Things That Annoy You

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Animated avatars. Man do those things get old fast.

People who don't respect urinal etiquette. There's 5 urinals, I'm at the end, the rest are free. GO IN THE MIDDLE OR THE OTHER END. Not next to me or in a position that SOMEBODY has to stand next to you. And don't stare at my junk. Or my face.

People who don't respect arm rest etiquette. That makes me go apeshit if I'm at the cinema or something and my friends put their arms over their rest and onto mine. No thanks.

A lot of facebook users. You know the types, I don't need to mention them all.

People proving me wrong. I don't like being wrong. Who does?

People who get too much into my personal space. I'm a big fan of personal space.

That godawful show "Whitney"

People who glare at you as though you are being rude when you say excuse me. I mean, would you rather I barged past you? Maybe then I could stand in your way being completely unaware of my surroundings you rude, dimwitted fuck.

I don't mind if you text during class, I just can't stand when you have someone texting and their keyboard on their phone sounds like a herd of zebras going across the plains of Africa.

People who adamantly defend something they have no stake in. I literally get a headache watching them talk because they're clearly not thinking straight. I've never seen someone do this without a combination of the following:

I'm right and you're wrong because I said so, and any evidence I have is weak at best.


Completely changing the subject because they found something they didn't like in someone's response.

Add it all up to get an argument no one ever wins. Although there was never an argument in the first place; just a shouting match.

Also, people who use "It's all subjective" to hand-wave things they don't want to talk about. The context it's used in implies change is always a bad thing. Plus, it's very passive-aggressive.

People who think they are cool by bashing popular things.

Also people who bash newer pokemon and refuse to accept that there are pokemon past X generation.

I've got a feeling that I've quoted you on this subject before, but I could be wrong. Anyway I couldn't agree more. To anyone out there who keeps on getting in my face about how there is only 151 Pokemon to which I say, there is 649 Pokemon deal with it.

Also I hate people who.
Chew with there mouths open.
Talk to loud at night.
Also people who nitpick at cosplayers, so it's a bad costume because the hair is slighty incorrect? Or the colour of the jacket, jeans, T-shirt, etc is slighty the wrong shade? To all cosplay nitpickers I say this, "Takes a deep breath" "FUCK YOU." The best of it is, these nitpickers are normally the only ones that aren't wearing a costume.

Finally this is a small but annoying thing that my roomate does, who is always up way before me in the morning. Would it kill him to open the kitchen blinds and windows I mean it's not that hard.

Also, people who get on a bus when it's standing room and stop in the middle when they KNOW there are a lot more people that need to get on.

Oh god. In that same vein, people who get on the bus and all clump near the front. Assholes, there a WHOLE REST OF THE DAMN BUS! I don't want to have to squeeze my fat ass past you because you can't be bothered to go towards the back till the Driver tells you to.

People who say "Well that's just your opinion." Why yes, I know it is thanks. When I used the word "I" prior to the opinion I'm pretty sure that should have been enough info.

People who post religious shit on their Facebook pages. I don't mind one or two but making 5-6 posts that are just religious pictures with some "So true" attached is annoying. If you weren't relatives you'd be gone!

People who take their frustrations out on you. Oh your having a bad day? Well then sure, feel free to piss, bitch and moan about how I didn't throw a cardboard box into the trash that you walk past EVERY morning. Yup, nothing about that style gets old at all.

Fun fact, what's referred as "having a temper tantrum" like that, is actually called an Amygdala Hijack named for the Amygdala, which is the portion of the brain which controls emotion. Thank you College!

Cheery Lunatic:
Being poked.

It drives me insane. People think it's cute/funny. IT'S NOT. STOP POKING ME.



-People who don't understand the simplest things ok for example I was testing my sister for a maths exam, shes thick as fuck by the way so I made it easy.

"Sis, if a car is travelling at 60 miles an hour, how many miles does it do in half an hour?" Her answer? "50?" -.- Dumbass!

-People who can't spell, things like "lose" ok, too many people spell it like "loose". For example in a game of League of Legends I see at least once a week "Omg you make us loose!" GGRRRRRRR! ITS LOSE YOU DUMB SHIT!

-Trolls naturally....

There are a lot of things that piss me off, best not say anymore, lest you use the knowledge against me.....

People who can't stop referencing TVtropes when posting some kind of review/critique/post about any media you care to mention.

"Well, clearly [insertname] must be The Man Behind The Man, thus making him the true Big Bad. Who'd have thought he wasn't just going to remain The Dragon. I bet he'll end up Dragon Their Feet before the Final Battle, so we can have a Sequel Hook. After all, he's such an obvious Starscream, even if [insertothername] is too much of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander to notice."

"Haha! What a hilarious Lampshade Hanging!"


-People who can't spell, things like "lose" ok, too many people spell it like "loose". For example in a game of League of Legends I see at least once a week "Omg you make us loose!" GGRRRRRRR! ITS LOSE YOU DUMB SHIT!

This, this annoys me so much, it's "lose" and "losing" NOT "loose" and "loosing" and yet the mistake is continually made.

Animated avatars. Man do those things get old fast.

Ahem..... my avatar is animated.



Wow, people in this thread seems to have some issues...

The way the common pronunciation of Caesar is done with a soft C. It wasn't that way in latin and it makes no sense in the rules of the English language either. Also my laptop with it's broken space-bar...

One thing that really annoys me is that if a student hits a teacher in the face for viciously taunting and mocking him, everyone starts saying how terrible it is that a student attacked a teacher, but if an adult hits another adult in the face for the same exact reason the same people praise him for standing up for himself, it's complete fucking hypocrisy.

-When i'm out on a smoke break or smoking anywhere really, and some jackass does the fake coughing. I'm like so far away and exhaling into the wind. Get over yourself.

-People who tailgate me. I pump the breaks and give em a good scare

-When I'm at the local starbucks and all these hipster kids talk about all the drinking and drugs they did that weekend. Oh and the teens that JUST started smoking cigarettes going around having whole discussions on the topic.

-People to play their music through speakers

-People who take video games way too seriously. i.e raging when they lose, fail or what have you.

-Arguments that just turn in to who can yell the loudest. At that point I just walk away.

-Religious fanatics

-People who treat workers of resturaunts and stores like shit. As if they're beneath them

...agh too many to name really.


I mean, I went through all that trouble of taking over your country and this is how you react? Have you ever tried to take over a country? It's hard work! Planning a future, designing a slogan/flag, organizing various police/military forces... It's not all fun and games! Personally, I think I'm doing a pretty darn good job, given the circumstances.

Queen Michael:
The disclaimer people put at the beginning of fanfiction.
"I do not own Harry Potter. He is the property of J.K. Rowling."
Admitting that you know that you're using someone else's copyrighted character without their permission doesn't help legally. It's like hotwiring somebody's car and before you drive away in it you say loudly "I do not own this car. I am taking it without the permission of the owner." DOESN'T HELP.

I guess they just do that so they can atleast give themsevles a semi-decent ass cover. Yeah I know it's far from perfect and a lot get's taken down (sadly all the good stuff) but I guess they believe if they say those worlds it'll save them from getting hit by lawyers.

OT: I can't stand it when people say "Don't say you hate something". That just drives me nuts, I'm sorry but I'm gonna hate spiders all day long. You can enjoy them but I won't, they are foul creatures to me. To me it just seem's so childish when someone say's "Hate is such a strong word", well yeah, that's why someone uses it. And again, I'm just talking about things like bad music, tv shows and spiders.... those eight legged things that offend god.

When I lose something and people ask "where did you last see it?" I don't know, If I knew, I would have checked!

Also people who walk in the middle of the sidewalk, I cycle to school and it fucking annoys me, the cycling lanes in tralee are a deathtrap, tons of pot-holes.

When manga translators use lots of gratuitous Japanese. I won't start a debate about whether it's all that necessary to keep the suffixes at the end of names, but when a character in the English translation says "I heard she's got a job as a waitress-san" and the translator honestly doesn't see the problem, then said translator ought to be fired sincde s/he clearly doesn't care about making a translation that sounds good. And don't get me started about the translation where they called their grandmother "batchaa" in the English text. Apparently, it was a dialect form of the Japanese word for "grandmother." The write "grandmother." It doesn't become an untranslatable Japanese concept just because you're saying it with an dialect.

Spys (in TF2) - sneaky, backstabbing, bastards they are.

Walking is a form of transportation, it's sole and only purpose is to get from one place to another in the most efficient manner possible without breaking into a jog.

Shopping is the act of going into shops, taking what you need from the shelves, and taking them to the checkout.

Neither of these things are social acitivities. If you want to talk, get a coffee and sit down somewhere, don't get in the way. If you physically cannot do things at the average pace, move aside for those who can.

My immediate family because they are all living with rose colored glasses stapled to their heads, so they believe that everything is alright and going their way, but it's not. They all tend to be hypocrites when speaking about other people and when I tell them to look in a mirror, they feel like their awesome because they are looking at themselves with the rose colored glasses.

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