what do you want done with your remains after you die?
cremation- put in an urn
2.5% (10)
2.5% (10)
cremation- ashed to be spread
21.9% (88)
21.9% (88)
buried- closed casket
5.7% (23)
5.7% (23)
buried- open casket
2.7% (11)
2.7% (11)
with loved ones
1% (4)
1% (4)
don't know
4.7% (19)
4.7% (19)
don't care
27.2% (109)
27.2% (109)
other- please specify
33.4% (134)
33.4% (134)
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Poll: what do you want done with your body after you die

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I want my whole body shot into space.

I went with cremation and my ashes spread because it's the most similar to being cremated on a pyre Ancient Greek style.

Wushu Panda:
I want a funeral pyre, preferably on a mountain so my ashes can return to the natural order. If some loved ones want to scoop some up for safekeeping on a bookshelf...so be it.

Woo, I'm not the only one!

My body is to be cremated, and the ashes are to be spread in the ocean of my homeland. However, my family is mostly Catholic, so they will probably have an open casket funeral first. And then hopefully do what I asked.

There's a new process being tried, in which you are frozen, then sonically vibrated to pieces. Like cremation, in that you are reduced to a fine powder, but then much more environmentally friendly as there's no fire, ect.

I would like the exact opposite of this; BRONZE ME.

I want to be placed in a stone casket with my image engraven upon it, and to have that casket placed within an above ground crypt or buriel vault. For my funeral I want it to be sort of a louisiana jazz style but more irish inspired and to have my body taken to it's place of rest in an old time western style horse drawn hearse, like the one in The Magnificent Seven.

I have some delusions of grandeur.

Do what you want with my reamains...

The "With loved ones" is a bit creepy....
Are they going to have your corpse stuffed?

Viking funeral.

I would like it placed apon my shrine in my formal cermonial robes so that my worshipers may mourn me. Pilgrims from the world over will surge to the sacred site of my burials.

Perhaps my final words will be posted on facebook for all the world to admire and like and many RIP groups will be made celebrating my mighty rule. I would also like a hashtag on twitter as is appropriate for the passing of a deity.

The very least I expect the news to covering it for a overwelcoming amount of time and forgets instantly all my flaws so as to worship me as the perfect being I am.

...or I'll be cremated and spread to sea (or shot into space if we get that far by the time I die).

I was going to say "stuffed and mounted", but

I want mine to be turned into a puppet and used to scare children and republicans.

your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Other than that, cremated, baked into a pie, and fed to my enemies. It's the ultimate way of saying "eat me".

Load my body and all my worldly possetions onto a wooden boat under full sail, set it's course for the open sea,and set it on fire.

I plan on never dying.

Feed it to hungry wolves. Or any other mammalian carnivore or omnivore that makes cute babies.

no cold tomb for Mugen, we will burn like the heathen kings of old!

but seriously, Darth Vader. i want to be burnt in a pyre, with family watching on, and the Force ghosts of mentors and comrades looking on...


Boromir, set adrift above the falls of Rauros, in a boat with the broken and notched weapons of my fallen foes arrayed around me.


I plan on getting cremated and then my ashes will be spread in space or Mt Everest...I'll be everywhere at once, bwahahaha...

If thats not possible by then, I'll take somewhere nice I go in my life.

I would like my remains formed into a blunt instrument to be used on Dail-Mail journalists/Daily Express journalists/Bill O'Riley and Germain Greer/Rod Liddfle.

I wish to be reanimated and made immortal. I would also like some concubines >D

If I die in a car crash: The car that killed me is buried....with me still in it.

I like your style.

I am donating my organs but then I want whats left of my body ejected into the nearest star so my light can shine upon my ancestors, or whatever form of evolution comes next, Culture style. If I can't have that then I want my ashes put into a biodegradable coffee can and thrown off a cliff into the amazon rainforest. If it is in any way possible: IMORTALITY!

I want to be mummified and interred in a small pyramid out in the desert somewhere. I'll have all of my gaming hardware with me along with copies of my best academic work. I'll also have it booby trapped for fun.

I'd let them take my organs if they're good enough or they want them. After that or otherwise I want to be cremated and have them spread somewhere. It's the done thing in my family.


May they cure many a cancer and diseases with my genetic material!

Organ doner, fo' shiz. If I die (which I'm not convinced I will) I may aswell save a dozen other people.
Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver... etc. Lives saved, right their. Not to mention other transplantable things, like my glorious hair.

Plus, I look forwards to downloading my brain into an unstoppable 100-tonne robotic battlemech after my squishy meat-body has finally failed me.

I'll donate anything anyone can salvage, but if my death is as badass as I'd like it to be, there probably won't be much left anyway! :D

turned into a giant puppet for my funeral. Dancing dead guy :D

Ashes to be spread.

I've always been really freaked out about waking up in a casket 6 feet under.

I want my corpse to be dressed like Superman (or Iron Man) and have it thrown out of a plane.

I'd let them take my organs if they're good enough or they want them. After that or otherwise I want to be cremated and have them spread somewhere. It's the done thing in my family.

If my organs can't be donated to someone who needs them, I want them placed into canopic jars with the heads of different Zelda characters on them.

"Donate everything that can be useful, then burn the rest," is the basic message I've given. I do want the ashes to be spread, but it's not a big deal if it's kept in an urn (on the condition that no-one messes with it, like Keith Richards snorted some of his dad's, and Rodney Carrington (jokingly, I hope) wanted his to be mixed in the food at the wake).
If the cremation can be done Old Norse-style, that would be nice, though.

Shoved in a heshen sack and tossed in a ditch for all I care. And let's face it it's not like I would be caring all that much anyway.

Im' kind of torn between getting buried or getting cremated. If I were to get buried, I'd want to be with loved ones, because it'd be nice.

However, what know I want to do is to donate all my organs to transplant clinics or medical science.

I want my corpse to be dressed like Superman (or Iron Man) and have it thrown out of a plane.

Oh god, that's so morbid, but it would be so funny!

Also, the best story I've heard about what someone wants done with their body would be the actor Keith Allen, when he dies he wants his body preserved in formaldehyde and given to his daughter (the singer Lily Allen) for her to keep. No real reason, just for her to keep.

Donations, as you can never get too many spare organs. Plus, why would I care what happened to my body after I died?

Wow. I really like the cremation then launched into space in a capsule idea. I was just going to go with plain old cremation and spread my ashes somewhere nice thing but now...to go where no ash heap has gone before...me likes.

I want a Funeral Pyre myself.

If it was good enough for the kings of old it's good enough for me!

Honestly? I'd want my remains fired out of a cannon, into a two-inch thick pane of glass, positioned above the home of someone I don't like so it's their job to clean it up.

I really don't mind what happens to my body. Stick it in the woods somewhere without a casket and let all the creatures eat it and spare up room for more useful things. If I need a patch of soil for people to remember me then I clearly went about life the wrong way.

If it was possible/reasonable, I'd prefer to be put in a stone sarcophagus and stored away in some vault, preferably with some supplies nearby, like a refrigerator filled with beer and sandviches, just in case.

But beyond daydreaming, they can do what they want with me, or whatever is left. I personally hope they get drunk beyond their wildest dreams and drag me along, taking pictures and doing pranks before dumping me into a dustbin in an amusing position. It'd be one hell of a hangover-story to tell, something I'd be glad to provide the living with. Perhaps I'll haunt the bar, some of their booze vanishes mysteriously now and then, but all would-be burglars and racketeers are found dead in the alley outside, like if they've seen a ghost...

Or perhaps the same as above, but rather than dump me in a dustbin, they go down the docks, props me into a little inflatable raft (complete with sunshades, a martini in my hand and a little radio) before setting me afloat, out in the unknown. Again, one hell of a good story for the grandchildren. And one hell of an awkward moment if I go floating into one of the posh marinas!

I donated every single cubic inch of it to hospitals & science; whichever one want it first, because once I've started rotting only one of those two can make any further use of it. Maybe in 200 years time a transplanted part of me is still circulating the NHS as a healthy organ and my brain is in a jar being preserved for scientific revival. Who knows.

Of course I would massively, like 100% indefinitely, prefer to not die at all. But should I end up in a less than revive-able state then I'm all for letting others make some proper use out of my body parts. I don't fancy becoming the oil or fertiliser of tomorrow, but I wouldn't mind if a blind wo/man could see for the very first time perfectly using my eyes; or a sufferer of leukaemia receive a total blood transplant ... I don't know, I'm just speculating, but it's better than rotting into the ground like a half-eaten apple.

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