Who yould you want to narrate your life?

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Either Jesse Cox, or John Bain (TotalBiscuit/TotalHalibut) Respectively. They. Are. AWESOME!

Gordon Freeman's voice actor would be awe- oh wait.

Actually I wouldn't mind having Nathan Fillion narrating my life with all his Captain Malcom Reynoldsness.
I mean c'mon I can see it now "And there he was, Zach walkin' down the street, swearin' by his pretty floral bonnet sayin' 'I will end you' to any and all who got in his way".

Peter Sellers, he could change accents every now and then, and say some non-sensical stuff that's not part of my life.

Liam neeson. 'nuff said.

How am I the first to say Christopher Walken???

Logan Cunningham. Definitely.

Mostly know for...

The voice of actor of Rucks from Bastion. Why? Because he's got that smooth edge to him, that puts him on top than most others. I couldn't have Heith Ledger speaking to me in the night, saying 'Now the little Bats goes to sleep'.

Morgan Freeman, there is no other proper answer.

I was going to say that!

Oh well, I'll have to go with Gordon Freeman, then...

Either Ian Mckellen or Patrick Stewart, I'm torn between Gandalf/Magneto or Jean Luc Picard.

Honestly, either would make my life seem more exciting.

I would have to go with either Patrick Stewart or Kiefer Sutherland (using his voice from Phone Booth) That would make even the most mundane life epic as hell.

What!! No, you want Kiefer Sutherland to use his voice from Monsters vs Aliens. Seriously, that would make your shit epic!..... that's not say he would make your shits epic, 'cos that's just.... eww.

Anwyway, I'm gonna be inventive here and say Roy Doctrice, the guy who read the Game of Thrones Audiobooks, could he is the voice of epic.

Dragons and all that shizzle.

1.liam neelson
2.Morgan Freeman
3.Martin Sheen(voice actor illusive man)
4.Roger Craig Smith(voice actot Ezio Audtore)
5.Ben "yathzee" Croshaw

First thought was Morgan Freeman, but I would prefer he narrate something more important. Purely because I love his voice I would go with Jon Benjamin. 2nd would be Sean Connery when he was in his James Bond years.

Tony Jay if he were alive because damn that voice is sexy.

That guy from Bastion, definately

I agree with him. As much as I love the voices of people like Stephen Fry and Morgan Freeman, the narration from The Bastion was so badass-sounding that I'll be surprised (and saddened) if he won't do more voice acting. Wasn't this the only game he's acted in so far?

And props to the OP for the QI reference. I can clearly imagine that scenario happening in that show.

I'd have to go with Tom Waits. His low growl is perfect for just about anything. Hell, I could listen to him reading the phone book for two hours.

Either Patrick Stewart, Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.

Either the narrator from Bastion, Morgan Freeman, or Samuel L Jackson.

I'd have 'The Amazing Atheist' narrate my life.
He doesn't have the greatest voice ever, but he's witty enough to make it interestng.

Christopher Lee. Seriously, who wouldn't want their life narrated by Dracula/Lord Saruman?

Ron Perlman of course!

That guy from the Old Spice advert.
Or the guy who used to do the Micro Machines ads who talked real fast.

Keith David.

*sigh* Were it so easy...

Louis Armstrong.

No one has said Stephen Merchant(Wheatley)? Shame on you people! I'll have to go with him, most definately. I could listen to that voice all day.

Tom Baker would be a nice choice as well. Anyone for a jelly baby?

Really? Not a single Micheal Caine? His cheery yet sophisticated voice is perfect for narration!

After Morgan Freeman? James Earl Jones.

1) Morgan Freeman
2) Narrator of Bastion
3) James Earl Jones
4) Vincent Price
5) Christopher Lee
6) Mark Hamill
7) Sean Connery

Boris Karloff. Because, it would make eating my frosted flakes as magical the Grinch.
EDIT: I take that back. Yahtzee would be perfect.

Jhon Bain he has so awsome voice :D

The announcer from Street Fighter Alpha 3. GO FOR BROKE!

Morgan Freeman was my immediate answer; do i even need to give a reason?
But thinking about it, Stephen Fry would be pretty epic too. Also Yahtzee would be brilliant for the bad/embarrassing/stupid moments of my life, to give me the proper grilling I deserve

Maurice LaMarche! How we got to page 3 without him is amazing...

By default he should sound like The Brain :)

For soft spoken times he should sound like Kiff

and for intense moments and when I'm angry he should sound like Lrrr of Omicron Perseai Eight

John Hurt.

Didn't even have to think about it.

He even makes 50 Cent sound like the most fascinating chap.

Stephen fry, or brian blessed, my sword fighting training narrated by either of them would be freaking amazing

Woody Allen. I think he's the only one that could do justice to my neuroses.

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