How much do gif avatars annoy you?
More than a family of Jackoffasaurs.
3.3% (23)
3.3% (23)
Every one of them I can't stand.
1.4% (10)
1.4% (10)
Almost all of them do.
2.7% (19)
2.7% (19)
Usually they do but it depends on the gif.
5% (35)
5% (35)
Generally not but it depends on the gif.
16.3% (113)
16.3% (113)
Very few of them ever bug me.
20.3% (141)
20.3% (141)
Never have bothered me, hardly even notice.
37% (257)
37% (257)
My avatar is a gif, and as with all things it gets better every time it repeats.
12.8% (89)
12.8% (89)
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Poll: Do Gif Avatars Annoy You?

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I like 'em, usually. Some that don't loop properly bug me the first couple of times I see them, but I get over it.
I'd say about them being more interesting, but since mine barely moves, that seems a bit pointless.

Is it bad that I came to this thread looking for hilarious gif avatars?

I like them. I wish I had a gif avatar ... but no, I'm stuck with my normal Chaos Lord -_-

The more distracting they are, the better.

Not the_root_of_all_evil's. its awesome, and so true

I love gif avatars, they are funny to look at and it's not like you can't put your hand on the screen.

Sometimes they annoy me. Usually if im trying to read something, but some of them are realy funny.

I much prefer .gif avatars to just standard pictures, much more interesting and if I didn't love my avatar so much it would definitely be a .gif .

What I really hate is no avatar, it's just bland and they help you start to recognise people around the site so I don't see why you wouldn't bother.

if anything, I prefer them

Nah, I think they're pretty cool to watch.

No for obvious reasons, unless I cant make out what is going on then its just flashing colors to me.

Mister Swift:
Is it bad that I came to this thread looking for hilarious gif avatars?

Pretty much what i'm here for, I love a good .GIF had one as my avatar for quite a while now.

Yes, but only a little. Generally if they're so flashy and over the top that they're distracting.

What's worse is massive signature lines. First thing I tend to do on a forum is disable signature lines.

WELL, the gif is so great. You will be in trip in it. By the way, why my gif avatar don't move.

They used to, but the fun or tasteful ones are quite amusing so I don't mind them so much anymore. Some are still quite rubbish truth be told...the beauty of the still is that it's the pictorial equivalent to a single sentence; a small snapshot to separate ourselves, to give us each a unique "signature" or personality of sorts (for lack of a better term. You all know what I mean).

I think the one that convinced me is someone on this forum whose avatar is Sheldon from TBBT in the ball pond, popping up in a spray of colour. Even though there's no sound, I can hear the Bazinga. Whoever you are, it's bloody brilliant :-) Also, I'm sure I saw this in someone's profile, cracks me up every time.

They amuse me.
I actually like them.

My ears are burning.

I voted for 'Very few of them ever bug me.' (GEDDIT?)

The thing about gifs is they tend to draw attention to your posts, im twice as likely to read a post with a gif in it than without and if the gif isn't obnoxious (fast, flashy, etc.) im twice as likely to respond calmly, I also generally recognise users with gif avatars far more frequently than I otherwise would though I do still often forget names.

Sizzle Montyjing:

Samurai Silhouette:

Your avatar distracts me, just look at it!
So odd...

But it's not a gif avatar! That's another topic :3

90% of people that reply to my posts are telling me my avatar is awesome, so no they don't annoy me. It's nice to know my manatee is brightening up peoples days.

I've had a hilarious clown-soldier one

So, it was you! I was wondering where that avatar went.

OP: I like them, I tend to recognise users by their avatars rather than their user names and animated ones are more memorable. Fuck you, reading.

Only when they are really shitty and don't loop correctly.

I like it when the gif is boobies jiggling and stuff.


I dont mind them. There are limits though.

Only those with Ponyes. I'm so damn tired of them

I like them. Some of them are really good. My favorite would have to be the dancing cyberman. The LOTR Gifs also ensure hilarity.

Some do, but then again, some non-GIF avatars annoy me as well. Whether or not is moving is not the critical factor.

Oh, and serious props to the person on the escapist who has a simple gif of small fly crawling across a plain white background.

I've been fooled by this 3 times so far. So annoying until I find out it's just a gif. Then I laugh. :)

OT: No. Gif animations as avatars do not annoy me.

I don't hate gif avatars, I think they're often funny and cool to look at and stuff ^_^
Also i'd love to have a gif avatar myself but I could never replace Braeburn =3
Actually, the only avatars that do annoy me are really creepy ones...

This thread is great. It's turned into a showcase of everyone's gif avatars.

OT. Does it look like I hate them. Who could hate Gandalf's most iconic moment shown over and over again.

I like .gif avatars, there's a heaps in here that I hadn seen before. If they give me epilepsy I'm not he biggest fan though.

Hello Escapists. look at your avatar. Now back to mine. Now back at your avatar. Now back to mine. Sadly, yours isn't mine. Stop using boring JPG images and switch to animated GIFs to look like mine. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're in a thread with the avatar your avatar could look like. Whats in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's an animated GIF of that thing you love. Look again. The GIF is now DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when your avatar is animated and not a boring JPG. I'm on a horse.

OT: I like them 95% of the time because they make people's posts stand out more and I recognize people by animated gifs more than jpgs. However, people that use poorly done, non-looping, flashy, and/or just plain annoying avatars kinda bug me.

I love them, like a little bit of wonderfulness being injected into the thread. Unless it's just ugly, those ones can go to hell. >.>

I can generally forgive non-looping ones if they're sufficiently amusing, like people getting hurt in a comical manner.

I challenge anyone to hate Kurt Russel!

Depends on the gif, really. Some are fun, some are subtle and then there's the chaotic ones where you don't really know what the hell is going on. I wish those would disappear.

strangely enough yours would work better as a gif, (if you had the blue bars loading)
but i understand thats a lot of effort i wouldn't want to edit that in either.

as long as its not about Slenderman like them :D

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