People with contact lenses: How do you do it?

I've had glasses for the past 5 or so years and I'm pretty sick of them, so I recently decided that I wanted to go to contacts. I had my class on how to put them in and take them out with the eye doctor today and it was excruciatingly hard/frustrating. I did eventually get them in after struggling for far too long, but then I had even more difficulty getting them out. I couldn't even get the left side one out and the optometrist had to get it for me.

After the class they told me put them in again in a few hours so I did. Again, it was excruciating, but I did get them eventually. Now it's late and I'm supposed to take them out before sleep, but I CAN'T. No matter what I try it's not coming out and I'm tired of attempting.

My mom who also uses contacts has tried to show me how through putting hers in and out, but she does it with no issue whatsoever and it makes me feel even worse about this decision.

Am I just not cut out for these?
Will it get better/easier?
Did anyone else have this much difficulty?
What happens if I sleep with them in?
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I need answers please!

UPDATE: Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up just saying screw it last night and sleeping with them in (they're soft extended wear). Tried again this morning and got the left one easily then the right one eventually after that. I know I'll get used to it eventaully and it'll be easier, but I never thought it'd be this hard starting out.

I was the same way. It just takes practice. Just get your face really close to a mirror and hold your eye open with your left hand pointer finger and your right hand middle finger. Use your right hand pointer finger to hold the contact and place it in. To get it out I use the same two fingers to hold it open and use my right hand pointer to make sure I'm only touching the contact and then place the right pointer and thumb on opposite ends of the contact and squeeze it out.

It sucks at first but you eventually get better over time. I'm still not amazing at it and I've been wearing them for about 2 years. I also use contacts that allow oxygen through them while I sleep so it's not necessary for me to take them out each night.

It just takes practice, and some accommodation to touching your eye. My first few times were pretty bad, and my eyes got really irritated to boot. But these days I can put them in, no problem. Heck, just a few days ago one of mine got screwed up in a dark movie theater and I popped it out and back in with no issue. Practice makes perfect.

i found out that the easiest way to do it, at least for me, was to put the lense on my index, look completely to my right, and put the lense in the white portion of the eye, then slide the lense already on my eye in place as i look back in front of me.

I've never done it myself, never needed to. I like glasses and I can legally drive without them if need be. I can barely take eyedrops, putting plastic on my eyes would be too tough.

My very first time it took me 2 hours to get them in. You get used to it and after a week or so you'll be able to just put them in.

for the first few weeks/months, I HATED putting in and taking out my contacts. It was very difficult for me to put them in, and took me almost half an hour to take out ONE contact. But after a while, I got really used to it, and now its really easy to put in and take out my contacts~


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