Calling all single people, what are you doing to survive the 14th?

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Playing the Mass Effect 3 demo. Who needs a woman when I have Tali, huh? -sigh-

What i normally do: Play on a console, listen to music and try and find something to eat that i like and doesn't taste like ass. Just because it's Valentine's day doesn't mean i celebrate it.

I'm going to wake up late, go to my 12:30 lecture, come back to my apartment, do whatever needs to be done (read: ignore everything and play Minecraft), eat dinner, go listen to a lecture and take a test in my 7:05-9:45 lecture, come back to my apartment, play more Minecraft, and go to bed, and never shall any fucks be given. That's the beauty about never having cared about Valentines to begin with.

I always spend valentines day on /a/ laughing at them. It's like laughing at a mirror.

I'm writing a hate song. Also, killing people online. Just a regular tuesday.

To me valentines day isnt really a "Holiday", its just a way for card companies to make a profit. So i just ignore it and carry on with my daily routine of, well, satying inside and playing video games.

I dunno, I feel strange about it. I'm seeing someone, but I wouldn't exactly call us a couple. She's made nary a mention of the day and I only recalled that it's approaching'll see.

I will be doing what I do everyday, playing skyrim.


Sam thing I do every year, ignore the date entirely and participate in special events related to it that I can do solo. Honestly, I don't care about the day because if you don't have a partner, you feel alone, and if you do you have to buy a gift, so everybody loses.

is there something special happening on the 14th? ohhh, you mean that bullshit holiday where men are obligated to spend money on pointless crap and womyn are obligated to put out? yeah even when im in a relationship i dont celebrate valentines day. fortunately ive been lucky enough to date girls who think valentines day is stupid too. i am single this year and couldnt possibly care less about valentines day. its just another day, to me. this year, however, i will be getting drunk at a party. the day before valentines day, i will be getting drunk with friends. the day after valentines day...possibly getting drunk again

I'd probably go hang out with some of my single friends, get some drinks, and just worry about getting to the end of the night.

Being alone and stuff, since being alone on Valentine's Day is the same as being alone every other day, which I'm pretty much used to.

Oh hey...that's tomorrow.

Nothing special. It's a day off of work for me. I think I'll run until I want to puke, shower and then watch some films.

i for one will be bowling, then drinking with friends. no girlfriend no date.

I deliver a fake human heart to celebrate the actual spirit of this "holiday" :D

Whoever gets the reference gets a cookie!

I could be completely wrong but it sounds like something Dexter Morgan would say. Wish the 6th season would hurry up and come out on itunes.

Writing an essay on the historical value of swords. Yay me. Although I have future plans. But asking people out on valentines day is creepy in my opinion.

I'll be posting ironic pictures of myself hugging my Xbox to my blog.

Through thick and thin, she's always been there for me. Unconditionally. Three years this spring <3.

School all day. And I do mean ALL DAMN DAY.
8am (first class) -> 6pm (start of the last class).

So, nothing really. Unless I can somehow become romantic with one of the girls in my physics' lab studying Ohm's Law.

I'm seeing a movie with a friend of mine. Whatever, it's just like every other 'forever alone' day on the calender.

Guys, I'm single by choice... girls choice that is. Anyway, its not a big deal in my opinion, Im not worried about it

By giving literally zero fucks. There's more than enough other single people at school for it to not be weird and depressing.

probably getting side tracked in my sea of dual thoughts....hehe

as much as it didn't initially bother me, but since reading through some of this i can say it's going to have more of my attention now...LOL!

fapping, fapping, fapping..all that goodness that is fapping
*insert ryhming couplets that portrays the difference of today and every other day of sexual derealization*

*forever alone* x'D

I'm ignoring it like i have since i was in kindagarden. Its gotten to the point where i don't even remeber what day its on. I thought it had already passed until i saw this post.

Just became single with 3 hours (Australian) until Valentines Day. Not sure what I'll be doing now... Probably a lot of feeling sorry for myself and trying to not break down in the middle of class.

Not caring ....
Like I do every day ....

Recently single which coincides nicely with playing Amalur Kingdom of Reckoning. For Valentines I have a cunning plan of building a dummy and taking it/her to TGI's thus joining the masses celebrating Valentines and getting to eat extra buffalo wings. At a push I might buy the dummy a rose.

Same thing I've done every year; absolutely nothing. Never had a Valentine person, probably never will, so its nothing new/different.

I shut the whole event out, and spend the day doing things with my other single friends. ;)

Listen to hip hop mixtapes all day. Oh Lil B, sometimes I think you're the only friend I have. And that's just a little pathetic.

Even forgot what day it is.

2nd busiest day of the year at my job, after Superbowl, so I'll be working all day.
Points for anyone who can guess where I work.

Never cared much about it. It isn't a big deal where I live.

It's just another day of the week and it's not even a public holiday - so I don't care at all.

14th? That's the day the Mass Effect 3 demo comes out, isn't it? Yeah, I'll be playing that.

2nd busiest day of the year at my job, after Superbowl, so I'll be working all day.
Points for anyone who can guess where I work.

Anne summers?

Or McDonalds eaither really.

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