What is your Christmas movie?

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How the grinch sold Christmas, we watch every Christmas morning, at first it was to past the time, because we all woke up so early, but later on, it became a tradition.

Both Groundhog Day and Scrooged because Bill Murray is awesome and if you don't shed a tear during his impassioned speech at the end of scrooged then please consult a mortician as you are quite obviously dead inside.

If you watch Groundhog Day on Christmas, what do you watch on Groundhog Day?

So, to answer the question. In my family, it's Muppet Christmas Carol. Michael Caine is amazing.

And also The Santa Clause, because it's surprisingly really good. Watching it as an adult, I realized how perfectly paced it is...Like, seriously. Few other movies I've seen can match it in terms of pacing.

Of course we also watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas because you have to (usually as background noise while wrapping presents), and also A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life but both have become kind of overplayed for us somehow.

I just saw Elf for the first time after being told by many people that they hate both Will Ferrell and Christmas comedy but just love Elf. It was exactly what I'd expected and I wasn't impressed. Sorry.

OH, Hogfather. I forgot about that. Death's speech at the end about how humans need fantasy to be human is so brilliant, and it fills me with joy every time. It's kind of too long to watch most years, though.

We are a Griswold family. We also follow the mandate of 'you'll shoot your eye out' logic.

The Polar Express. I don't care what people say about the facial animation, I think it's a brilliant movie. It's the only movie to date that can invoke child like wonder when I'm 18 years old.

Die Hard and Home Alone are my favourite Christmas films. Both are masters of the genre and incredibly fun to watch.

A christmas story. Nothing else comes close. Honestly I cant even conceive of anyone viewing anything else to the point it is the only "Old" movie I forgive on principle for being old.

Gotta be Christmas Vacation and Muppet Christmas Carol.

Scrooged, though this year I'm putting on Gift of the Nightfury as well lol

I always tend to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas. Though that is a great movie year round.

jingle all the way and a christmas story.
It's turbo time!

hell yes that was my childhood christmas movie.

Kevin Delgado:
Everyone has that one special film that they watch during Christmas time; What is the movie that you watch to fully enjoy this time of year?

Mine would be "It's a Wonderful Life" directed by Frank Capra; this is that quintessential Christmas film that shows that one man can make a difference in the lives of so many. Whether it'd be a minor event, your choices affect everyone and when you help others out, they'll help you out in the end. This film has been parodied in so many ways, the latest in my mind being the episode from Warehouse 13. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and it always puts a smile on my face.

What's yours?

I generally hate Christmas movies but I have to agree with your choice. Best one anybody could have made! However I do like Elf, embarassing I know!

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. That movie is as awesome as the title implies.

Used to be A Charlie Brown Christmas when I was a kid. Now, it's The Last Dragon.

Yeah, you heard right.


The santa fight scene always gets me.

I watch Gremlins and then Scrooged.

Bill Murray and furry monsters always get me in the Christmas spirit.

You just can't top Die Hard.

Though On Her Majesty's Secret Service comes pretty close.

A Christmas Story! Truly a classic movie!

Die Hard. Find me a better Christmas movie, I dare you!

We if your going to watch Die Hard then you have to at least watch Die Hard 2 along with it.

I've watched this Christmas movie for like the last few years since it's been on TV. I've got it on DVD if I miss it.


Die Hard 1 and 2 for me.

The Hogfather, Assassins, Death, Christmas, tooth fairies and more all in the wonderful styling of Terry Pratchett.

The Hebrew Hammer. It is hilarious.

Muppets Christmas Carol

Also Die Hard is not a Christmas themed movie, it's just as awesome in the Summer as it is in the Winer.

Not really a Christmas movie, but I watch the Christmas episode of Archies Weird Mysteries every year.

Definitely A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Die Hard. Find me a better Christmas movie, I dare you!

Rare Exports

White Christmas. Kind of a tradition for our family to see.

This, except its not my family but my girlfriends family.

Bad Santa - cracks me up every year

For more traditional movies then Muppets Christmas Carol and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Die Hard. Find me a better Christmas movie, I dare you!

Lethal Weapon. Checkmate.

But Die Hard 1/2, Elf, and Christmas Vacation are also good choices.

Gremlins man, greatest Xmas movie ever

Die Hard. Hands down :)

Number one spot is Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980) whenever kids are present. It's got Captain Picard and is a sweet, sweet thing if you don't fall for the 16:9 crap and can manage to find a proper 4:3 version. There have been quite some remakes of this one, but they are all crap and abysmal.

With youth and friends around, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation still works like a charm.

Scrooged (splendid performance by Bill Murray) and the iconic Die Hard with fellow movie aficionados who can tolerate the thought of not going for an all cheese pre-Christmas. On Christmas itself, we like not to turn on any electrical or electronical gadgetry.

Jingle All The Way!

You just can't beat this:

It got to be Santa Claus: The Movie since I have seen that film so many times now.

Runner up are- Die Hard 1, Scrooged or The Muppet Christmas Carol.

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