Will there be an Atheist, Female, or Homosexual President in our lifetime?

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Maybe female. I'd love for atheist presidents to become the norm (and I am not an atheist), but I think the reality is that it will not happen. (Homosexual I would not mind either, but I don't think there would be a measurable improvement over heterosexual, vs. atheist I think WOULD be a measurable improvement). There is so much money in the country that there is really no incentive for stupid people to evolve, which is why the factors that are preventing atheists and homosexuals from even getting enough votes to start running simply will not disappear.

I'd love to be wrong.

As for homosexual prime minister, i dont know, its not that i couldn't see people getting behind one, its just most that i have met have little to no interest in politics (in a serious enough of a degree for even local elections)

must... RESIST!!

OT: I believe the order will be woman, homosexual, atheist because the woman are almost there already and damn if the republicans don't fear atheism above all else. whether or not I will see these things in my life time I expect to see a woman president but I doubt I'll see a homosexual or atheist president.

What about an Islamic first lady? I'd like to see a first lady wearing a hijab or burqa or whatever. That'd be cool.

Female president seems to be the most likely. Atheist is unlikely to happen any time soon, what with the in god we trust and all that. Homosexual seems like it'd be the least likely to happen. I imagine there would be an uproar over the first lady having to be the first man or something similarly stupid.

I wanna see a midget president.

Atheist president? Never just look at America's current election process. The thing they talk most about after the presidents stance on the issues is what religion they are supposedly part of. We might have a closet atheist for a president likely already have but never an openly atheist one.

Homosexual probably within a few decades (within the half century, perhaps). Can't speak for if it'll be one of those "I'm gay and proud of it" sort of things that's very public in the election, if it'll come up but go unnoticed (hey, maybe times will change that much), or if it just won't come up/the president won't come out about it.

Atheist, dunno. Maybe a similar timeframe, as atheism is growing in the States, and is now a significant minority. Agnostic may be more likely, since the term "atheist" has been given negative connotations by the religious right.

Woman president, I see no reason why that couldn't happen in 2016. I don't think the country in general would have a problem electing a woman to the office of president. Though frankly if they do (on the basis of "she's a woman") they should lose their right to vote.

I'd be curious to see how long it takes before we get a Muslim president, personally. Or a Native American--that would certainly be a biggie. I don't know that we'll ever have a Muslim president, just because the political/social climate will probably stay about as it is for a long time and there will be a general stigma against it. Native American, I think it's just a matter of finding one to run--there aren't a whole lot of Native Americans in politics, much less in the executive branch--but I don't think there would be any problems with people not wanting to vote for them.

Considering how close Hillary was to being where Obama is now, I see nothing to indicate a female president is far fetched.

Hillary's probably gonna run in 2016, so maybe even as soon as then for women,.

female president is the most likely out of the three.

as for the other 2 unlikely.

better question to ask would be do you think there will be an atheist or homosexual republican candidate in the next ooh say....a thousand years?

ill put a hundred bucks on no.

but lets face facts no democrat or republican could win if they admitted to either in the current state of America.

Well since homosexuals account for - is it 8%? - of the population, it's likely to happen sometime in the century.

Women; most certainly.

Atheists; most certainly.

Devil's Due:

Well you're clearly American (duh...)

But I am from Finland and our current President is Female (she's stepping down in a week or so). And we just had our elections here, were one of the candidates was (well he still is) homosexual. He got to the last round but there he pretty much got his ass whopped. So in this country I doubt we are too far away but the "problem" here is that there are pretty few openly homosexuals and even fever at the top of the political system, so I'd say unless he tries again it will be a long time before we have a homosexual president here in Finland.

I believe the nation is ready for a woman president. Whether or not one gets on the ballet is another issue entirely I think the nation is ready to elect one if it comes up. I think we are probably ready to elect an atheist but it would require avoiding the issue of religion as there are many conservative voters who would not vote for an atheist. A Democrat who was an atheists would have better luck but I'm kind of iffy on if he or she would get elected. We definitely would not elect a homosexual. The nation is still too divided on that issue sadly. There is still too much controversy and it still makes too many people uncomfortable. Maybe in another decade or two.

1) A female president
Probably by 2030
2) An Atheist president
This being the US, no way before 2050.
3) A homosexual president
Probably by 2050?

Hell, maybe you guys will get a lesbian president in like 15 years. But having been to the US and knowing about the voting choices and social norms of many of the states, it's very unlikely you guys will have an atheist president any time soon.
Thinking about it more, having a completely homosexual president probably won't happen for a long time. I think it's more likely that you guys will get a bi president providing they believe in the jesus.

You guys need to be more like Australia. We have a female leader, and nobody gives a shit about her sexual orientation or what she believes in because we're too busy calling her a c*** for imposing more taxes.
She is atheist, actually, IIRC. She also wasn't born in this country.
...Yeah, aussies don't give much a shit.

Female? Seems entirely possible.

Atheist? Somewhat unlikely, considering how big the religious right and how much political clout it has in the US. It's still a possibility, however - pending some sort of weird social shift that would make atheism tolerable in the eyes of the most zealous of all religious zealots. Again - fairly unlikely.

Homosexual? I could be wrong, but it seems plainly impossible. We'd all like to think we live in a progressive society where we don't judge the political efficiency of a man based on his sexual preferences but, again, the religious right has a pretty big say, here. If anyone influential decides to get the "Homosexuality is Unchristian and/or Unamerican!" bandwagon going, that potential candidate is going to have to do a lot of work to win the hearts and minds of a good share of the American electorate.

The OP should ask that question again on the off chance that we somehow undergo some sort of intellectual awakening as a species and realize that our boundaries of social gender, sexuality and religion are absolutely artificial and completely useless.

I'd cross my fingers and hope the Vulcans drop down soon enough. Otherwise, I don't see that happening.

Yes, I'm a cynic.

Athiest: Yes.
Female: Possibly yes.
Homosexual: Probably not.

It wouldn't surprise me if we've already had an atheist or homosexual president.

I didn't take the time to read all four pages so far but it's possible we've had both a homosexual president and an atheist president before (historically debated). Haven't had a female president yet, but I think right now America's finally at the point where we'd accept one, or we're very close to that point.

One thing that makes it difficult to tell whether we've actually had an atheist or homosexual president in the past (or will have one in the future) is that even a candidate which may internally be one or the other will deny it in the public sphere because they don't want to torpedo their own political campaign.

As for whether we'll be having an openly gay or atheist president anytime soon... I doubt it. Religion is still very much a part of most people's upbringings in America and a major part of how they think and how they vote. Not as much as it was in the past, but still much more so than most European nations. As long as that's the case, gay/atheist presidents don't have much of a chance.

Still, progress often happens much faster than we anticipate, so... I'd like to think we'll have fully embraced such things by around 40-50 years from now.

I would say that a female president is the most likely. Gays have got it pretty bad in the US and Atheists have it even worse, being literally the most hated and distrusted minority in the US, so an atheist president would so not happen soon.

My money's that there'll be a president that's all 3. Unfortunately it's most likely to happen in France.

Personally I think there HAVE been both Atheist and Homosexual presidents, just not ones that were open.

Since G. Bush junior became a president everything is possible in my opinion.
Female president has the biggest chances. Atheist the smallest.

Well, on my own observations and within my own vision... Seeing as the large of the North-American people see abortion (of all things) as it's MAIN ISSUE of its nation today, regardless of the falling economy and other actual serious issues prevalent today...

It's going to take a while. A LOOOONG while.

The mormon president will probably win, and deny women their basic rights over their bodies. Because some people see it as wrong and would rather have the choice of abortion gone entirely, rather than giving the freedom to the people in question to decide for themselves.
This is where I make a tastless joke of how 'The land of the free' is all but an ironic perjury.

I don't live in America and I only gain my knowledge on the situation from the news (which have a tendency to lie, or overshoot the truth) so I could be wrong on the situation. Still, it's how I see things based on my knowledge.

"Muslim President - It's either going to be within the next 50, or over 150; depending on how much ultra-Conservative bullshit my generation and Gen X can buck."


you will see a woman, a gay man, a donkey and a fucking toaster be president of the USA before you see an atheist.

A female president, then an Atheist president, possibly and independent president within the next 50 years. A homosexual president is too much of a hot topic right now for me to see it at all, then again I'm sure many were equally as shocked when a black president took office.

atheist, probably not, unless the election dynamic changes, so it's... you know... more about propper politics...
homosexual, never. be nice, but not, it's not going to happen in our lifetime.
female: hm... in our lifetime? quite possibly. there's really nothing for the... whatever dark shady secret society you like to think is running things to fear. we've seen a few female leaders in recent yimes, and we've learnt swiftly how wrong all those people who talked about how the world will be so much better when women take over were. like our primeminister julia gilard.
politicians aren't corrupt, untrustworthy dicks because they're all men, politicians are corrupt untrustworthy dicks because they're politicians.
so yeah, female president won't change anything if it does happen.

As long as they are right wing and belligerent enough I can see anyone winning presidency, provided they are not atheist.

As mentioned, Australia has a female atheist PM at the moment. She's also unmarried and doesn't have kids, which is something else very unusual, conventional family is generally seen as important and all. And she only replaced Rudd.

Now, it took 8 years of Bush before people could take Obama seriously, and there was a massive amount of racism against him (though, as mentioned, this also worked in his favour). Unfortunately, these things matter, the skin colour of your President isn't the non-issue people pretending to live in a post-racial society say it is.

Anyhoo, I predict that a female polyamorous gay black disabled atheist homosexual could be voted in as PotUS in 4 years. If Santorum gets in.

While I think a woman may become president in my lifetime (hopefully 60 years). There'd have to be one hell of a change in the USA to elect an Atheist president.

I don't have it to hand, but a survey of Americans asking them to rate people high to low in terms of "trustworthiness" placed Atheists second to last just above Rapists... Yeah. Screw those people.


Devil's Due:

People from the United States of America always seem to think the word "President" only applies to there own leader.

Will there be an Atheist, Female, or Homosexual President in our lifetime?

Yes to a female, for sure. In fact, there already has been, in several Nations around the World. My own country, The Republic of Ireland, has already had two female Presidents.

That's a tad misleading. Yes we have had two female presidents, our president being comparable to the queen in that she is symbolic of the state. We have not had two female leaders of the country, in fact we have never had any protestant leader of the country.

Well, the U.S. is supposed to be built on Christian ideals. That likely rules out atheists for a good long while. Not to criticize it too much, but I don't know how they (officially) take homosexuals. I know not everyone dislikes them as a rule, but sometimes I get that feeling.

yea....I agree with the general consensus.
Female is entirely possible...Give it 5-15 years.
Atheist is also possible, but they'd need flawless results, understanding, communication and logic....
Homosexual? I'm not particularly homophobic...but I reckon it'll never happen. Not it my lifetime anyway.

Hasn't there already been an atheist president? I'm pretty sure I read that some of the founding fathers had atheistic beliefs. Or at the very least one who just claimed to be religious as a PR move?

As for a homosexual president? I'm not sure given we'll see one in awhile, mind you I though the same thing about a black president so maybe the general american public is more open minded that I give them credit for.


Female one in the next 10-15 years
Atheist in the next 50-60

Probably wont be a homosexual one in my lifetime.

see i think homosexuality is more accepted in america than athiesm. At least in the way i have been treated out there.

Here in the Uk we have already had a woman prime minister and possibly an athiest one (i dont know the full religous history of my countries rulership).

As for homosexual prime minister, i dont know, its not that i couldn't see people getting behind one, its just most that i have met have little to no interest in politics (in a serious enough of a degree for even local elections)

We as British people do not speak of the evil that is the milk snatcher...

You should know that by now...

Hell, Margaret Thatcher is often considered one of the greatest prime ministers ever.

There are a few good tens of millions who would vehemently contest that until both of you are blue in the face...

Devil's Due:
A quick little ground rule: Just because someone's religious doesn't mean they're an extremist, and this is coming from an Atheist, so play nice people.

Did, did you just say that? I mean, thank you. It's so nice not being compared to a Westboro Baptist or an Extemist Islamic Militant simply because I live by a Christian faith.

Anyway, I don't think the issue is what alignment (religious or otherwise) the person is, it's to do with how they operate. So I think the US is yet to see a President who hasn't openly confessed some form of "Christianity" to be part of them (though whether that's real or a ploy for votes is another issue) and operated independently for the sake of the people.

Over here in Blighty, David Cameron is a practicing Catholic but the laws and legislation here are very independent of any religion (to the point where it's simply not talked about in a lot of cases). So everyone is attempted to be catered for without playing into or pandering to any one person's religion too much.

A female president seems more likely to happen sooner than an Atheist or homosexual one. Quite a bit of the American population don't like Atheists because of the few (no offense intended to all Atheists) dumbass ones that are having a war on all of religion in the world and trying at their hardest to remove all religious symbols even in privately owned areas.

As for homosexual, there seems to be more of a possibility than an Atheist president since there seems to be a lot of toleration of them even by conservatives which are often stereotyped as wanting to burn them alive (yes I'm exaggerating).

For the reasons I said before an Atheist president would probably be the last for the public to vote in among these.

I wouldn't be surprised if there has already been a few presidents who don't believe in God.

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