Your ultimate goal in life?

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I would love to destroy every human or at least go on a killing spree, taste every living creature in te world.

Slightly more serious, my ULTIMATE goal is to crate some thing tjat will revolutionise the computer world, that will change the way we use it.... hum maybe I should start working on skynet.


Anthony Wells:


3) To find and drink a Tab.

Just off the top of my head.

you mean like the tab soda? cause if that is so its funny where i live the store right next to my house sells it all the time...if its something else however then i have no idea

Yeah, I'm talking about the soda!

I already love Fritos and Mountain Dew. Once I have a Tab, my life will be complete...

i live in the Lone star state, texas.

Chicks, Money, Power...Chicks.

I'd don't know it keeps changing. But ultimately I want to graduate become a General Practitioner with additional training in either emergency medicine or anaesthetics, join the Army reserve. Work nine to five or even 9.30am to 4.30pm with no on call. Live on a luxury houseboat on the river, with a gym, a study full of collected comic trades and a gun safe to hold the pistol I'll own for target shooting. Serve overseas for military or humanitarian purposes once or twice for the experience and stories. Teach medical student and work until I'm like 70 but with increasingly easier hours, basically just so I keep up mentally.

At any point in there meet the right person, get married, have children and raise them to be decent human beings.

In the unlikely event I become morbidly obese, I would like you as my GP purely because you'll say "Well, you are what you eat and you clearly went out and devoured a big fat guy, didn't ya!?"

OT: Well, I have a ten year plan, good sir!

1) 2 years A levels
2) 3 years college (hopefully in America)
3) 4 years in the Royal Marines
4) Move to America and pursue a writing career (which I will focus single mindedly on like a crazy person)

Edit: Oh yes, children. My children will learn all my childhood skills, such as hunting, target shooting, skinning, whittling, air fix, etc. Beyond that, I'll make sure they're polite and intelligent individuals.

They'll probably inherit my sarcastic disposition, too.

I also intend to hand-rear wolf cubs.

totally unrealistic: achieving world peace
rather unrealistic: die while saving a woman (for example, pushing her away from an approaching car, getting hit myself, being a mashed potatoe human afterwards - yes i know it's silly and stupid. problem? ^^ )
possible: becoming a specialist for infectious diseases, working in a "3rd world" country (at last some part of the year) (i don't like internal medicine that much)
not so probable: not screwing up life, being a doctor, having a wife, having kids, not being an alcoholic ^^
somewhat probable: being a doctor

and i want to get this effing best pvp armour in Aion ^^

Ultimate goal : Get a job at DICE doing artwork

Somewhat more achievable goal : Same thing, except at BioWare instead of DICE (This being more achievable because I live in Alberta)

Be there to help my friends whenever they need me. That's all I've ever wanted.

I want to live a happy life, and make as many people around me happy as possible. Even if it's as small as making someone smile, I'd like to be as positive of an influence as I can.

Ultimately, I want to die of old age, satisfied with what I've done, and proud of the legacy I leave behind.

Well I would enjoy to become a kick-ass teacher and help change the lives of my students but let's think more american. I want to sit on a giant pile of cash eating buttered lobster next to my future wife. Now that is the ultimate goal I say!

Ultimate Goal in life? Take over the world! YOUR ALL SCREWED!

Okay, well, Its unlikely to happen, but it would be nice ya know? If TAKING OVER THE WORLD! doesn't work then just to make some sort of mark in history. To be remembered for centuries to come.

To be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.

But yeah, my ultimate goal is to become #1 Pokemon competitive battler in the world.

Either that on be able to go to space one day, i am obsessed with space, my username is based on a star: Proxima Centauri.

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