Fear of The Government (The future of entertainment)

So I am just wondering if you think the future for games and music and movies are strong or will they slowly decline as our government declines. What if services like renting or legal online streaming become illegal due to new laws? I am just wondering what people think the future of entertainment will be like.

Well, first of all there isn't just one government in control of our little online series of tubes we like to call the Internet, which means that restricting access in such a blatantly corrupt way is very near damn impossible, because we internet denziens are a very large, vocal, and whiney people, and any attempt to force such corrupt laws through the political machine will stand the very real chance of ruining the supporting politicians careers, which is pretty much the only thing politicians really care about: their money and power.

Add to that the difficulty in actually making any of these restrictions effective, due to their being so many ways to bypass blocks and censors, up to and including setting up our own seperate, uncensored internet and we've got something that's pretty much impossible to stop.

So the internet as it stands today is pretty safe, mainly because it is such a bloated, exploitable mess of a thing, and we intend to exploit the hell out of it (cookie for reference!)

Money is power, the government doesn't have any money, the corporations don't have any money, we the people have the money. Things can only be taken so far before the people just say no, and nobody can say otherwise, the mass is always in the right of way.

Hmm if the government does do this
Nah we'll be fine. The retards are in charge now but when they step down/Mysteriously disappear our generation that was fighting their decisions before will be in charge so hopefully everything will be A-okay.


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