Calling all single people, what are you doing to survive the 14th?

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By Being a passive agressive arsehole.
But that's how I deal with everything. Plain and simple.

I`m really bad remembering any sort of dates and events that appear throughout the year, and Valentines day isn`t really a thing in my country, so yeah. Nothing important, just your average day.

Attempt to give a fuck.

Fail the attempt to give a fuck.


My first thought when I read this title:

Why, what the hell is on the 14th???

So yeah, I don't care enough about being single to worry too much.

Absolutely nothing. Valentine's day isn't a holiday for single people. So why would I celebrate it? I'm not Jewish, I don't celebrate Hanukkah, and I'm not Canadian so I don't celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October.

The only thing about Valentines day that actually annoys me are the single people who try to wage war on it in the first place. If Valentine's day really means so little to you, don't make a big fuss about it.

That sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

To me, it's just a day. It's a tuesday so I don't have classes. Chances are I'll just stay at home, watch Netflix and work on some comics, maybe do homework if I have any.

Now the day AFTER Valentine's day when awesome boxes of chocolate go on sale...THAT'S a day I can get behind lol

Never gave a shit before, still don't while with someone. The advantage of being with a like minded person is that gifting something for one day is no more special or less special than any other and they understand this.

Watching that nerd do funny shit.

That clip really does just fit perfectly here for some of us. And I approve of use of Scoutellite.

gonna seduce me a burn victim in katawa shoujo

then later i'll meet up with the non-serial-monogamist-Men to play poker/drink single malt scotch/smoke fat Cigars/watch UFC and other various Bro-Down activities not involving drugs...

I don't necessarily hate Valentine's Day but I have no plans.

Just be chillin at home. Probably buy myself lots of chocolatey goodness. That's it.

Oh I will be out with intent to apply to a restaurant opening this winter. Further along since technically it's already winter. So I might indulge with some restaurant food goodness.

I'll do the same thing I do every Tuesday. I don't normally pay much attention to Valentine's day, and being single for it hasn't bothered me in the past, so I don't expect it to suddenly do so now.

The place I'm working at on Tuesday is apparently having a special Valentine's day morning tea with a lot of heart-shaped sweets and things, so that should be fun.

Well, I was going to spend it wondering exactly when Valentines day was, but I guess you guys have ruined that plan for me now... >=/

I'm going to continue to not care that I'm single.

Probably going to try and guilt this girl into hanging out with me. She's been more or less leading me on for the last six months or so, and as such I'm expecting to get ignored once again. We have a pretty fun history, I must say. First date - watched a movie and made out for three hours, shirts off; Second date - Went to a bar to see a band with her friend and another dude; Third date - (four months later) stood me up, no explanation; Fourth date - made plans to get lunch at noon, she fell asleep and I hung out with her dad for an hour and a half while she "got ready."

Just tried to hang out with her again tonight, but she was going to a friend's birthday party and had no interest in bringing me along. I tried to invite myself along, but she talked me out of it. I don't know about you guys, but to me, this looks like the start of a great relationship.

Same thing I do every Tuesday, wake up late, have some lunch, get some snacks and supplies for the rest of the week, and then go raid Dragon Soul.

Nothing, I think it's cute that couples act lovely dovey for a day but if you aren't ina couple it's a non entity. Really hadn't thought about it. Maybe play Pokemon? I mean really if you are going to be this mopey then prehaps you should, you know, talk to a girl and ask her out?

Mass Effect 2 marathon to get all my characters ready :)

I still get candy. It's a win for me.

Post my annual "Happy singles awareness day" post on Facebook followed by video games and Star Trek.

I'll more than likely be on a train somewhere. Quite nice when you think about it.

Well, being the cynical, cold and economical person that I am, I see being single on the 14th as positive thing. It means I won't have to go out of my way to buy some overpriced gift to "show my affection". I'll just save that money for a time when I can enjoy it myself.

Mass Effect 3 demo and Twisted Metal, duh.

What else could a guy need?

Me and some friends are having a "forever alone night"

Basicly 4-6 single guys playing boardgames and making sushi

is nice...

studying for a physics midterm ugh :(

1. Game
2. Sleep
3. Game some more
4. Eat some food
5. Keep Gaming
6. ???
7. Profit

Just for the lolz I'd almost do ME+ME2+DA:O and do a 'Romance Marathon' in those games, romancing as many characters as I can from new saves on the day. Would be appropriate for the theme, but just playing the games would be more entertaining.

I have a bottle of tequilla and an internet connection.

You do the math.

Mass Effect 2 marathon to get all my characters ready :)

Wont playing Mass Effect 2 remind you of all the couples on Valentines Day.

I didn't even realize it was coming up.

Now that I've remembered, I find I don't especially care, so I'll "survive" by treating it like a normal day.

I'll be busy as all hell with school and homework, so, eh, I'll probably be too occupied to notice. Luckily. Meh.


Where does the valentines day tradition come from?

If its somewhere in Europe, download Medieval II and spend your day crushing that country.

from ancient rome. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.
medieval 2 is too 'advanced'


why not go out and meet the other singles to hook up on that day?

Pretty much because, aside from being funny and intelligent, I have nothing going for me. And no one gives a crap about funny or intelligent. Well, except me, and we can be pretty sure I'm a fair distance from normal, conventional humanity.


Courtesy of ign

Ah yes, that whole valentines thing. The day of the year on which all single people are supposed to feel bad.

Worse yet, it probably works on some level.

So, what are you doing to keep some semblance of sanity on this most cr*ppy of holidays? Are you barricading yourself away? Going out in desperation? Or are you just gonna open fire on a high street full of nauseating couples judging you for your apparent lack of a soul?

Me? Well, it's time for KILLATHON 2K12!!!

Yes, the yearly tradition in which I spend practically the entire hellish day indoors playing violent games of all kinds, going to the extent of tracking my virtual bodycount. Last year's high score was approx 9000 dead! Big thank you to the former citizens of megaton for helping so greatly in this objective! Let's hope for 10000 this year!

Nothing, I plan to die like ever year.

What the hell kind of a question is this? Are we going to suddenly die of lovelessness? Seriously...

*reads post*

Substance of sanity? IG-NOR-ING IT, hows that for an idea? No barracade, its a bloody Tuesday for petes sake. Desperation? I think not. That last comment is a bit ridiculous frankly, even compared to the other suggestions.

Ok, well if you have some compulsion to kill virtual people on that day, go ahead, there is that Mass Effect 3 demo coming out, my point in replying to this post is, if you have a bf/gf it might be nice to do something, maybe not, otherwise ignore the day, there's no need to be like 'ooo I'm still single waa' not that you're necessarily doing that but, any recognition, positive or negative is pointless unless you're involved, if not, forget about it.

The same thing i do every day.

Go to school, hang with friends, play some games, surf the internet. Yep.
It's pretty much how I spent every holiday.

I have nothing to do!

If only there was a demo for a certain game coming out on that day! Y'know? One of those games that's the third installment in a trilogy of sci-fi RPG's? Oh, if only!

Working. For some people the 14th is just another day. In my case its another day to write several essays. No time to be miserable about being single. Gotta keep the pressure on to make sure I get into Uni. Oh, and listening to a mixture of Eric Satie, Colin Hay and Del Amitiri. For various reasons. And remembering. Everyone.

Now, once I am in Uni I can start to do things about being single. But until that point I do not have the time to do anything but work. Have the Assault on Black Reach sitting on my bedside table for the past month, only had the time to finish off less than 8 models.

On a lighter note all the stress and pressure is meaning I am eating a lot less. So the pounds are melting away. So by the time I start looking for a partner again I should be nice and trim (Not that I am a huge fat nerd or anything, I just prefer being skinnier).

Valentines Day has never been a big thing for me even on the times when I have been with someone. Ok, the "Time". Only once. Still, even when I had a partner we spent most of the day inside. I do remember dancing in the snow at just past midnight listening to Trois Gymnopedies by Eric Satie.

And there you get the link.

This year (Like last year) I am going to be spending the day alone. But thinking. I use the date to... Remember my past. Del Amitri to remember my first girlfriend, Eric Satie to remember my ex fiance, Colin Hay to remember my last relationship. Sure, none of them ended well and there is a lot of bad blood floating around but... Just because things did not work out does not mean you have to spend the rest of your life bitter. So in my case I will be working and remembering everyone who has ever touched me in a real way.

Now, that sounds mopey and it is not as interesting as the Killathon but... I guess people have different ways with dealing with things. I set aside one day of the year to think about people and I spend the rest of the year happily pretending nothing ever happened.

Enjoy Single Awareness Day people. I know I will.

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