If you have graduated high school (or the equivalent), do you still live with your parents?
62.3% (330)
62.3% (330)
No, never.
11.5% (61)
11.5% (61)
No, but I did for a while.
17.5% (93)
17.5% (93)
No, haven't graduated high school yet.
7.5% (40)
7.5% (40)
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Poll: Who here that has graduated high-school (or equivalent) still lives with their parents?

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20 years old, and living at home. So what if my room is in the basement?

I'm working, saving money, and I've submitted an application to the military.

I moved out the a year before I graduated.


Guess the sterotype is real based on those poll results.


For me... Yes, I still live with my parents. I am within driving distance of where I am going to college, I am unemployed, and the cost of rent everywhere else is really high, so... I am going to hang out with them till I get my degree. Hurrah for being a shameless freeloader! :D

Yup Im in the same situation as yourself.

Just waiting to get my degree and a job in my career so I can move out.

Well, I'm at college, so I live in a dorm. Post-college I'm hoping to live elsewhere. But over summer and breaks I stay with my family. So not sure how to really answer this, but I said "no."

I am at the minute. I moved away about a year and half ago with my boyfriend but moved back recently for several reasons. (abusive neighbours, no friends, no family, shitty house mate etc).
We're looking for a place in Jan/Feb time as we both have a job now. I liked living away from home, the freedom was nice. I like living with mum too because she still cooks for me and I get to see family.

well yes and no, kinda
still not entirely "moved out of the nest" yet, but still working on the college part

Right here, Its easier to live in a two story house. But I also have a job.

I go to university in Edinburgh (2nd Year) and the apartments there are expensive as hell, plus I don't have formal employment, but I can get the bus in, so s'all good. As soon as I get a stable job I'm going to look into moving out, though, hopefully with some friends. I'm 19 though, so I've got time.

And anyway, we don't even have a basement, so nyeh.

University was too far away to bother staying at home, but even if it wasn't I'd still have insisted to move out.

Not sure what high school means but yes, i don't have a job so i don't have my own house.

Yes, but being disabled I dont have much of a choice its likely I will be living with my parents for years to come at bare minimum.

yeah im 19 and i live in a small industry town the i just graduated and have no real reason to go to college yet as i have no real direction in life and the only colleges around being a few hundred km away in cities and whatnot

i could easily get a job in town that pays around $22 per hour with my background and family connections but i really dont want to really root myself here as i would love to leave this town(the social aspects of this place are shit)

the only thing keeping my is "where would i go and what would i do when i get there"
college being the only reasonable option but then comes the "why would i go to college" arguement

Surely it would make sense to take the job while it's offered and build up some savings and experience to make it far easier to find a job farther away when the time comes?

Even if it was only for a year or two that will give you much more of a head start that most other people get.

I graduated in June '11, and I go to college now. I live at my university for most of the year, but I still live with me parents on breaks and stuff like that, so I don't really know where I fall.

I am twenty, graduated in 2011, I smell bad, I am Extremely nerdy, and I live in my parents basement.
whooooo for stereotypes!

I moved back in with my mother when she was diagnosed with cancer(age 20). After that, my father moved to California and given everything that had happened, I went with him. I ran up a ton of credit card debt so I lived with him for a quite a while to pay it off(age 20-26). Once paid off, I moved back to Texas. I always got along with my folks and we never interfered too much with each other. So long as I helped out around the place, I could stay rent free. It worked out well for everyone involved.

Yes, I'm 20 and unfortunately still live with my parents.

Not much I can do about it really. I'm unemployed at the moment (minus a volunteer job I'm working at to gain work experience), and I need money in order to find a place of my own and to take care of myself. Plus the dorms next to my college, which is within driving distance, are said to have a pretty high crime rate, so my parents won't let me live over there.

22, finished college in July. Since then I have been living at home and have been working in an internship (possibly becoming a fulltime position) since late-September. Saving up money for a new car first as I am in no rush to move out just yet. My parents like having me around (I have a 5 year-old brother) and I may just wait for my girl friend to finish grad school so we can move in together.

When I was in college, the local university was like 15 minutes away so it only made sense to stay. Now that i'm pretty much done, i've already moved out. I'll tell you what though, just do it and don't try to discuss it with your parents. If you have a clingy parent like my mother, leaving is a huge freaking chore and you'll just get told how much of an asshole you are for leaving her.

That's just me though

After I got out of the army, I went to college for a good number of years. Some of that time I lived near campus, and some of that time I commuted from home. It was an hour each way from my home to Kutztown, but it was still cheaper for me to live with my parents than to rent an apartment out there.

I live in Texas now, so I'm pretty far from my family. Which sucks, because we're very close. I came down here for grad school and have been here since.

I live with my mother while going to college locally. It's a pretty nice arrangement and saves money, which isn't exactly in abundance these days.

Yes. I'm eighteen and I attend university full time so moving out at this stage would be rather impractical considering I don't shit money. I know two people who don't live with their parents and that's only because they had to move to the city in order to go to a proper university. Both of them would be living at home if they could. Ain't no shame in it.

I never graduated high school. I dropped out about 2 months before the end of my grade 12 year because of personal issues. Dropping out is the worst thing I've ever done. I can't find it in myself to go back and finish school, and I'm not sure I ever will.

KIDS! Don't drop out. It'll ruin your future!

I finished college in May when I was 18 and moved out around about July time with my boyfriend at the time in another city. It took until the November to find a job so it was difficult, especially being on my own two feet away from my mum.
I moved back in with mum after a year and got a house after three months, two doors away from my mum (really regretting that now...) Hoping to move out as soon as I can. The house is far too expensive for a one bedroom.

I was nice enough to keep my mouth shut when I met my friend who said I'd fail at life because I didn't go to uni. He's been out of uni for a while, is in shit ton of debt, no job and still with parents.

EDIT: Nothing wrong with living with parents. Rent and bills is a pain in the arse, I'd rather live with them >.<; but you probably shouldn't be arrogant and assume Uni will guarantee you a job and everyone not at Uni will be stuck working in McDonalds or something.

I guess, sorta?

When I moved in with my now roommate, we were dating. His dad technically owns the house, and then paid most of the bills. The situation is reversed now...He still owns the house, but Roomie and I pay the bills. His dad...Thinks Christianity says he's entitled to live off us, to put it politely.

im 24 and still living with my dad, brother and sister. i dont really see it as that bad as people seem to make it out as.

seems to be the trend for people to live at home longer. its not like my dad does all my dishes and clothes washing. its more like were room mates or something as i pay rent etc. i can understand people being annoyed at people who live at home and parents are like their slaves but im not like that, i more or less pay my way and share in the house work.

also i have graduated highschool, got a tafe advanced diploma and a bachelor of commerce (my university didnt have dorms, it didnt even have a uni bar, it was a satilite campus) and have gone to school or worked in the local area so it never seemed like a good idea to rent a house etc. why rent a house 10 mins from my parents house.

I'm 21 and still living with my parents.

My job doesn't pay well - or consistently - enough to permit me a place of my own.

I'll be moving out next year for University, though.

All my friends do... and they're not gamer nerds... in fact most people I know do. Almost all of them do. You sure this counts as a nerd stereotype in Melbourne, Australia? Because apparently not.

Mate, over here in Sydney it's the same. The only people around my age that aren't living with their parents are morons who move out with their boyfriend or girlfriend just so they can fuck eachother more.

OT: I'm 18, finished Year 12 7 months ago and I'm applying for the Army.

I'm 19, my brother is 21 (and employed). We both live with our parents. It's gonna suck when I have to move out....

lol my sentiments exactly, and im 24

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