Perverts ruining things.

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While this isn't a sexual perversion I do remember getting a little annoyed when I started reading rumor posts about how Satsuki and Mei from My Neighbor Totoro were dead. It's a lighthearted family movie that skirts the edges of some big ideas but is ultimately about as wholesome as you can get.

The perverts do not really ruin things as much as they are just tiresome noise when trying to look something up (with an unfortunately worded google search for instance).
Rule 34 as others have mentioned is a "thing" for a reason. Most of it howerver is just juvenile crap and the few interesting observations or "works" that actually do come out of it are just not worth the effort to find. Really not that hard to ignore.

Your on the internet in a gaming forum. Have you ever even been on ventrilo?

We are nothing, but perverts. Better get used to it :)

Can't say I've ever had anything ruined by even the most explicit or disturbing things I've seen on the internet. Weird stuff exists, if you aren't comfortable with it try not to swim in waters where it may lurk, and be sure to use filters on even the most innocent image searches.

person you live in the age of internet
there is porn of everything

i googled ring, and found hentai of the damn ring movie

rule34 dude

how do you think sonic and mlp feels
alot of porn

It's less being offended by it and more of a question of "why?". I just don't get why people make rule 34 and the like. I've actually had people call me "boring" because I don't like hentai or find the act of looking at some multi-dicked behemoth simultaneously fucking a pikachu, sonic, some anime chick and Appledash a very fun or rewarding activity. It's like naming your band Dying Fetus. There's no message or reasoning behind it, it's just juvenile shock value.

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