Your ultimate goal in life?

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learn to draw i've just now decided that

I want to serve for my country... Well... more so than I am already doing! (I am in the military!) I want to be at the forefront of some war, doing what I know best, and protecting my family and friends!

Other than that I also want to visit places all over the world! I really want to visit the 5 scandinavian capitals! That is high on my list! Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Reykjavik!

To make the world a better place.

To live a long and happy life, and leave with no regrets.

Chicks, Money, Power...Chicks.

Dr. Cox? :o

OT: To make some sort of discovery that will actually put my name out there in the field of physics or history, that's probably my dream. Not very realistic, but possible.

Bringing the Singularity a little closer/helping to achieve it, resulting in infinite happiness and immortality for all.

Honestly just live life like I want it, do some gardening, have a fulfilling job, buy noir based things like fedoras and a fake Tommy gun, maybe collect real/fake swords. A lot of people tend to go nuts over self-indulgent things like drinking and smoking, and as much as I would like to thank them for their well meaning concern I would kindly ask them to shove off, I like it so I'm doing it. I'm on the borderline of becoming a hipster as far as liking old, obscure things go though I do want them for the fun and joy of having it, like vinyl records and obscure videogames. I'm not living on my own yet so we'll see where everything goes.

A large amount of money, successful and happy kids, hot wife, hot mistress, hot mistress-mistress, hot mistress-mistress-mistress, and a flying limo just like in Team America. Yeaaaaaaaaah, that's about enough.

Life Before Death. Strength Before Weakness. Journey Before Destination.

To live by this motto at all times.

Also, to be the most kickass father ever. And get a book published. *laughs*

To see the stars, to explore the great unknown, to go where no man has gone before and discover the mysteries of the universe.

...and to discover hot alien women. Gotta love them hot space-babes.

As for a more realistic goal, I just want to get done with college, find a good woman and a good job. Be happy and so on.

My ultimate goal is to open a branch of BioWare in Belgium. That way I can combine my dream of working at BioWare and living in Belgium. I'd also like to make some sort of difference through political activism.

If I do this in a limerick form, it will be slightly less vulgar.

*Whistle tune*

My goal in life is sexual
And it's one that is very contextual
I want to find a lass
And put it up her ---
Good thing my current girlfriend is very cool

Yeah, it's not much. But it's my goal. And I am within striking distance.

My ultimate goal is to accumulate as many interesting experiences / knowledge as I can.

I want to tour the shit out of the world, and study a wide variety of subjects to expand my knowledge.

Not saying thats going to be completed to my satisfaction any time soon, but my general mindset is that possessions deteriorate, loved ones die, but memories stay with you until the grave. (and beyond it if you believe in the afterlife.)

When I die, I want to make sure I will have left something behind for the living to appreciate. Hopefully, I will have left the world some halfway decent books and stories, or whatever other creative endeavour I manage to make public. I'd also like to leave behind some decently well-adjusted kids, if that comes along.

Barring that, I can always hope I die well.

In a similar fashion, my zombie-plan involves, if there's no hope for rescue, to quietly stuff myself into the fridge to die. The idea is, one day a survivor might be searching the kitchen and popping open the fridge, whereupon my skeleton falls out, possibly with a funny little note. If I'm going to die anyway, I can at least die to someone's amusement.

A morbid sense of humour, perhaps, but really... A good laugh could very well save someone one day.

Become a semi-known writer/author who will gain a cult following (Either because of my incredibly dark themes, or because of my dry, deadpan humor.), preferably gaining at least one incredibly devoted stalker, and die by being killed by said stalker after spending at least five years living together in a romantic and sexual relationship.

I know, may seem horribly to you, but I would find this delightful.

simple. I want to help in the creation of artificial intelligence.

Marry my GF, move with her to Nevada, build a home, and use the money we save by not having kids to buy nice cars and firearms.

Find a nice girl, get married, hold dinner parties, have children and die happy.

I'm a man of simple desires.

Good question. I don't really have thing specific, but I have idea in my head.
1)go to UBC
2)get job doing something I enjoy
3)get appartment in Vancouver
4)spend extra money and time playing videl games
That is all. We'll play it by ear.

To die knowing I lived happily.

My goals in life:

Marry my current girlfriend.
Have 4 children, 2 biological, 2 adopted
Make lots and lots of money thourgh investments, then give it to charity
Get all 3 of my dream vehicles, 1964 Chevy CK, 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, and 1965 Jeep Wagoneer
Find A way to get paid doing what I love
Work to help others
Continue to give blood to the Red Cross
Vote in every election for SOMEONE
Finish the story I am writing
Travel to every WW2 battlefield
Die close to my wife

Easton Dark:
If I do this in a limerick form, it will be slightly less vulgar.

*Whistle tune*

My goal in life is sexual
And it's one that is very contextual
I want to find a lass
And put it up her ---
Good thing my current girlfriend is very cool

Yeah, it's not much. But it's my goal. And I am within striking distance.

That was awesome o.o

to live a completely self suffient sustainable life as far away from others as i can get

To acquire a Mac without giving Apple any money. Livin' the dream!

To be happy.

No really, that's it. If I'm happy then goal complete.

To build a warp drive.

No ultimate plan in sight except for "Be relatively happy". Not quite sure what that's going to take over the years and how my view on what fulfills said goal will change.

I just want to achieve a single goal in my life, to achieve my many goals.

Honestly, I'd love to be a successful motorcycle racer. I want to race the Isle of Man

Travel to Scotland, Ireland, Japan and go all around Australia (skate as much as I can too).

I want to become so wealthy that my children don't know what instant coffee is. I feel shallow saying it but I want my future kids to have the best plus I think it would be funny to blow their minds with a jar of Nescafe or something like that

please oh please don't give your child a stupid pet name like "princess" or "solar flare 2" or whatever the hell rich people are naming their kids these days.

To get a job that allows me to live comfortably and that doesn't make me want to stab someone in the face.

That and to own a decent sized chunk of land in the woods complete with bunker and plenty of guns, ammo, and fun other stuff.

A lot of people seem to have confused "ultimate goal in life" with "bucket-list"...

If it's your ultimate goal in life, it'll somehow inform literally everything you choose to do - if you don't have that, you don't have an ultimate goal.

I want to create a game that can effect peoples emotions weither it be joy or sorrow, to make someone tear up from happiness or feel the crushing aura of sadness coming from my characters and to hopefully have a game effect them as it had done for me.
So right now I'm reading books on psycology, Learning how to write a screen play, taking courses in computing and game design.
Some time soon I'm going to try go to university and do a double major in psycology and game design.

I will most likley not ever make something to this standard but thats because these are my standards for perfection, so my whole life I will strive for this level never to reach it but I'm fine with that. Perfection is boring, imperfection makes things interesting.

I honestly believe my reason for existence is to experience relationships. I love getting close to someone I trust, getting to know them, loving, being loved and all the good and bad that comes with it.

I'm single atm and it bugs the piss out of me.

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