Your username and what it says about you.

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Goes way to my first time signing up for AOL. I was gonna use Morpheus, but my mother suggested something else since the Matrix was all the rage at the time, even though I had thought of the name more by coincidence than joining the bandwagon. Of course, I thought I was being clever coming up with Orpheum, but found out later it was derived from Orpheus, and also the name of a theatre chain. But it's stuck with me since since I find it catchy. Of course, it seems there are some others who recognize the name, though not many.

IT's my high school nickname. It probably means I'm not very imaginative.

Well, I've been a big Mets fan all my life, expaining the "metsplayer" part of it and metsplayer1 is my username on just about every website I'm signed up for, except on youtube where it was taken.

My username......yeah, pretty much it describes my mind during the period in time I was choosing a username. I just had no idea what to name myself.

I was trapped at my grandmother's house when I was young for a week. There was no TV, no radio, and my Grandmother is the annoying type who still think's she's a single 30 year old when she was in her late 60's. All I had to eat was brand X cereal from Trader Joe's called Joe's O's, a blatant rip off of cheerios. I came out of that mess half insane, and that was around the time I broke out of hating showers to loving them. Because the literal own thing I had to look forward to was eating that shitty cereal and a warm shower.

Consider it homage to the worst experience of my life.

Heath Ledger ain't got shit on me.

rebus means enigma or puzzle in French or Italian I believe though this is just a happy coincidence, in initially it was merely chosen because of the computational term "bus" re added to signify the need to repeat most functions sent via, my first computer was kinda shitty.
the forever part was taken from batman films, rebus forever, returns, lives or whichever thing I feel is most appropriate for the site im dealing with, only had to make variations after playing 1000+ games of dow1 I found it easier to get a game with a new username.

You would not understand.

My name comes from a hour fo thinking... Than remembering my favorite number was 74. At that point I just streached it out so it'll be difficult to hack... or not... and 'ere you go.

Just that i like to be called something that's fun to say. Wuggy doesn't mean anything, it's just a word/name I randomly came up with for a WoW character.

Mine is just the name of a character I made up while playing D&D. He was quite the bad ass. I just kind of stuck with him as a name to fall back on for characters in games.

My user name says I am a lord of the rings fan, specifically the riders of rohan.

Not much more than that really. It is also my ebay user name.

Its Transformers related. "Ginrai" is the name of the main character and leader of the Cybertrons/Autobots in the Japanese Transformers series Super-God Masterforce. And Prime well..I don't think I need to explain Optimus Prime to anyone :P

Well my username is also my character name (an Assasin) in the game Guild Wars. I was too lazy well finding it hard to think of a suitable name when signing up on here so I chose to reuse a name from my favourite game.
As for the name itself I think "Scarim" sound cool but the only scar I have in real life is a tiny mark on my left eyebrow and a burn mark (fully recover) on my right hand. Coral was just random word that sounded fine with the first name (in the game you had to make a second name).
I suppose my character is sleathy and quiet which I ain't sleathy (well I can tie toe to avoid waking up someone) and I am quiet.

White is my favorite colour and I dont how to write/type.

nothing... absolutely nothing...

it's my name then with the werewolf added on the end

it just poped into my head

Man, the OP is so quirky!

Mine was originally samaritan.squirrel, lifted from a Bill Bailey joke. Then I decided to change it, but I didn't want something too different. Hence similar.squirrel.

Because Nathan Drake Rules !!!! GO DRAKE!!!!

That I'm schizophrenic (with a slight twist) and a prepubescent male? IDK *shrug*

I like to play the Cybran nation in supreme commander ;)

Due to my semi-successful webcomics my user name is often associated with those, but my name comes from a reference to two of my favorite books

the 42 is an obvious Hitchhikers reference, but the Strain comes from a book called Pest Control by Bill Fitzhugh.

Fantastic book if anyone would like to check it out. It's good, and it's funny.

wooo another hitchiker ^^

anyway yeah mine was just my character name i used in wow (which was after final fantasy) with the chosen numbers :D

OLV used to be the name of my self employed/freelance company that I used to have, we used to put gigs on in Berkshire

Used to be stand for One Less Vigilante

Still sort of use it today. Have a logo and everything haha

It's just my nick name, everyone calls me Russell and most of them are lazy and shorten it to Russ or Rusman and I liked it so it stuck...
Incidentally my real name is James. Go figure.

I go by Monoochrom because I enjoy Graphic Design. Mainly it's just to screw with people because most think Monochrome = Black & White.

I have a sort of code that I live by. It's pretty simple, actually.

A person is smart. People are not. Take advantage of this.
Always have a backup plan for your backup plan. (F**k you and your law, Murphy!)
Don't screw over your friends
Treat others how you wish to be treated
Do your best, never stop trying
Never stop asking why
Always carry a knife. It's frikkin' handy!
Don't get mad, get even
Living well is the best revenge. A good knife doesn't hurt. me, at least.
You know what you need? Some rope.

i was angry, and if anything, it tells me that i'm an idiot and i need a new name :P

My nickname is Leole and it says how much I sucked at anagrams when I was 11.

When I decided to join the Escapist, I had recently become a fan of MLP, and thus wanted a name that had something to do with it. I thought the names of ponies were a little too cheesy, so I decided to go with Pinkie Pies "proper" name, Pinkamena Diane Pie, often used by fandom to refer to Pinkies more crazy personality. I think it's a pretty name, and people won't know it's MLP-related unless they're fans too. Everybody wins!

It doesn't tell much about me, except that I'm a brony.

Came out of a book I read a couple of years back called Angels by Cliff McNish. Means 'Most loved' in the book, but that isn't why I chose it! I just liked the character and the name itself.

Kinda handy because I've never found anywhere where it is already taken.

People tend to me call Cor a lot since my name is hard to remember or pronounce, therefor simply Cor as the nickname. I added 'The' because I am only the person on the entire planet, or atleast the only person that has access to internet, that carries my complete name. Also because I am special!

my first name is ryan, my last is madison. i am also fairly crazy so ryanthemadman was born!
my other is TheAlbinoWookiee because i like wookiees, i'm a white guy and i'm also quite hairy xD

A string of words that noone uses and I find funny.

Obviously it says that I am a charismatic stallion, a scholar and a gentleman; A true paragon of human excellence.

Mine is a mixture of a name that I created from a Dragonriders of Pern name generator (Jemoth) which I started using as a gamertag (I remember I first used it back in 2005 in a game of Age of Empires II at school) and a character in some stories I wrote was called Skari'Uiteran. My friend was writing a self-insert Star Fox fanfic and wanted to add my fursona, which I really hadn't made a name for yet, so he combined the two, and chucked an extra 'i' on the end of Skari. Fun fact, in the made up language in which I put those words into (It wasn't a set language, just gibberish with meaning really), Jemoth Skarii meant 'Lone Star'...I only pieced that together long after I first came up with said language.

As for what it says about me, I'm a furry, and proud of it...My fursona is a dragon, and in my imagining of them, they're loyal, chivalrous, honest, and bond to one love...amongst other things, I'll just annoy people if I go into it.

Callues is because I like to think I have thicker skin than most others,and a cow just makes everything better.

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