Most absurdly awesome item in your possession?

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My girlfriend made me a clay statue of Reginald Cuftbert, circa Spoiler Warning's Fallout: New Vegas season.

All the awesome things I own come in the form of Magic The Gathering Collecting over the years.


Oracle Text: Players play a MAGIC subgame, using their libraries as their decks.
Each player who doesn't win the subgame loses half his or her life, rounded up.

While not the most expensive card in my collection, it is certainly the most unusual.
Turn 1: Savannah Lions
Turn 2: Shahrazad
Win Subgame, attack with Lions and my opponent's life total is down to 8 on turn 2. :)

To this day I've managed to avoid building a G/W Shahrazad subgame deck with as many regrowth effects and exile effects I can play. The deck would be great at making your opponents concede out of ludicrousness as they enter their second Subgame to determine life total adjustments of the first subgame...which in turn determines the outcome of the main game. All the while all exiled cards will never come back in any game.


My life counter is the other rare gem of my collection. In retrospect I wish I had gotten one for every colour.

I've got a show sword (blunt but effective) full metal with scabbard, and a wooden sword (my favorite) which I grab if I hear anything that sounds like burglar/intruder.

My Most Awesome in my opinion is an Italian lira (currency). It was phased out in 2002, but some shmo thought it was a 50 cent piece and exchanged it at a corner store my friend worked at so he gave it to me (I was really into Italian stuff because I was taking a culture course in high school). I consider it my lucky coin along with an old carnival token I got from a vending machine instead of 50 cents change, weird coincidence.

A large road cone (we were all 13 once) with an absurd amount of mardi gras beads thrown on it with a bit of chainmail chain I made thrown on for fun. Edit: Oh! It also has a plastic viking hat thrown on top just because.

These are currently my most awesome stuff, but I've got a long time to live. I just wish I knew what happened to my cousin's full-sized pinball machine, that thing was badass, but so long ago that was.

A corgi.

Hmm nothing much really, just the usual nerdy collectors editions of some games. Including the Halo 3 Legendary Master Chief helmet display and the Halo Reach Collector's Edition including Hallsey's journal.

But my prized possesion would have to be this:


The Japanese Collector's Edition of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter for DS. I can't play the game on my DS, nor can I read anything inside the art book... but the soundtrack CD and pretty pictures was worth the cost alone!



The book "The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls", written by Emilie Autumn.


I have nothing really interesting, to be honest :(

Its probably my prized possession. I plan on getting her to sign it on the 24th when I see her in concert.

I get to see her april 13th, but I doubt I'll be able to get anything signed. gah.

I guess I'd have to say my canvas print of the Death Star (#80 out of 325). It cost 80 and I bought it while I had no job so it was the most frivolous purchase of my life.

I get to see her april 13th, but I doubt I'll be able to get anything signed. gah.

VIP ticket man. Best $70 I've ever spent... Well, the book itself is a strong contender.

The sword from the movie "Blade"

I've got a gas mask from the 1950's that is French if I'm correct. I've also got the satchel that it was carried around in. I got it from an antique shop with a couple of military things in it, and it may have seen some combat because the oxygen canister attached to it had already been deployed. I don't know for sure but the mystery of it ups the cool factor in a way and I've used it as a practical air-soft mask many a times as it offers great face protection.

It's a tie between my guitar or the skull and crossbones made of wood hanging on the door. I call him Scurvy Steve, and he and I have awesome headbanging sessions whenever I put Alestorm on.

Two things came to mind for me: my Toshiba laptop from 1996 that still works, and a near scale replica of Zangetsu from Bleach.

[Edit] Laptop was from 1997 image

30th anniversary limited edition Doctor Who TARDIS tin with The Trial Of A Time Lord videos inside? That or my 1976 ministero dell'interno overcoat that I got for 2 at a car boot sale.

There is only one possible answer I can think of for threads like this.
Limited numbered remastered edition of Gundam Wing.
The picture doesn't look new, it justs look too clear to be from the 90s, and yet not detailed enough to be from the 21st century, so it kinda floats in an imaginary either between.
The real downside though is that although it still looks more detailed, Endless Waltz looks pretty crap in comparison now.

A block of wood... had it for about 15 years, keeps popping up when I move or clean my room...
Can't for the life of me think where it came from or what to do with it...

it's probably the book "Pure Effect" by Derren Brown - a book of card trickery and technique from back in the day when he was more of a "magician". it's out of print and they sell pretty high on ebay. (I would really like an original copy of The Devils Picturebook which is a 3 hour something long home made videotape, also from Brown, maybe someone out there knows what I'm talking about..)
AND I got a Tron disc from Disney World, lol. it was, what, 8 dollars. BUT you don't see alot of those in Denmark.

I own one of these -
God i love Venice

Mine would have to be DR. Halseys Journal that you get in the collectors edition of Halo: Reach.

Very good read and all around awesome.

Woo yeah! I have one of those too

I have a Firefly script for the episode "Bushwhacked" (the one where they find a ship that was attacked by Reavers) that is autographed by all nine principle cast members. It is precious to me.

I have a signed Asta Kask(a swedish punk band) poster from when I saw them live in december. Other than that, Led Zeppelin IV and Who's Next, two of the best records ever, on vinyl. And my drum kit of course. It's a crappy dum kit, but I'm crappy drummer so it evens stuff out.

I've also got this cool Lord of the Rings T-Shirt, fairly rare since you had to work on the trilogy to get one. My Aunt knew some guy who had a small technical role in making the film, gave the shirt to her and she gave it to me for my birthday like 9 years ago.

An antique model of an 18th century cannon.
A model of the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2.
Desmond Young's Biography of Rommel from 1950.
and in the foreseeable future I'll have in my possession a pre-columbian map

Aight, I may not want to but I gotta reflect my life in my work so here goes:

You know I aint always proud

Especially using it in a crowd

But it makes me feels so right

When I am inside my fleshlight


My cel collection, I guess. I have stuff from my faves- Ranma , NGE (actual and those fan-club cels that NGE put out). I also have some of my fave villians/ senshii from Sailor Moon, other Rumiko Takahashi stuff (from Inu Yasha and Maison Ikkoku) and other random series. I have gengas for most of them, and a few backgrounds when I can locate the correct ones.

I've also got gengas for a limited amount of computer-animated stuff, from Azumanga Daioh and a couple of others. Sadly, my collecting has slowed due to financial constraints and the fact that because no one really uses cel animation anymore, collectors don't like to part with stuff as freely.

Being Australian, I'm going to say it's a toss-up between either my copy of Angry Boys signed by Chris Lilley or my copy of the Chaser's annual 2007 signed by Andrew Hansen and Julian Morrow.

Authentic dogtags with (most of) my name on them, even though I've never been in the military. My grandfather has the same first and last name as I do (different middle initial sadly), and he was in the air force. He gave them to me as a present.

Original artwork for Steven king novels

Ooh, what novels are they for?

please say Dark Tower...

my giant hyper badass tv that I got for half price, because the store had it stocked under the wrong price listing

Hmm I got my various replica katanas, a collection of thigh high socks *I'm a guy ;P Thats why its amazing, least to my friends* and ummm I guess I have ever console I have ever own here in working condition, from my Sega Genesis *mega drive to people from US*, my original gameboy, my limited edition game boy, my 3 GBA's, my ps1, 3 ps2's, psp, ds, dslite, ps3 and I guess the vast collection of games, cause I NEVER do trade in's or sell them or give them away.

I have a replica of Sting and the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings, a couple of very rare and expensive Elfen Lied figures, and a limited edition of a Little White Lies picture of Eli from the Swedish movie, Let the Right One In.

Plus, loads of anime figures, anime/game posters, rare boxed copies of classic point n' click adventure games, and some rare anime DVDs...

Currently, the coolest item in my possession is a piece of artwork by one of my favourite artists, Jemma Salume. I asked if she could draw a character from a comic I'm writing and she returned with this.


You have no idea how inspiring it is to look on the wall and see something you thought of done so damn awesomely.

Five pounds of Mercury.

It sloshes so prettily

My snowboard. What else do I own that can do 50 mph without power?

Probably a set of mideval armor - long sleeved chainmail, gambeson and leather bracers, along with a LARP bow, arrows and sword replicas in latex (so you can actually fight with them while at the same time they look like the deal deal unless you are actually up close and holding the sword).

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