Anonymous Threatens To Shut Down Internet Next Month

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I would honestly be intrested to see this.

Personally, I would like to see what would happen if they pull it off. Some women just want to watch the world burn.

No internet?

I can live, been playing offline games on steam anyway

*steam must be online in order to go into offline mode*


*don't care*

I have the IP addresses to my favourite websites stored locally...

So let me get this straight. They are going to "turn off" the internet to show everyone what exactly? If they turn it off, no one who doesn't already know about it (and lets face it, that would be 95% off internet users) will know why. And then blame the govenment for not stopping this and then allowing rediculous laws to limit free speech and internet neutrality.

I see a flaw in the plan guys.

Yeah you do that anon, it won't make the internet look like a crazy bunch of delinquents who rebel against any form of order and law and desperately need to be controlled. In fact, I know that you can do it, just like when you took down face book that one- oh wait no you didn't....I mean like that one time you took down fox news when they- oh wait no you didn' that one time you took out the mexican drug cartel and...oh wait no you didn't...what about that time you took down SOPA and...oh wait, we did that, we didn't need your help at all you fucking glory hounds. Yeah anon you can take down average web pages but frankly when it comes to hardened stuff you're all bark and no bite...fucking morons.

Also, Anon constantly compare themselves to V from V for Vendetta...they do know that in the original comic V is supposed to be a morally ambiguous thug whose actions end up causing a chaotic and bloody civil war in the world's last stable country with no end or peace in sight, they do know that right?

P.S. People comparing modern USA to Nazi Germany? GODWIN'S LAW! YOUR POINT IS INVALID!


The media would just pull out "DEM CRAZY CYBER TERRORISTS" card, no one would know their true intentions and it might even sway people towards SOPA/PIPA etc.

In what way would they be wrong to do so?

If Anon really did this, they'd prove their opponents correct about as well as they could do. Governmental restrictions on the internet sound a lot fairer than no internet whatsoever.

Agreed, if my choices are no internet, or I have to sign on using my SSN or some other personal code, then by all means bring on the codes, hell if I had the choice between dealing with these hackers and some increased internet security I would be all for it.

The thing I think very commonly happens with these so called "press releases" from anon claiming big things (The claim they'd take facebook down, etc etc) is it's probably just some random.

There is no "official" anon press releases. Or "official" leaders, or plans, or anything in that regard. It's most likely that one particularly delusional idiot ( or someone wanting to create a smear campaign ) is saying this.

Again it's this whole "Anonymous isn't actually a group" thing. It makes statements like "Anonymous will do blah" completely pointless.

I'm gonna attempt to call this now as some politician using the mask of Anon to try and scare SOPA back to life.

I don't believe Anon is so stupid as to believe they can take down the entire internet after they've revealed their plan.

Anon is not a Bond villain.

Does Peter Monolyx work for Anon?

They would need a lot of people to pull that off. The moment they started organising that the FBI, MI6 and so on would be all over it. These guys really aren't that smart if all they can do is momentarily take down servers, we have no need to worry.

'Nother point I've thought of. Don't even need DNS for gaming, just open up the console and whack in the IP. Server browser is unnecessary most days anyway, I already know what servers I play on.

I call shenanagins! (if thats how you spell shanangins) added that so I wouldnt get the low content thing

Open season.
Go for it.
I don't normally doubt the extent of what they can do, but this..
Pulling it out of their ass, they are.

I hope they do.. imagine it...

Rioting in the streets... Government's scrambling to find out what happened...

It's beautiful...

Some men, just want to watch the world burn..

I just realized, I have more important things I care about in life than the internet.

Not like this is actually possible anyway.

As much as I love the internet, I hope they can pull it off and it lasts for a week or two at least. Imagine the epic facebook/twitter BS, business/low level gov't sent for a loop, students shouting "my term paper is due next week and no internet! AHHHH"....mmm smells like victory.

Seems unlikely and counterproductive, though I am sure that has already been said about this a million times. Also, to make this at all effective they would need to find a way to frame it as "This is what would happen if SOPA/PIPA goes into effect." and it doesn't sound like they are planning to do so.

Having said that, I already get errors when trying to access Google. I suspect it is a virus, but what if it is in fact anonymous doing preemptive tests on my computer! *gasp* The horror! Panic! Irrationality! Randomness! Multiple three character phrases! Exclamation points!

You know what?

Glhf I say, and a pre-emptive GG when they either balls it up catastrophically or their efforts end up backfiring to the point that their shot ends up taking out their entire lower half rather than just shooting themselves in the foot.


Oh my. Anonymous may be going too far this time.

The hactivist group is now threatening to shut down the internet to protest "SOPA, Wallstreet, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of sheer sadistic fun." If the threat is indeed real, the world's entire population will suffer Internet withdrawal on March 31 as a result of the group's crusade.

So how does Anonymous plan to take down the Internet? By hitting the 13 root DNS servers. Thus, the HTTP internet will be disabled because no one will be able to perform a domain name lookup. "Anybody entering '' or ANY other url, will get an error page, thus, they will think the Internet is down, which is, close enough," the group writes.

Anonymous claims this will only be a protest, and is not designed to "kill" the internet. Instead, Anonymous is temporarily shutting the Internet down "where it hurts the most."

"The principle is simple," Anonymous writes, explaining how the attack on the 13 DNS servers will be carried out. "A flaw that uses forged UDP packets is to be used to trigger a rush of DNS queries all redirected and reflected to those 13 IPs. The flaw is as follow; since the UDP protocol allows it, we can change the source IP of the sender to our target, thus spoofing the source of the DNS query."

Anonymous didn't state how long the Internet would be unavailable, only that it could last mere hours, or extend out for days. "No matter what, it will be global," the group concludes. "It will be known."

Oh yay. Thanks for that.

Stop the presses!

If they ever pulled this off it would be catastrophically bad and stupid. The media would just pull out "DEM CRAZY CYBER TERRORISTS" card, no one would know their true intentions and it might even sway people towards SOPA/PIPA etc.

The title should instead read: "Someone claiming to represent Anonymous makes empty threats in mother's basement."

Seriously, when will people realize that the whole point of Anonymous is that ANYBODY can say that they're in it because IT IS THE OPPOSITE OF ORGANIZED. So absolutely any dude with a working keyboard can release a "threat" and the idiot news organizations will eat it up like a turkey dinner.

And NO, it's not any more legitimate if it's in a youtube video with a text-to-talk system in it. Get a hold of yourselves people.

...Can they do that?

Theoretically, yes. Practically, no.

I love their whole Guy Fawkes thing if they'd actually read their history, they'd know 1.) Guy Fawkes wasn't even the main conspirator behind the Gunpowder Plot (That would be Robert Catesby) he just somehow got all the publicity because he was the one who screwed up and got himself caught and 2.) That same plot was set in motion by people who wanted to force their Catholic views on the mainly Protestant population. It had nothing to do with freedom.

yeah! go anonymous! i know the government will call them out as cyber terrorist hooligans, but who are people gonna trust? the corrupt government? or an activist group who stopped millions of dumb teenage girls from their precious tweeting?

if anything, we should be greatfull that they do it. if it's on a weekend, imagine how many kids will be forced to go outside and play, or read a book, or do their homework.
And imagine all the greedy, and surely misinformed and technologically impaired, wall street pigs who will go broke when they think the stock market is crashing instead and they begin to pull all their shit out.

i'm gonna mark my calender for sure. i'll buy some fireworks, get some guy fawkes masks, play the Tchaikovsky Overture 1812....gonna have a blast

If they did that, then that would mean Jobe > Skynet.

...Can they do that?

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is theoretically possible, but would require a lot of worldwide manpower and some people to do some physical stuff, but, yeah, the internet can be shut down for a few hours. It will start coming back up again right away, but it is possible to take it down without a DDOS. There are weaknesses in IP and DNS that have never really been exploited because most people lack the manpower required to exploit them.


If they ever pulled this off it would be catastrophically bad and stupid. The media would just pull out "DEM CRAZY CYBER TERRORISTS" card, no one would know their true intentions and it might even sway people towards SOPA/PIPA etc.

I agree but I haven't liked anonymous for a while now.

Anonymous has appointed itself a judge over what it thinks is fair, whatever it doesn't like it shuts down. They have become fascists, their message is so muddled, it doesn't even matter if what they take down is good or bad, only that it has upset them. They don't give a fuck about free speech, oddly the thing that they act like they are trying to protect. Hackers don't create anything, they don't give a good reason as to why you are wrong, they throw viruses at you and post pics of porn, all they do is destroy.

Anonymous has done good things and maybe in the future they'll do some more but it doesn't change the fact that the organisation is broken, accepting anyone who wants to join, regardless of intent or merit. I have personally had the displeasure of dealing with a couple of people who claimed to be members, they were completely irrational, their statements made no sense and they were forever trapped in circular reasoning, they were good because we were bad and it was as simply as that. It worries me that morons of this caliber belong to such a wide reaching organization and it'll only grow worse as the impressionable simply fall in line without a second thought.

They have no cause, they are just hackers who will attack anyone they disagree with regardless of merit. This sort of statement is only going to make things worse.

I know next to nothing about coding and how the internet works on a programming level, but unless they cut the cables that run between continents, there's no way to actually completely shut down the internet. Unless they mean some kind of supervirus/worm, the cure which would be me not touching my computer for a couple weeks while I watch the news for the world freaking out that their computers have all been possessed.

Even if they could do it, which is very very very doubtful, they wouldn't. If you have the technical knowledge to shut down the internet then you're, without a doubt, the kind of person who's going to kill themself if they're left without internet for more than twelve seconds.

I know next to nothing about coding and how the internet works on a programming level, but unless they cut the cables that run between continents, there's no way to actually completely shut down the internet. Unless they mean some kind of supervirus/worm, the cure which would be me not touching my computer for a couple weeks while I watch the news for the world freaking out that their computers have all been possessed.

I love comments like this - "I know NOTHING about this technical subject, but there's NO WAY they could do what they're saying they can!"

Makes me chuckle :)
Here's a random analogy:
"There's this guy who says you can turn soggy clay into hard bricks! Now, I know nothing about firing clay, but unless there's some way to transmute the clay element from a liquid to a solid, it'd take years for the clay to evaporate from a brick-shaped lump!"
Fun game: see how many things are wrong in the above sentence!

OT, This just in! World-wide press in panic after anonymous tip-off that a mysterious group of computer experts is planning on taking down the internet! Politicians around the world condemn this action-that-hasn't-happened-yet-and-probably-won't, and promise a new round of internet control and censorship laws to "protect the citizens of the internet from these insatiable terrorists who would strike at the foundations of our freedom".

No terrorist group has stepped forward to accept responsibility for the apparent threat, and no-one connected with the reported tip-off could be found for comment, leaving all of us here in the studio wondering, "Where the fuck did any of this come from?!". With no source, no group and no action, there doesn't actually appear to be a fire behind all of this smoke...

They couldn't even take down Fox news after saying and posting they were going to attack it for making fun of all the occupy protests. They couldn't take one website but they think they are gonna get the whole internet, that's kinda dreaming there.

Gonna be totally honest here. I would love to see this happen just to see if they could actually pull it off.

And unsurprisingly they turn out to be complete hypocrites by claiming their attacks are in the name of internet freedom. F*ck Anonymous.

Since I personally wouldn't be too disadvantaged by losing the internet (doesn't affect watching movies, reading, playing videogames, my internet at home is sporadic and patchy at best anyway) I'd quite like to see this. Firstly I want to know if it's possible, because then it gives Hollywood (and me) plotlines to use for generation, and also to see what would happen.

Would world trade really collapse overnight? Plunging the entire world into a Depression which leads to a Mad Max post-apocalyptic wasteland? Would shops be unable to sell goods because their registers now have to network? Would people be unable to take money out of banks or would they make it so it was direct withdrawals for a day, and if they did that would the banks have enough money to go around?

If the internet went down and everyone immediately rushed to take out all their money because the end times had come, what would happen? Especially if they were then unable to spend that money, rendering it as little more than paper mulch?

The possibilities are endless.

Good Gravy. Are these guys trying to be Bond Villains or something? I mean, seriously, they've basically outlined their entire plan there, that's textbook stuff! When you outline your plans in specific details, you're giving everyone the means to stop them!

There's a reason Al-Qaeda don't go around saying "we are going to plant a bomb at this location, on this date".

Anonymous, you are not good terrorists.

(That is to say, they're not good at being terrorists. As opposed to saying, they're terrorists how aren't good people, because that's kinda redundant.)

Wait. If they DDOS the internet, and it goes down, how do they continue with the DDOS? Might be a derpy question. I mean if everyone gets an error wouldn't it cause problems for the DDOS program?

Also the amount of power and bandwith to pull something like this off must be staggering, I am going to say it's a safe bet it fails and if it works? Well maybe we can catch a few more of the bastards.

Good Gravy. Are these guys trying to be Bond Villains or something?

"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No Mr Anon I expect you to fail, you posted everything we need to know on your website."

They're stupid, they explain there plan in full and they always get thwarted, so...

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