the first site you visit.

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Facebook, YouTube, then the Escapist. In that order.

The first place I visit is Google, so I can check my email.

Immediately after I wake up: Dominic Deegan, Questionable Content, Nerf Now, and El Goonish Shive.

I like webcomics and these are the ones that update MTWThF. I generally bring more up (a lot more) but they don't update every day and listing all of them would be tiresome.

After class: The Escapist and Facebook since that takes more time than checking a few strips of webcomics and is more likely to sidetrack me and cause me to miss class.

Usually YouTube is the first thing I load up to get some sound going in the background (can't stand silence) or ThatGuyWiththeGlasses if I'm feeling like watching a review of whatever's new on there.

Then here.
Then back to Reddit.

Tabs right now...

Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Escapist - Escapist - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit - Reddit

here we go my rotation! Reddit--->SankakuComplex--->YouTube--->Escapist--->then gaming blogs

Penny Arcade, always first.

Youtube, 9gag (trending), Here and Facebook to see if I have and messages.

NationStates, to check that The Rogue Nation of Karcostan is going well...

Usually here, followed by Youtube, followed by Encyclopedia Dramatica. Then, if I feel like it, Facebook

After i've done the minimal hour of study after school
I go either straight to facebook, or here
Facebook if something important is going on and I need to talk to someone about something
Here because this place is pretty neat, amright?

Hotmails home site to check my e-mail.
Then I open 5 - 7 tabs and go to my sites of choice to see if something has happened worth of interest.

YouTube followed by Rock Paper Shotgun and The Escapist while videos load. Steam is always online for me.

I go to deviantArt because it's currently my homepage. After that? Tumblr.

Facebook. Escapist. Dating site. Youtube.

I first hit my main pony forum, then open up Equestria Daily in another tab. ...Yeah, I've got it bad.

Depends on the day, what sites will have updated an' such. Usually it's either here or Cracked.

YouTube, Yahoo mail, Escapist and GameSpot in this order. At least in this period of time.

Escapist is my home page so that first, then I head over to then maybe Kotaku, then I check for new stock at pc case gear and then the various web comics I read.

Normally here since it's the home page to check if I have any messages and then normally find out I have none and I'm like, "this sucks" and then when I do have messages I'm normally like "Awesome I've been quoted, wait it was for that, crap I don't want to talk about that this sucks." and when I get something that I actually want to reply to it normally takes me anywhere from 2 hours to the whole day to figure out what say.

using Chrome, it's hotmail, BBC news and sport, escapist, facebook (rarely), and of course stacks of porn...hey, it's the internet it's what it was made for.

I have a bookmark folder on the Chrome bookmark bar on the new tab page. Just a simple right-click, open all. It contains Gmail, Facebook, The Escapist and Bit-Tech. After that it varies but its often Playtech (my local PC part supplier) to check on new stock they have and then University of Auckland website to check on uni related stuff.

Gmail, are usually the first ones on my list.

Equestria Daily, the Escapist and the various Internet comics I'm following.
Then Facebook and Tumblr to just check and see if anything is actually happening.

What I do is first open a few tabs and go check my e-mail, then go on to the Escapist, then to DeviantArt, and then usually OverClocked Remix.

More often than not, I open Youtube first. If not, then I either open EquestriaDaily, Facebook, or 9gag. Oh dear Christ, not 9gag...

YouTube. Cause' I am always checking for new videos from my favourite Let's Players.

Umm these guys here more often than not.... occasionally I will hit Netflix if I'm in the mood for a film.

I check to see what silly stories there are today.

As with most other internet users, facebook. I've recently added cracked to my bookmarks toolbar though, and since then I've found myself going on it about 3 times a day. Speaking of which...

Keep calm and chive on! cause I've yet to change the default web page, then email, then the escapist, MSPA, Newgrounds, every three days I check the 'Spinnerette' comic site for an update, then head back to the escapist.

yahoo is my homepage of choice and usually scroll through the news stories there to see if there's anything of interest. usually there isn't. however first site i go to other than my homepage? Mon,Wed,Fri - All others- sadly Facebook...

A different forum called FFR, then here, then FB and Twitter. From there I jump to random places like YouTube, BBC, Cracked.

The Escapist
Youtube Subscriptions
Failbook (If I still have time.)

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