who fanboy. I do not care if it is cheesey, it is entertaining and i love the characters.

I'm a fanboy of Doctor Who, the bands 30 Seconds To Mars and Alter Bridge, and if you can work out where my avatar is from, I'm a fanboy of that too. ;)

Sony and Naughty Dog. None should have a word against them.

I'm an Elder Scrolls fanboy and I proudly admit that.

I am a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl. I've seen every episode multiple times, I've memorized most of the series, I can immediately identify the season and episode(by name) of any scene, and I know loads of ridiculous obscure trivia.

I'm also a giant Tolkien fangirl. I once wrote a poem in Quenya and Tengwar script for a school assignment when we had to write a poem in the style of another author. I've read The Silmarillion 7 times, and I can say the One Ring poem in the original Black Speech.

Scott Pilgrim. I know everything there is to know. I wrote a school paper on "The Glow" and "Subspace".

Total Bleach fanboy. Just wish they would put the episodes on hulu and netflix in English.... I hate having to listen to the Japanese voice actors. The English voice actors just add so much more personality to the characters.

LOL. sorry. You're literally part of a very tiny portion of the anime loving population that prefers the dubs, theres quite a few places you can find dubs online though if you're ok with going on sites without lisences :P

Doctor Who
The Fable games

I see your last option and point you to my avatar.

Sorry if you don't like MLP.

Yep. God of War and MUSE. If you tell me either is shit, i will bludgeon you to death with a 13 inch black rubber dildo.

Massive Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Eternal Sonata, Trigun, Baccano!, Doctor Who, and Sonic fanboy. They fill my time perfectly.

Probably nothing.

I can find imperfections even in the stuff I really love like Zelda games, FullMetal Alchemist.

Maybe the closest is Nintendo fanboy. No one is better at making games than them.

The King of fighters. Screw any other brawler.

Used to be a Playstation fanboy but i switched to 360 because it has King of fighters 2002 UM.

Yep. God of War and MUSE. If you tell me either is shit, i will bludgeon you to death with a 13 inch black rubber dildo.

Two questions arise here:
1. Why do you have one of those?
2. Where can I purchase one?

Tron. You can keep your lightsabers and your phasers and your damn elves. Give me a death frisby and a motorcycle that creates laser walls.

end of line.

Batman, Star Wars, X-men, manga in general, Death Note, Cormac McCarthy, Naruto, In Search of Lost Time, Krazy Kat, Deadpool, Discworld, Super Mario and Cerebus.

I am a Star Wars fanboy, a Nintendo fanboy, a music fanboy (almost any band/performer I like I will defend to death), a fanboy of my friends, the internet and videogames. W00T!

My little pony and pokemon :3

I get some hate for it but what else are the haters gunna hate? (hur hur)

Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, Marvel Comics, Bioware, Ubisoft, Petroglyph, Sony, Battlefield and I am slowly becoming an EVE Online Fanboy. That about sums up my fanboyism...

Metal Gear Solid and Star Wars. I can't nearly express my love for these worlds/universes.

Star Wars less so due to my wallet restraints.

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