Your ultimate goal in life?

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As the title says :3

I recently discovered today that my Ultimate Goal is to do something to change the ways of Child Abuse. Meaning, I want to help those who are abused, prevent abusive happenings from going on, and anything in that general area. I wanna make a difference in this field, cause I can't stand to see minors subjected to such pain.

Anyways, how bout you guys?

Edit: Hehe, wow, didn't think this would be so popular so fast! Just to clarify, I am living in the now as well, but I am planning ahead, like my career and stuff. This is just a goal I hope to achieve at SOME time in the course of my life. Doesn't mean I'm dedicating ALL of my time to it. It's just something I hope to make happen some time in the future ^.^

to find out what my Ultimate goal is.....

I mean I dont tend to think ahead too much, concentrate on the now and all that

to find out what my Ultimate goal is.....

I mean I dont tend to think ahead too much, concentrate on the now and all that

Haha, I know what ya mean XD And I don't plan on doing something bout this RIGHT NOW XD Though, I do plan to do something bout these problems in my life at some time. I have many years ahead of me, and much time to plan and think. Right now, University ahoy!

World domination, Duh. My most realistic goal, hmmm... never really thought of it yet.

I will rise to power and lead Canada to a far greater future than what we are seeing now.

Make 1 million dollars, which really isn't much in this day and age. Once made, retire and live off the 45-50k interest per year. If your not greedy, own a home and are pretty good financially, this is more than doable. I had a friend which fairly recently came into a large inheritence, about 750k. What did he do? What every other person does when they get their hands on a huge wad of money. He bought a slick car, went overseas and basically lived the high life for a while. Now thats all gone, he is back to his boring day job for life. With some planning he could have been retired at 35, free to do whatever he wants. My plan is to be retired at 40 (Im 32 now)

Chicks, Money, Power...Chicks.

I'd don't know it keeps changing. But ultimately I want to graduate become a General Practitioner with additional training in either emergency medicine or anaesthetics, join the Army reserve. Work nine to five or even 9.30am to 4.30pm with no on call. Live on a luxury houseboat on the river, with a gym, a study full of collected comic trades and a gun safe to hold the pistol I'll own for target shooting. Serve overseas for military or humanitarian purposes once or twice for the experience and stories. Teach medical student and work until I'm like 70 but with increasingly easier hours, basically just so I keep up mentally.

At any point in there meet the right person, get married, have children and raise them to be decent human beings.

World domination, Duh. My most realistic goal, hmmm... never really thought of it yet.

Looks like I have some competition Q.Q

Become wealthy (enough). Get a nice car, like an AMG Merc. Also, move out of Australia.

Become the president of the world and get a solid gold limo that can fly.

Or just get a job once I'm done with my education.

Happiness. Vague as that goal may be, unless achieved, nothing else matters.

World Domination?
Nah. The world is not enough.
Galactic Domination?
Coming closer.
Intergalactic Domination.
Still getting warmer.
Omnidimensional Domination?

First part of space, then Earth, then the rest of space and then the oter spaces!
Then time.
Unless I can get time somewhere before the end, because that would be a useful dimension to control and would definitely help in gaining control over the others.

Eat as many cheeseburgers as i can before i die of a heart attack at the age of 26.

To make at least one person very happy and make a difference to their lives.
Working on it!

I'd quite like to teach at one point. Knowing kids are learning from me is a lovely thought.

To become the God-King of the Universe.

Realistically? I want to make the Internet better.

Saving the world and ensuring the best future for humanity (i.e. aspiring to become a true philosopher). I can't see there being any more worthy a cause toward which one might devote one's life.

To not become a disgusting old person and stay presentable.
To keep interested in what people are doing now and not go on rants about what happened 30 years ago.


..Which I probably want to achieve by 1) a job I love 2) a family I love and 3) self-growth, by:
- Seeing as much of the world as possible;
- Meeting as many interesting people as I can, and building meaningful relationships with them;
- Reading books, watching movies, playing games, listening to music;
- Thinking the crap out of all these things above.

And I bet most of these things count for almost all Escapists. Ok, some might add religion to the equation and remove books or family, but still.

Did I miss anything?

Eat 1 of every animal on Earth, including a human. If I manage to accomplish that goal, find an alien and eat that. And if that doesn't work out, I want immorality.

I am a simple man with simple goals.

To find something to inspire me constantly with Art.

Pretty much achieve wealth, love and live out my days care free without worries.

I'd quite like to own a hobby shop one day, or perhaps just work in one. Other than that I'm pretty content as I am.

To live a simple life with a female companion in small living quarters with a simple job that pays me enough to get by and enough disposable income to buy the things I want rather than just what I need.

Living that dream right now, actually. Its everything I ever hoped it'd be too :)

To be the best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.

(To catch them all.)

To get out of britain, forever. Seriously, as long as I'm not here within the next few years then I can die a very happy man.

Continue to make my gf happy whilst supporting myself. Settling into a career and getting a house really. Then disposable income.


Failing that, there's this girl I really like...

I'm boring and mooshy. My goal in life is love, marriage, and becoming a Medical Doctor.

I want to become so wealthy that my children don't know what instant coffee is. I feel shallow saying it but I want my future kids to have the best plus I think it would be funny to blow their minds with a jar of Nescafe or something like that

I want to write a book. Nothing amazing, just something so in a hundred years or so, a teenager will find my novel on a dusty library shelf, brush it off, read it and love it. Then he will go on the internet and advertise it, at which point people attack him and his opinions so badly he breaks down and never recovers.

It'd be nice to just have my name on something so I'm not forgotten by the entire world.

Travel into space on a commercial flight.

I wouldn't say I have an Ultimate Goal.

I just wanna have a normal life.
Get a house with my boyfriend, get married, get brave enough to have kids (At the moment chilbirth freaks me out), give kids the nice normal life I didn't have at that age.

I'd also like to learn BSL, I know a little now, but not enough.

i don't have any i just go with the flow.

To be content. On my deathbed, I wanna be able to look back and say. "Yes, it is enough. I am happy." Short term, if I can make one person smile during the day. It was a good day. *Sunshine and clouds mindset*

To go to the moon. That's it. Don't care how I get their, but I figure an astronautics degree can't hurt, so that's what I'm working towards at the moment.

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