Your latest music fixation

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Zac Smith:

Now it's lots of Rammstein to get me excited for their sold our O2 Arena, London show in less then 2 weeks :P

I'm very jelly. Been wanting to see Rammstein live for years, them pyrotechnics..

Well it is currently Trailer music and it has been there for quite some time. This is the stuff that is designed to stick in your head and make you remember the trailer and it is addictive as hell.

Favorite Groups:
Two Steps From Hell (Also released under the name Thomas Bergersen)
Immediate Music (Some songs redone and released under the name Globus)
X Ray Dog
Epic Score
Brand X music


Septycal gorge are fucking awesome.

OT: I cant stop listening to Carach Angren and Crystal Castles these last few days.

I recommend you to see Carach live if you haven't already, you won't be dissapointed :D
and it's also neat to see someone who shares my taste in music :P

These 2 are some of my all time favorite songs I wanted to share btw :3



Septycal gorge are fucking awesome.

OT: I cant stop listening to Carach Angren and Crystal Castles these last few days.

I recommend you to see Carach live if you haven't already, you won't be dissapointed :D
and it's also neat to see someone who shares my tatse in music :P

I dunno, I might see them if they make it to the next Death Fest. Im not really one for driving long distances to visit metal concerts.

Good to know they are awesome live too though, I only found out about them about a year ago and they instantly became one of my favorite bands. Both albums are flat out godly. I havent heard another band that can match that special brand of metal they play.

I recently re-discovered this. It symbolises what all Dubstep sounds like to me. Cept this one has a better concept.

a lot of drone sounding music, EMA, Swans, Godspeed you!, james Blake, etc.
but also a lot of Weezer, I love Weezer

I find myself listening to very weird metal. like rhapsody(rhapsody of fire) and blind guardian and some falconer songs. they got all kinds of instruments playing. violins and flutes and all kinds of instruments that belong in classical music. and i love it. it's fucking brilliant!



Daystar Clarion:
I just can't get enough of Enter Shikari.

Their latest album has been out for weeks and I'm still loving every second of it.

They have a great sound and manage to mesh the different styles together brilliantly.

Seeing them live in March at Manchester Academy, so fucking hyped for when they drop Ghandi Mate, Ghandi :D

And mine is the support act for Shikari! They're called Young Guns and they sound like the Lostprophets.

I've recently developed some intrigue for Yes' Close to the Edge album. I'm going to keep listening to these guys to see if I can get permanently hooked.

Great band, amazing album! Try out Fragile next then Relayer, but dont touch the later albums as they are not very good. Also 90125 is a really good album in my oppinion but a lot of people consider that they sold out on that record as it is pretty much all catchy, radio friendly, progressive pop-rock.

Deftones, Team Sleep, and especially Chino Moreno's new side project; Crosses.

I just found Blind Guardian's "Nightfall on middle earth" album. It's all about the Silmarilion. And it's AWESOME.

I've been giving a lot of

and a spin lately.

I was also recommended

by a new friend recently, and have been enjoying them quite a bit too.

I have an odd habit of liking a song and then listening to it non-stop for like a week.

Broady Brio:
It symbolises what all Dubstep sounds like to me.

Except that's not dubstep at all, it's electro. o.0

Anyway, not really new but found their CD in my car the other day and it's been on repeat since;

You've probably never heard of it /hipster

Homestuck fans will know that because of a recent contest, there has been a huge influx of fan music. I'm listening to mainly the fan music.

Kellermensch. Magnificent wonderful Kellermensch.

Beware, may cause serious skankin to ensue!

I've started to listen to a lot of electronic/techno/whatever it's called.

No Knife Party remixes? I'm mightily disappoint!

At the moment I'm listening almost too much to The National, First Aid Kit, Tallest Man on Earth, Knife Party and Skrillex.

So yeah, Indie-Rock, folk and Dubstep. Swell.

Marnie Stern. She is the greatest guitarist. She writes good songs. All you metalheads who would rebut with Herman Li or some asshole from Nightwish or something, please stop. Marnie Stern. This debate is over as far as I'm concerned.


Beware, may cause serious skankin to ensue!

Yes yes!

Fucking love Capleton for the most part but some of his slack tunes piss me off.

Like the original too but that remix just smashes it. :P

It's funny that I saw this thread, because I spent basically all of yesterday listening to the Dead Kennedys. Wonderfully satirical, and with a great surfer guitar vibe.

Also, I always forget that I love Diablo Swing Orchestra until someone reminds me they exist. So, thanks.

My current music fixation revolves around around two things.

First, an almost unhealthy obsession with video game and movie soundtracks. Most notably, anything by Kelly Bailey, Jesper Kyd, Paul Ruskay, Jeehun Hwang, Grant Kirkhope, Mike Morasky, Hans Zimmer, and John Murphy.

Second, I have recently rediscovered my absolute love of all things Junkie XL, Deadmau5, Massive Attack, and Niyaz. Samples to follow:

The past few days I have been listening to a lot of Ana Tijoux who is a Spanish language hip-hop musician and she released a 2nd album just a couple of weeks ago.

but I have also been really into The Phenomenal Handclap Band for some groove heavy indie music

I've been on a Pennywise binge lately. I've owned the albums for years yet I've been going full throttle recently.

Will Smith

Because I love to get jiggy with it


Ghost Reveries is immense. I recently got the Special Edition 5.1 mix as a late Christmas present. It was bloody hard to find. Just Watershed to get now and my Opeth special edition collection will be complete! I've also got a Blackwater Park shirt, but I've worn the shit out of it and now it seems to have shrunk :(

Sick! Also, Opeth shirts tend to be notorious for shrinking.

Did not know there was a new Swallow the Sun album, gotta check this out.

Depends, just went through a miracle of sound phase for a few weeks. Now diving into some Heidevolk. I still jump around a bit depending on my modd but those two dominate my listening time.

I'm kinda all over the place right now.

Lumber Barber:
....Take me with you!
I really recommend that you try out the less-famous albums, Meddle and Atom Heart Mother. They have some very interesting songs. Listening to One of These Days, Echoes and Atom Heart Mother gives me the chills every time.
OT:Pink Floyd as well. Mostly the more... odd stuff, things like "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" and "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast". Always throw in some BB King as well, to lighten the mood.

I plan to delve into their earlier work, 'Syd-era', so I will give those a listen next. And do you mind the swim to New Zealand ;)?

Miracle of Sound is currently being replayed over and over and over and...yeah, I don't remember the last time I didn't have "Normandy" or "Wheatly's Song" on replay.

I have found myself listening to more and more game soundtracks, may be it's due to the amount of time I spend on here and working on the inFAMOUS wiki.

I'm hardly listening to anything other than soundtracks these days. Especially Joe Hisaishi's soundtracks for the films of Hiyao Miyazaki. I've also rekindled my love for Radiohead, good god Kid A is a wonderful album.

I've been listening to a lot of Dream Theater lately, particularly liking the albums Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence and Octavarium.


Not been listening to anything that's new to me, but the last new album I bought Lana Del Ray's (don't judge me). Other than that, I've been on a Die Form kick.

Nothing "new" has really grabbed me, not even old stuff I'd just not gotten into. :/

oh my god YES!!!

after listening to her two songs (Video games and born to die) I then listened to her album and was actually really impressed that I consistantly liked all of it bought and was happy

then I read the reveiws (which werent horrible, just polarising) which really surprised me, and left me think "is this bad? i thourght it was great" (I even made a thread about my music related crisis)

but I got over that, I really liked it

I totally get why people think she's off-putting, but I swear it's the new "in thing" to just say she sucks.
The album isn't ground-breaking, but pretty good. :D

Ever since it came out, I have been spamming Enter Shikari new album, "A Flash Flood of Colour" all day long. I love these guys.

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