Do you ever google your internet personas?

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It's a habit of mine, I tend to google some of my more famous moments, Yahoo Answers in particular.

I'm the author of one of the most famous Yahoo Answers question, I Became Erection. It's been years and people are still reposting it multiple times a day.

Always good for an ego boost, been meaning to write some new content though, more than my usual two liners.

Did you actually do that? Or did you make it up as a joke?

Please tell me you made that as a joke.

Funny thing, actually. I do this every once in a while, to see what other "C F"s are out there on teh webs. Mostly, it's used as an acronym. "College of Central Florida", "Cystic Fibrosis", etcetera.

Although I did see a sound artist (I think it was) that went by his initials of C F. He was listed on an Anti-SOPA artist's petition, if I remember correctly.

I don't imagine my persona is quite as common in usage as the utensil it's based off of, but I'll go check...

...Hey! Somebody's using my name for a tumblr account!


Not often. Usuauly only when threads call for it.

The site search is mostly my profiles or someone who happens to use my username in some obscure thing.

The image search is usally just random avatars of people who commented on the same threads as me.

first result for imnotparanoid is my escapist profile, although I think thats the whole google brings up things you use often.

I found a Martian War Machine on MySpace, I think it was...

It depends if I use spaces or not. Without spaces this account comes up, but with spaces there's actually quite a lot of random hipster stuff. It's not very original, as I found out a while. I actually regret changing from Wasder a bit these days, this username lost its lustre fairly quickly.

Every year or so I type my username into Google and find that quiz I made when I was really bored in IT. It provides me with a minute or so of amusement every so often, so I think it was a worthwhile endeavour. Much more worthwhile than whatever the hell I was supposed to be doing, I'm sure.

It doesn't help my username's an actual thing...
Other than those I just get other profiles on different things with this name (all mine FTW)...besides a blogger one....odd.

I just googlefied my online persona, Leonardo Cygnus.

The only two thing I got on the front page related to me were my Escapist account and this one TVtropes page. Huh.

Well I've never googled my personas except that one time where I did it for a thread (A what's the first image that comes up when you google your username thread I believe)

I just tried it and I found a Youtube account (Which is probably mine and I forgot the password for) a profile for another site and an author for fan fiction.

I guess I really haven't really done anything worthwhile with any of my internet personas to be famous outside various MMO's.

I just tried. Mostly got links going to various websites I've made a profile for. The term "hvordan det henger" comes up a lot. Apparently it means "how it hangs," so I'm assuming it's the equivalent of asking someone "how's it hanging?"

More interestingly, there's also a Twitter account I have no idea about. Who the fuck is Lena Phelps?

Only things I get are accounts to websites by some guy who is TOTALLY not me.

I have typed my AV name into a search engine before. I have never typed anything directly into, nor will I.

But yeah, on occasion I will put my Avname into a search engine. Its usually to retrace my steps, be reminded of what communities I used to be a part of, or even to go back and see how my ideology/writing styles have evolved over the years.

On occasion I will be surprised by the results. Much like after years of there being essentially no major online reference to Viranimus, I find that apparently there is a rather suspicious page dedicated to a Viranimus Studios. Really it looks more along the line of a domain squatter, but who knows, it might be something legit... which would really suck for that specific User ID.

Anyway.. it can be a fun and surprising way to kill some time online. Hell just by reading this thread thats what I did and I found some new surprising results.

I google my tag occasionally and to date I've only ever seen one other person on the internet run this tag, and that was on Steam. I love having a damn near unique name online.

I don't. Let me check what there is to say right now...

-Escapist profile
-Steam ID
-Steam ID
-Tumblr posts (from other Escapists, not me)
-YouTube channel
-MODDB profile
-Escapist profile
-MODDB profile
-Escapist profile
-Escapist profile

...I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting anything.

My username only bring me back onto here.

However typing Scarim, (typing Coral will only bring sea coral) Google think it's a typo for Skyrim (I came up with that name before that game was release!) although it turn out there are actual people with the name Scarim (I made up that name when I first use it as my Guild Wars character name).

I google'd it into images once.

I got a bunch of t-shirts.

Not really, and all things considered I'd be foolish to try. I've been a part of several communities, and between all I came up with a handful of alias, but none of them are that original. Take "Asita" for instance. It's a real name, most famously associated with an Indian ascetic tangentally related to Buddhism's origins. Another alias I've used would primarily result in references to a certain popular book series (still popular after 60 years, apparently). Long story short, if I were to google any of my names, I doubt any of them would trace back to me unless I specified the community (or a specific response) in my search string.

Never googled any of my personas, but I've googled my name before. Apparently I'm the only person with my name in the U.S. according to whitepages, which is pretty damn cool.

I once, or twice have checked google to see if my name appears to be anywhere in the web. I saw that there was one reference to me. Nothing important, but at least I saw my name somewhere. I think this is called vanity.

All the time. It's an ego thing. However, neither myself or my blog is very famous, so it doesn't mean much. Still, feels good to know that you can find humorous depictions of suicide if you search my name in google.

I do that every once in a while. The first 3 things that show up are my twitter, Xbox account, and my DeviantART page.

Lemme do it right now.

First result for TLS14 is my Xfire, which I haven't used in about a year. The next two things are my renamed Steam ID (to TheLastSamurai14), and my Escapist profile.

First result for TheLastSamurai14 is my Steam ID. Right under that is my Skyrim achievement page, and then my TF2 stats page.

But anyway, yeah, I google myself all the time just to see what's up there that's related to me.

I searched it up once, I have my YT account, livestream, twitter, Steam, and apparently my friend used it for a paheal account. What the fuck. Then he used this name for a furaffinity account. Goddammit!

I do from time to time.

Some weird crap other folks join/post.

hmm no..I dont have an "internet persona" I keep thios and my (rarely used) facebook seperate, though I have commented using facebook a couple of times, (dont know why..stupid Idea)

I get roman numeral definitions mostly.

Oh and also her:

More interestingly, there's also a Twitter account I have no idea about. Who the fuck is Lena Phelps?

A spambot, by the looks of it.

I only have one, culixcupric, and I do google it on occasion, mainly when I'm bored, or looking for a certain post I can't find.

Not usually, but I just did and I am pretty much the only Dead Raen on the net. Also I only exist on the Escapist and YouTube. Which is about accurate.

Nothing about me for a good few pages.
The joys of being named after a plant, I guess. :D

I somtimes my friend, buzzeration, can find on the internet without a problem at all. I can't be too found though, too much generosity in the world!

The main thing that popped up was my youtube page, but there is also a high school band named feeback too!

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