Poll: what do you want done with your body after you die

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i personally fall under the "don't care" category. i'm donating all of my organs and letting my loved ones decide what to do with the rest of me. i always felt that the funeral was always a means to help the living let go of the dead and to be at peace with the loss of someone so i just want to help them get through it the way they think is best

obviously if they want an open casket i might not want to donate my skin and eyes...

so when you die what do you want done with your remains?

DoN't care . I'm dead , i won't know. I'll no longer be in said body . You can't kill a dead man , so what ever happens to my body doesn't matter , i won't be there to witness it.

I wanna be cremated, stored in a coffee can, then taken to a west-facing cliff and dumped into an easterly wind.

....cookie for the reference.

I wanna be buried deep under a sapling, then in an awesome kinda vampiric cycle of rebirth the minerals and nutrients of my body will enter the tree. An amount of my matter will be tree. Which i find kinda cool. Also its a waste of wood/jewelery/clothes to be buried in a casket. I wanna donate organs too.

Project Lazarus, obviously

Dropped off an overpass so I can give someone nightmares for the rest of their fucking life :)

No scientific donation option? I'm disappointed. If I'm dead I obviously can't care or even know what happens to my corpse, so really it won't matter to me. But seeing as I'm alive now and able to think about it I would say that I'd like my body to be used in whatever way is most useful be it harvesting my organs or performing tests with it, and if there is no use for whatever reason then I'd like it to be burned. Why take up space with a dead body?

I wanna be cremated, stored in a coffee can, then taken to a west-facing cliff and dumped into an easterly wind.

....cookie for the reference.

That sounds like The Big Lebowski to me.

I haven't thought much about it, but the idea of being buried under a tree is quite a neat one, so some of myself will feed it. Probably end up getting cremated instead, you know, family tradition that it is.
Not that I'll be complaining...

I wanna be cremated, stored in a coffee can, then taken to a west-facing cliff and dumped into an easterly wind.

....cookie for the reference.

Could it be..?

I'm going with the old 'donate the stuff people can use, burn the rest' lot. There's no room left in the local graveyard anymore, and none of the rest of my family are in there, so there's not even much of a choice here. Spread me on a plant when I'm all crispy, that'd be cool.

I'm disappointed there's no 'Viking Funeral' option here. What if I wanted to get burned on a boat? There's just not the facilities for it... Wait a minute - I sense a business venture. To the internet!

Bah, I should've picked something more obscure!

I plan to have whatever organs people need donated and then cremate what's left. I'll be dead so I won't need my organs but someone else will. My ashes I want spread but I haven't decided where yet. Most likely one a garden or something to help the flowers grow; continue the whole circle of life thing.

I don't care. Hey, I won't be using it anymore, so no skin off my back.

...er, maybe I should reword that.

Don't really care. Preferably something really unusual, like replacing my brain with a computer & letting random people remotely control me to terrorise preschoolers. I guess organ donation, if they check through my wallet? I'm on the register.

I want to be fired out of a cannon into a river wich will float me down to a medicaly facility where I can then be used for SCIENCE and donation of Organs.

Or just any of those is fine.

By the way:

WTF is this? D:<

Cremated so there's no prospect of me waking up in a coffin :/ Plus I don't like the idea of my body putrifying and rotting for some reason

when i'm dead....please. please rape me.

Wouldn't mind if some young and promising medical students learn something on me. On the other hand, I am an organ donor, too.

I want anyone interested in cannibalism to be able to eat my flesh if they want. That way they don't have to kill anyone, and we can collect information on what we taste like.

I'm hungry now...

I wish I could time travel so that I could effectively commit suicide, but with two people. That way the current me could assist the future me, and then I'd slice myself up and check out my own organs. It would be fascinating.

Anyway, I'd like to be chucked in a trash heap since both burial and cremation are bad for the environment, but I'll be dead so I won't really give a shit.

I want a funeral pyre, preferably on a mountain so my ashes can return to the natural order. If some loved ones want to scoop some up for safekeeping on a bookshelf...so be it.

Didn't think of donation before I voted, but I'd want anything they couldn't donate to someone to be cremated, ashes spread. May as well help out a few strangers with my death.

Personally, I would like it if my body was harvested for organs. Help others after I die. Otherwise, I would probably want to be cremated and spread, I suspect.

I'm registered as an organ donor. Anything left over, I want cremated and disposed of because I feel using valuable land as cadaver storage is wasteful. I'm an atheist, I don't have any particular feelings about hallowed ground or anything like that.

Donated to science. I might as well be useful when im dead.

I wanna be mashed up into a liquid and put in the ocean.

I want my body to be launched into outer space. Launch me at the Keplar-22 system or AKA a Goldilocks zone. Let some aliens find me and see what they think. (In a coffin of coarse)

Oh and I am serious about the whole space thing. That would be awesome. I mean I am dead sure, but imagine some kid looking through their telescope and seeing a coffin. Ohhhh man that'd be nice way to get introduced into science eh?

i chose the first option, although not an urn. i would like for my ashes to be put into some kind of capsule, and then launched into space, maybe even in multiple directions.

i wouldnt be a live anymore but my remains would see more of the universe than anyone else ever would.

Edit: wow, enzilewulf i was wondering if anyone else had the same idea as me. :D

I don't care what happens to my body after I die - it's just an empty shell when whatever constitutes a soul passes out of it. Though...

Sirron Kcuch:
Project Lazarus, obviously

Resurrection via advanced Cybernetics and surgery is always an option.

Orbital space lasers.
I want my family to put my coffin in the middle of a field and/or warzone and have it be incinerated by space lasers.

Cut up, parts donated to science or to persons in need, the rest incinerated and thrown away.
No funeral.
I hate funerals.

I'd like to be made into ashes. Then have my loved ones go around and throw handfuls of me in the faces of people I hated in life.

I want my body to be launched into outer space. Launch me at the Keplar-22 system or AKA a Goldilocks zone. Let some aliens find me and see what they think. (In a coffin of coarse)

We think alike! Would love to just be chucked into outer space..the thought of drifting along to unimaginable distances is just too awesome to pass up. Sure, I'll be dead at the time, but why spend all your life on one planet, just to spend eternity on it as well?

If that doesn't pan out, my backup plan would be to have my body crushed until all the carbon forms a diamond, then I can be passed down through the family.

when i'm dead....please. please rape me.

Doesn't matter; had sex?

OT: I'm an organ donor. I'll let my family decide what happens to the rest of me; not really all that bothered myself. Although ideally my body will be shot into space - hopefully that won't be prohibitively expensive by then. If it is, or if it gets too mainstream, then I'll go for cremation via volcano.

If I die in a car crash: The car that killed me is buried....with me still in it.

If I go out in a blaze of glory: Take me out to the bomb range and bury me in TNT. At least 10 tons worth, perferrably more. Then set it off. If there's anything discernably 'me' left, someone's doinitrong.

If I go out from natural causes: Either put me in a hole in the ground or put me on the next Soyuz launch and throw me out the airlock.

Thrown in a bin after having all the usefull organs removed (I'm an organ donor). I don't want people I care about spending money on something that shouldn't matter.

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