What did you think of Inception?
A bad movie.
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A mediocre movie, nothing special.
10.9% (16)
10.9% (16)
Slightly complex, and very enjoyable.
51% (75)
51% (75)
Complexity for the sake of complexity, I hate it.
2% (3)
2% (3)
The most pretentious thing ever made.
2% (3)
2% (3)
In my top 10.
25.9% (38)
25.9% (38)
I don't care/haven't seen it.
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6.8% (10)
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Poll: Opinions on Inception

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So I saw inception some time ago, and now I'm kicking myself for missing it in theaters. It's in my top 10 easily.

But this whole public perception of Inception really fascinates me. A lot of people seem to hate it for apparently being complex to seem intelligent while it's not.

I personally don't understand that, I thought It was an amazing and unique film that is not overly complex, but simply needs you to pay attention and figure some things out.

What is your opinion?

What a coincidence, seeing as I was about to make my own Inception thread...
Edit: And never mind Nolan apparently already said he believed that Cobb actually made it back to his kids.

OP: Yeah, I thought it was great. But like all fantasy movies, it requires the viewer to accept some things as fact, even though it's unexplained until later. For instance, Mal's presence in the first dream. This can make it seem deliberately complicated when really it's just a common tool in the fantasy/scifi genre. While this works for people who are used to watching movies like Dune, that kind of story telling doesn't work for everyone.

I enjoyed it.
Sure, the plot was a bit convoluted at times but if you paid attention it was fine.
I don't think it's the intellectual powerhouse some people think it was but as far as films go it was clever, well-executed and had a great cast.

I love Marion Cotillard. If I were a lesbian I'd marry her, actually, given the opportunity I'd probably marry her anyway. I've had a crush on her since A Very Long Engagement, as Tina Lombardi.

It's not as complex as some people make it out to be, but I enjoyed it. I think some of the hype might have ruined it for me, though.

I also don't understand people that analyze every scene for a shred of evidence that it was all a dream. Because if it was all a dream the whole film would be rendered meaningless. I myself always believed the ending was real and he did get back to his real children. And that the cut before the top falls is a gimmick, to make people debate over something that's actually clear.

I found it very enjoyable. To be quite honest, I don't understand why people keep saying it's complex. I am a person of average intelligence and this movie was easy to fully follow and understand as long as you payed attention.

I also don't understand people that analyze every scene for a shred of evidence that it was all a dream. Because if it was all a dream the whole film would be rendered meaningless. I myself always believed the ending was real and he did get back to his real children. And that the cut before the top falls is a gimmick, to make people debate over something that's actually clear.

The final scene was to give you the idea that it may all be a lie, inserting an idea into the audience's brain (inception) using a token that has no meaning whatsoever (Tokens tell you whether you're in someone else's dream, not whether you're in your own dream/limbo. So even if it fell, it wouldn't mean anything) and there are quite a bit of evidence to support both sides.

The point however isn't whether it's real or fake, but that it has stopped mattering to the main character. He was always busy between dreams and reality, constantly checking whether he's in someone's dream or not, but all of that stopped mattering to him the moment he was reunited with his kids.

I also don't understand people that analyze every scene for a shred of evidence that it was all a dream. Because if it was all a dream the whole film would be rendered meaningless. I myself always believed the ending was real and he did get back to his real children. And that the cut before the top falls is a gimmick, to make people debate over something that's actually clear.

No no, I don't believe the whole thing was a dream...

It's a good movie but overrated. I think dumb people tend to think anything remotely confusing is deep and mysterious.

It got a bit confusing at the end. I was about to bust out a piece of paper and start writing shit down because I had foolishly allowed my mind to wander for 2 minutes earlier in the movie and had thus lost the plot somewhat.

Anyway, it was quite good. Enjoyable. DiCaprio confirmed once again that he is a mediocre actor.

I thought it was alright. Sure it can be confusing but when you watch it the second time, it will make sense since you would be paying more attention to it. The whole being inside a person mind is pretty cool.

I thought Inception was awesome. The story might not of been 100% original (See various internet sites for why) but it was certainly original since it's never been seen in film before and the visuals...you are a liar if you say you was not impressed.

I thought it was excellent.

Yeah, it was complex, but really, as long as you pay attention to the rules laid out in the first half, then everything follows (minus ONE glaring plothole).

It's in my top 10. But no way in hell can it top #1 (the first Pirates of the Caribbean)

It's a very good movie. I enjoyed it. It's not that complex though, and the thing that bugs me the most about it, is that why did they make it a half- generic action movie, when the whole sleep intrusion context gave room to play with for everything between now and forever...

I thought it was alright.

Personally, my biggest gripe came from what I thought was wasted potential. You have a movie where 90% of the screentime takes place in dreams. I was hoping that Nolan would use that to get all sorts of weird dream imagery going, with lots symbolism and maybe some Freudian/Jungian shout outs. After all, try and remember some of your dreams and how fucking weird they are.

Instead, we got a bunch of completely normal environments, some typical action set-pieces, and only a few instances of anything actually dreamlike happening at all. The fact that the final dream layer before the "infinite, raw unconsciousness" was a military arctic base that could have been ripped straight out of Modern Warfare left me feeling really disappointed. No talking carrots, no

I also thought part of the premise was incredibly flaky. The idea that time slows down the further you go into your subconscious is cool, until you remember that what we percieve as time, or lack thereof, in dreams is all an illusion, brought about by our brains disengaging our short term/long term memory banks while we sleep. In short, if Cobb had really spent a lifetime in Limbo with his wife, his brain would have been running so hot from trying to process a lifetime's worth of experiences in a matter of hours that it would have ended up melting and dribbling out of his nose.

Also, the script (or at least, DiCaprio's lines) was almost nothing but exposition. Nolan has never been all that stellar at dialogue, but Inception was particularly bad in that regard. I know the idea of "Show, don't tell" is an oft-repeated mantra when it comes to storytelling, but in Inception's case, it would have really benefited from having less Leo earnestly explain in great detail all the relevant information about what's going to happen in the next twenty minutes.

Good film overall. But it didn't come anywhere close to utilising its potential.

I haven't actually seen inception. I thought I had it on DVD, but I might have just dreamt that.

Apparently I'm the only one who hasn't seen it, so far anyway, but from what I've heard it's not bad, but unless you keep up with the story line it's not great either.

I thought it was enjoyable. It wasn't a movie I'd put in my top ten, but it still was very well made.

I thought it was a great film. Not an amazing film, but it was most enjoyable. Sure, it kind of reeked of the "complex for the sake of complexity" thing, but I thought it was very creative.

And you've got to appreciate anything with a bit of quality nowadays, considering the amount of garbage that gets produced every year. In a way, good films are like the Krogan; treasure them, because they are pretty damn rare, and the rubbish movies are those who did not survive the Genophage. I suppose Nolan would be a fertile female in this analogy...

Yeah, I just played the ME3 demo, I'm still in that line of thought. Sorry about that.


and not all that confusing..well the first 15 minutes or so yeah (also giving important plot info to a guy with an incomprhensible accent..not a good Idea)

I really enjoyed it. I don't get how some people thought it was confusing[1] but the acting was good. The premise and the story sold it for me and the music? Hans Zimmer is the man! Trick cinematography was cool too and some good action sequences to boot. Dreaming has always been important to me though as some of you well know.

Two thumbs up from me.

[1] Although one of my RL friends admitted to falling asleep watching it with his brother during the summer, waking up half way through and not being able to figure out what the hell was going on.


Where oh where was the complexity? There was none at all, it is a pretty straight forward film.

There is one huge thing that either I don't get or is a huge fuck up.

So they are falling backwards off a bridge, the guy in the next level of inception is floating around a hotel with a cart, the guys in the next levels of inception are walking round in "normal gravity" ... WHY?

Apart from that point I would say the film is pretty meh, a few nice special effects like the whole street rising up over there heads but over all I just "yeah, that was an ok use of my time". It wasn't a "OMG, THAT FILM IS THE SHIT!" as much as it wasn't "OMG, THAT FILM IS SHIT!" ... just kind of like mash, not a bad snack but it's not great!

Edit, I am really sick of this meme part phrase thing that the movie gave birth to "X-ception", it's a message in a message = it's "messageception" ... no, it's not!

I really liked it, and I must echo those people expressing mystification at anyone talking about how complex it was. I thought it made perfect sense.

I enjoyed it, although I believe it was vastly overrated.

I had many people coming up to me saying it was the greatest thing to happen in history, and when I watched it it left me a bit underwhelmed. I guess I can attribute that to others hyping it up too much, but meh.

Not a bad film, but nothing special.

I enjoyed it immensely. The idea of a dream within a dream wasn't complex at all really. Me and my friend were kinda scoffing at people saying it was too complicated or the like when we were talking about it a week or so later.

I mean really, the idea of recursion is nothing new to me. I don't get hopelessly lost when I have to write a recursive function so why should a tiny bit of dream recursion bother me?

Oh and about the ending, seemed too good to be true to me. Despite it being kinda depressing, I like to think that he never made it out of the dream when he saw his kids there. It finally lured him in for good in the end, he gave up on reality.

It was a pretty good movie. Not the best movie ever by any means, but it was fun to watch.

Captcha: molasses ainstyp

I haven't actually seen inception. I thought I had it on DVD, but I might have just dreamt that.

I dream that I have stuff all the time and it's stuff I wouldn't want like a dirt bike with a leaky tank, and really shit video games.

OT: I liked it. I didn't think it was that complex but one thing that baffled me was Di Caprio's totem at the end, was he dreaming?

In my Top 10: fucking love it, fucking love Christopher Nolan, fucking love Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Paige and the Indian guy and Ken Watanabe and all of it.

It's complex, it's not complicated (people always say the former when they mean the latter). It's also methodical and precise, so if you're paying attention you really shouldn't have an issue with not understanding it.

People get way too hung up on the dream within a dream thing with all the complexity and stuffs.

I just think it's a really rad heist movie with a great cast.

Edit: There's no polling option for "It's not that complex, just pay attention dirtbags, great movie"

I didnt like the movie, but thats more for personal reasons.

one being I dont particularly care for when a movie pushes in your face that DiCaprio is in a movie and that should be a major selling point. He's a good actor, but hes gotten way too much credit for being in titanic. and two being I worked in a theatre when the trailers started ramping up and when it came out so I had to hear all the hype and answer all the questions of people when i didnt care about the movie in the first place, or then agree with people that this would be the greatest movie ever because if I said anything that contridicted that point I'd have to hear my manager tell me about how the customer is right and to just agree cause we cant afford to lose their business.

sot hey were petty reasons. I'll admit, the movie looked good and from what i understand was good, but i didnt care for it. But thats just my opinion about my views.

Enjoyable and Not That Hard To Follow?
You are missing options here.

I find it silly that people cannot follow the plot. Not trying to sound rude or anything, but seriously it just hurts my brain when someone says they don't understand it. "Haha I dont know whats going on! Joseph Gorden Levitt and Leo are hot! LOLOLOL"



*wipes blood from forehead*


I quite liked it. Was kind of complex (if you did not pay attention through the majority of it, I imagine it would be quite easy to get lost), but not nearly as complex as some other movies I have seen. I really don't get where people get the "oh, it was so complex! I couldn't figure it out!" when it was more straight forward than like half of Christopher Nolan's other movies, including at least one of the Batman ones. I suppose if you are not used to that type of stuff (or paying attention during movies in general), it might be over your head, but it was not for me. /hugeboner

I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's one of the few "science fiction" movies to actually posit and use a concept rather than just throwing lasers and monsters around.

It's also highly focused, once it gets going. The dream-inducing machines are barely touched upon, the corporate politics that set up the adventure are mentioned and forgotten, and everything concentrates on the central mission of giving someone an idea, and in such a way that they think they had it on their own.

Ultimately, it's not all that complicated a movie, it just uses a couple of ideas we're not accustomed to seeing and uses them quickly and aggressively.

My guess is that people who find it complex weren't really paying attention to what was going on, or aren't really used to science fiction. I loved it when I saw it, which was probably improved because somehow, I had heard absolutely nothing about it before I saw it - just went with the family to the theatres, decided to see it, and it was awesome.

I don't know if it's on my top 10, but it's going to be around there, because it's a good film that puts together a lot of things I like in a film - heists, interesting science fiction concepts, good scoring, diverse ensemble, good cinematography, etc.

It would have been better with more concrete explanation behind it.

How does someone dream jump and go into these metaphysical worlds through an IV exactly? It was too bullshitty for me. Also, the only way the mind could defend itself is to send out armed guards?

And no. I understood it. It was still bullshit. Just a pseudo-intellectual film with fight scenes in it for the Matrix generation. I wouldn't have been too turned off by it, but they tried to wrap a genuine explanation around one of the most far-fetched concepts I have ever seen.

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