What makes you feel old?

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I have so many instances that make me feel old, even though I'm constantly reminded that I'm not by the people around me. Thinking back and remembering things from when I was a kid (like many people on here) makes me feel old. Walking into Hottopic and seeing all the Invader Zim gear and going, "I remember watching the premier episode of that show..." Or talking with friends and going back to nostalgia moments, like remembering the time when Heinz made ketchup green and purple and other colors for whatever reason.

Also, times when I find myself thinking about the future makes me feel old, when I think about it and realize that the phrase, "When I grow up" has turned into "what I'm going to do with my major in a year and a half." Same with things like having kids. That realization that that could be only a few years away for me really puts things into perspective and makes me feel so old.

I know I'm not old by society's measure, but I constantly feel like my entire childhood is gone and that I don't have anything to really look forward to anymore. I don't know...

Regnes, I'm fairly certain that if you've seen four different decades and played the NES in its prime, you didn't start high school 10 years ago. Unless you have a Delorean(sp?) with a Flux capacitor. Then I can believe it. If not, then you've definitely made that up. 10 years ago would be 2002. And the Gamecube was Nintendo's console at that time. You'd have to be in your late 30s, not early 20s for those claims to be correct.

remembering something that was cool 20 years ago but no one gives a shit about now

Every time I think about how I used to hate the idea of having kids, or love, or anything responsible in any way. Fuck getting old.

Capri Suns. I feel like I'm too old to buy them now so I don't. Feelsbadman.

I hate that dang rap music. Never did get used to that.

What makes me feel old?
Seeing Biker Mice from Mars on TV and going "hhheeeeyyyy...." in my head as I recognised something I shouldn't have forgotten. I then remembered Gargoyles and that there was once an original Digimon series...

Remembering playing some sort of Terminator inspired game on my dad's Gameboy when I was really young.
That yellow screen. It made Pokemon Blue look all the more awesome.

Also the fact that I have a CE Vinyl for Bioshock 2's soundtrack and realise that it would be awesome if I had more of these. And that my dad has player as well.

Also when Space Quest 6 and FFVII fail to work on my PC.

I felt old when I was helping my parents sort out my old school reports. My mum picked up an old school report from when I was 13 and my dad said "its hard to believe that was 10 years ago" I never felt so old. Thanks dad...

Once thinking 10mb was tons of data
That I have got Dr in front of my name and they always seemed like old people. Makes me not want to stay in academia, imagine how old being a professor would make you feel?
Remebering when VCR was meant to kill hollywood
That 80's music isn't old school for me
That almost everyone from secondary school has been married at least once and has kids
That I act like I always hated my parents acting towards kids TV show's
And the biggest one, I have back problems (admitedly not age related)

I've taught many student groups in which no one had heard about Nirvana. Was it really *that* long ago?! Sigh...

Jerry Pendleton:
When you remember that you first saw the Phantom Menace when you were only 8 years old.

Remembering that I was almost that old when I first saw Star Wars in the cinema (no it wasn't called Episode IV: A New Hope then :) )

the ledgend of Zelda: OOT is classed as an old clasic.

strangely the fact that i'm 18 in a few months makes me feel really old too.

I haven't played a PC game since the amiga 500... And I'm not even sure that it counts as a PC.

Plus the though of online gaming scares me...I used to play with my brother...with joysticks.

I miss joysticks, carpel tunnel syndrome is not the same without them


Oh and realizing that '10 years ago' doesn't refer to 1990's anymore~

I don't miss vcr's but yeah, in my mind the 90's was ten years ago, and people below 25 going on about feeling old. I'm not old really...but a quarter of a century is behind me.

Dragging myself off the couch/floor after an all-night bender, groaning and popping like a dying moose made of rice crispies, and hearing the laughing of my friend as she chortles out "Well, look who's not sixteen anymore!"

That sucked.

Old? Bitch please, I'm 16.

But no, really, being the only one in school who played video games since I was 5 and have enjoyed the good games from "the old days". Everyone else just yells loudly about how COD is the best and anything by Nintendo is for kids, I swear to God, kids these days...

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