Anonymous Threatens To Shut Down Internet Next Month

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(Best if read in dull monotone of viseen guy) Wow, anonymous is doing something selfish, childish, and idiotic. I'm so surprised. How could they do this?

Seriously though people, why are you surprised? Anonymous has been throwing bigger and bigger tantrums for like a year now. Personally, I can't wait for the witch hunt, I mean, I've always wanted an excuse to sharpen my pitchfork.

quick everyone! Ping reddit and the escapist now to get their IP addresses, that way we can access the important stuff. it may stop everyone else for a day or two, but we will still be able to watch Zero Punctuation, so who cares?

Well, now I have something to look forward to. I'm interested to see if they can. I've always supported Anonymous, and I still do. And quite frankly, I can live without the internet, especially on a temporary basis. So bring it on and take it down. That's a hell of a statement right there.

Let's see all those "Internet is a human right" people complain when there is NO internet.

I highly doubt they can do this.

Some time last year there was a claim from Anonymous that they were going to bring down Facebook on 5th November and we all saw how sucessful that was [/sarcasm]. I'm willing to bet good money that this won't pan out either.

So....... hows the dark net project coming along, lol.

But the entire internet..... that seems a stretch but I'll wait and see.
If they are successful in their endeavor all the governments of the world are gona bring the frickin hammer down.
I think enough people are informed and those who are not, most would become. That and NA and European government why tried to control the internet entirely (which I'd bet they'd try to do) would see a ton of backlash. Worse than anything we've seen in a long while.

I would get into how this won't work and the issues with trying to hit the 13 DNS servers.

However, I'll just let you read about the last real attack which shut down 9 of 13 servers.

Honestly, I'd actually be tickled if they did it. What better way for the governments to take full control of the internet? All they'd have to do is keep the servers down while claiming that the attack did more damage than was advertised. (And how would Anonymous claim otherwise?) In the meantime, while the root servers are down, it wouldn't be too hard to either add a few steps to the process to help provide tracking information for who goes to what site or have the servers "accidently forget" the links between the DNS name and the IP address for troublesome sites such as Wikileaks. So, when they start bringing the servers up one at a time (to make sure their new steps work), the governments of the world now have both an internet more to their liking and a patsy to bear the brunt of everyone's wrath.

Hell, thinking about it, most people don't even really know how the servers work. It could be claimed that the servers were damaged beyond repair by the cyber-attack but, fortunately, a number of corporations (such as Comcast or AT&T) have volunteered their servers to be the new DNS servers. Most people would be so grateful to have their internet back that they wouldn't even notice an odd loss of net neutrality.

Honestly, this would be kinda funny in a "wow, you just managed to sink your own cause in one stroke" way.

Come to think of it, wouldn't be a bad idea for the government to call itself anonymous and be behind the whole thing for that very reason. Funny thing is that by calling themselves Anonymous they would in fact be Anonymous while doing it.


All right see... this whole thing may not be as helpful as they claim.

If the internet goes down, I'm willing to bet everyone is just going to recall that it's anonymous' fault and blah.

Tiger Sora:
So....... hows the dark net project coming along, lol.

Avoid that like the plague, in my honest opinion. If you ever want a red flag by your name, going on the dark net would be an excellent way to go about it.

More on topic, what is the rationale behind this? Who's it making a point to? The action will only lose support and sympathy for Anon, including any I may have for example. If you want to make a point to bankers, hit a bank and shut them down for a day or even wall street or stock exchange. This proposed action (not that I think it'll happen anyway) will achieve nothing but bad 'tings.

Can't wait to see if they go through with it.

My question is, why wait a month? Why not right the hell now?
Give servers time to bolster their defenses, hire better IT techs? Seems silly.

Hey, anybody remember when they said they were gonna bring facebook down? Yeah that didnt work out, and this won't either

Even assuming what they're claiming is possible (it's highly unlikely; we've had defenses against mass-smurf attacks for over a decade now. Plus, announcing the vulnerabilities of a system in advance kind of defeats the point of exploiting those vulnerabilities), what the fuck does this accomplish?

1) How the hell is silencing their voice (since Anonymous is powerless without the Internet), and the main source of those who agree with them going to help their agenda at all?

2) Shutting down the net would only invoke the wrath of governments and businesses, not merely their fear. So unless Anonymous's ultimate goal is to get *everyone* online squelched and put under government oversight (thus inciting more unrest), this is completely fucking stupid.

Good job with that foresight Anonymous. Surely, you are a force for reason and freedom.

So a good way to protest restrictions on speech is to completely get rid of their speech platform? Also, on my birthday? Screw you guys, Anon kids. I've agreed with some of the shit said under the Anon banner but this is just stupid. I'd actually have to agree with calling them cyberterrorists in this case.

Though that response would be what I'd say if I truly thought they could do it. I don't think they really can.

This title just seems so appropriate to this story.


The Anons are busy with the FTC right now - until something about this pops up on their 'official' twitter or the like I'd hold off taking it as gospel. Thing about Anon is the group structure makes it very easy for someone random to paste whatever they want and claim they're Anon, so everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Plus I can't see a group that decided against bringing down the PSN in protest because they didn't want to hack gamers off, suddenly deciding to hack off half the planet.

tl;dr: As Douglas Adams said: Don't Panic.

I really don't see the point of them doing this. What on Earth will that achieve? It'll only make people hate anonymous more and most likely make the public more sympathetic to draconian laws regarding the internet.

To anonymous I say;


I so hope this works if they even bother to try it. It probably won't but it would be the funniest thing to happen for a long time. It would be pretty bad for the companies that rely on the internet though.
If this works then the DNS people seriously need to rethink their system.

Also if he does do it he's an asshat for screwing with everyone and it is people like him that slow everything down by making us have to use firewalls and other security.

Meh. I'll say it's just one kid who happens to be an idiot that made the threat. Nothing to see here. Move along.

K. To answer some questions. Yes, anon is capable of this. The theory behind it is sound. That said, they have no intention of going through with it, because it is obviously a alphabet agency ploy. The damn thing's so transparent I really have to wonder if the feds are even trying anymore.

Think about it. Black eyes for government agencies, then suddenly the justice departments asks to respond with military force, followed by anon ostensibly claiming they intend to attack quite literally the single thing they've sworn themselves to defend?

I would genuinely hope ya'll aren't this stupid. Anon has no intention of harming the net. They're the good guys in this.

I'd like to say that they are bluffing. But considering what they have done in the past, I wouldn't take this threat lightly. Although then again I remember them saying they'll take down Facebook, but that has yet to happen.

And if they do go through with it, well, I can get by without the internet for a little while. I have my video games and real life to keep me occupied.


Come to think of it, wouldn't be a bad idea for the government to call itself anonymous and be behind the whole thing for that very reason. Funny thing is that by calling themselves Anonymous they would in fact be Anonymous while doing it.


>implying that isn't their exact intent in order to attempt to paint anon as ewil tewwists.

Gettin to be a dangerous time to not agree with the government.

Again. Anon will not attack the net. The entire notion is disgusting. Now, is it possible some enterprising CIA spook will flip the net off switch and attempt to BLAME anon? That part could happen. Real important that ya'll keep in mind that anon are out to keep the net out of the hands of these same assholes.

So... they want to promote and express free speech and thought... by taking away one of the least regulated sources that an individual can go to. I see.

so... when what was it, syria i think, and egypt went through their revolutions and used to internet to their cause, Anon basically wants to take that away.

Yep, and they're the "good guys". This is why id ont support anon.

I would point out that anonymous was the group responsible for TURNING BACK ON the internet that the revolutionaries used after their administrations shut it down.

So, take a bullshit claim made online by someone about some supposed attack, ignore mountain of evidence pointing toward it being a scam, make judgement off the entire group about what they're RUMORED to be POTENTIALLY CONSIDERING attempting sometime NEXT MONTH.

You sure you're safe up there? 'cuse that's a MIGHTY high horse yer on.

wait - can you still get porn without the internet? I'm freaking a little

I hope this happens, just to see what kind of consequences it would have.

for some reason, i can't help but thinking of this as, while someone is threatening you with a gun, you put your own gun to your head and say, "Hah, who's stupider, the guy trying to kill himself, or the guy trying to kill the guy trying to kill himself?"

Weren't they supposed to take down Facebook like 4 months ago?

there legends if they can pull this off

Maybe I don't know Anonymous that well, but seriously, how many times has Anonymous announced that they would do something, only for it to never happen? It seems to me that Anonymous only gets things done whenever they do NOT broadcast their intentions. Otherwise, it's just some idiot blowing hot air that scares other idiots for no good reason.

Tbh, I could use a break from this fast-paced internet drug seizure that is our internet existance. I could give me a chance to go outside and have some real fun with my real friends, not to mention it would send a word up that even if they restrict the internet they couldn't stop Anon.

Long story short, I take days off the net all the time.

there legends if they can pull this off

Legendary idiots, given their alleged reasons for doing it.


But the sheer manpower and computing power that would be needed to DDOS the -entire- internet, Yeah no.

I could see cutting access off to a small country, -maybe,- but what they're boasting, to shut down the -entire- internet, is unbelievable, and I've seen Anon pull some crazy sheet.

Did you.. did you read the OP? I wish people would more often. If you entered google's IP you could still access it.

Given that, 12 years ago, my employer (a local webhosting company) was frequently DOS'd by Slashdot since one of our "customers" (a friend of the CEO's) had a site that was fairly popular on Slashdot hosted on our servers. Needless to say, we weren't rich and couldn't handle the crossover traffic.
Like fucking clockwork, every morning around 10am when that bastard posted something on his site (we call them blogs now kiddies) we'd lose internet for about an hour, call up Bellsouth and have them adjust something (not my end of the deal so I never learned what they adjusted) and wait til 12pm to start working again. Needless to say I'm glad we drank beer at 11:30am at that job, I needed it.

EDIT: Oh, right... OT: So 12 years later DDOS is still fucking relevant? People can STILL get away with this shit? Back when I was in high school a DDOS attack could be carried out by AOL kiddies, so what makes Anon so gifted?

Without the intenet, anon. wouldn't have a place to commit crime.

What a silly threat. If they wanted to take down the internet, they would've already done it.

I'd want to see it happen, just to see if it were possible. And of course, to see how the media would react.

It would also be fun to see how kids who are glued to facebook and their cellphones handle the internet being down. They might have to actually go outside and *gulp* socialize in person!

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