what do you want done with your remains after you die?
cremation- put in an urn
2.5% (10)
2.5% (10)
cremation- ashed to be spread
21.9% (88)
21.9% (88)
buried- closed casket
5.7% (23)
5.7% (23)
buried- open casket
2.7% (11)
2.7% (11)
with loved ones
1% (4)
1% (4)
don't know
4.7% (19)
4.7% (19)
don't care
27.2% (109)
27.2% (109)
other- please specify
33.4% (134)
33.4% (134)
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Poll: what do you want done with your body after you die

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Buried, closed casket, if I have no loved ones. But if I do, I want to be cremated and the ashes spread somewhere meaningful.

take any organs you can still use, or if that's not possible: give me to an uni for future docs to cut me up, or if that's impossible i really don't care (bury me, burn me, throw me in the trashbin), as long as i'm not left somewhere inside and the house/flat smells like, well, dead person

*gets keyboard*
Send it to the moon send it to the moon oooh ohh! Wont you send it to the moon!

I want my body to be sealed in amber, but considering how I may die violently I have a back up plan of viking funeral.

Funeral Pyre.
My ashes spread forest/mountain/something like that.
Old...but theres a tale to it.


If I ever found someone who cared about me enough, I'd likely be cremated and try to get my ashes compressed into a diamond (or other gem) that could be put in a ring or something.. It would be tiny, but who cares.

Or maybe I don't care, I don't know.

Obviously I'm going to have a good old fashioned Viking funeral. Or I'd be cremated and placed in several nuclear bombs buried under selected cities I don't like and over time they will randomly explode showing how even after I've died you should fear me.

All usable organs extracted, after which cremation, ashes scattered.

Donate several organs to people to help spread my awesomeness. Then put on a large viking ship with all my possesions, which will then be set alight and sent out to see while heavy metal music plays.

I'm going to have my body strapped to a nuclear missile and launched at the moon.

Take THAT Luna! Absorbing all my sunlight!

I remember reading that you can be thoroughly frozen in liquid nitrogen and shaken into a fine power. I can't verify if that's true or not, but if so, that.


As quickly as possible I'd like to have an open casket funeral then have every last piece of my body used to help someone.

Take my organs, my skin, eyeballs, tongue, whatever. Just use me to help accelerate science somehow or help someone else :D

That, or be launched into a black hole! (If I am 100% going to die, 0% chance of survival)

(I also have thought about having probes stuck into my head the moment before I die so they can collect information about what the brain does before it stops working.)

I'd be dead, so what do I care?

I personally, would like to be cremated and my ashes spread at the site of the Battle of Hastings. I'm proud of my Anglo-Saxon heritage, and it just seems right to me for them to be scattered at the famous site of their last stand.

And I don't give a fuck about what those big-headed anti-pride people have to say about that, either.

In a mausoleum, but in somesort of casket like box.

I don't really care. I'll be dead, so it won't be my problem.

I want any part of me that's of any use to be donated to others in need of them. If there's anything left of me after that I want to be cremated, have my ashes put inside a weather balloon, which is then released and will float up to the edge of space before exploding from lack of external pressure, whereupon my ashes will be scattered into the void.

I cannot thank James May and his Man Lab enough for showing me my ideal way of passing on...

Donate my organs to somebody who can actually use them and have my body blown up in a video by FPSRussia. That would rock.

I want my body positioned with my arms and legs spread out and my face locked in an obscenely wide grin with my tongue sticking out and cross-eyed before I go into rigor mortis. Then, I want a powerful spring placed in my casket. The song that will be played will be Still Alive. Right after the last part (The third time GlaDOS says "Still Alive") the casket will open and my body, spread eagle and tongue hanging out, will be launched into the crowd.

I want my dead body to be placed on a boat, cast off, and then set on fire. Like a bad ass.

I'll be donating any parts of my body that can be used, not like I need them anymore.
The rest can be used for compost for all I care.

Ultimately, I can't care less. I'll be dead, so I won't be caring about much.

However, if I'm lucky, someone somewhere will use my body for some greater purpose. I'm hoping for frightening children. I'd like my hate for them to last longer then me.

Donate all my organs I can, and then cremate whatever is left. Use it as fertilizer or something.

Demented puppet show.

I want all my organs donated then donate the rest of me to science and education. After that I don't care what happens to whats left.

I wish to be mummified and placed in a pyramid that I will eventually own... More realistically, I still wish to be mummified (saw a programme on TV, 'The Mummification of Alan Somebody' (forgot surname >_<) who donated his body to an experiment to figure out how preservation techniques were utilised in Ancient Egypt, worked fantastically well) and could possibly accomplish this by donating my body to research that does exactly that. ^_^

Mummification or bust I say.

I would like to have my body donated to necrophiliacs. They can't help their obsession and it stops them from doing illegal things like grave robbing, so I think it's a good cause. xD

Seriously though, I don't know/don't care. Just donate my organs and put me somewhere.

Just though of Nick Swardson's stand up about his funeral. I want that. lol

Funeral part starting at 2 minutes in.

Organ donor, then cremated and made into a diamond or some fireworks or something. Something cool like that.

Donation to scientific research. Maybe some researcher can examine my brain and find a cure for epilepsy.

Mostly donated either to Science, or Necromancy. Any leftovers can be used to feed hungry hobos I guess.

Open Casket. Also, this is worth noting, I want this song to be played at full blast for the full funeral, and started randomly during it.

I really want to show how my dead body feels about the entire ordeal. Though this song would be close to the truth.

Ropes to be attached to each of my limbs and someone burly can put on a puppet show.

EDIT: Or fired into space, either is fine.

Either organs donated to people who need them or donated to science.

Hollowed out, put a few strings and sticks in me, and use my body as a really hilarious puppet at the children's hospitals.

I'll be dead. I won't exist. Therefore it won't be possible for me to care. But let's not just limit this reasoning to atheists like me. Let's say that heaven and hell also exist. Just for the sake of argument. If you go to heaven, you'll have better things to do then to worry about what happened to your mortal body. And if you go to hell, you'll have bigger problems to worry about. Or if you're reincarnated, you won't know and therefore you won't care. It doesn't matter what kind of afterlife you believe in, what ultimately happens to your body will never in any case be any of your concern once you're dead. Unless terms of accessing certain afterlife demand a proper burial or something like that. But since you can never know that for sure, you might as well just forget about it. What's the point of worrying about this now when you're alive? So you see, it doesn't matter. You shouldn't care. Let people you leave behind figure it out.

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