Poll: Has a sequel ever gotten you into the rest of the franchise?

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Earthbound got me into the whole Mother series.

I cannot play/read/watch a sequel without experiencing the first one(s). It's a huge pet peeve; I just cannot do it.

What about Final Fantasy games? There's a bazillion of those, and I sure as hell didn't play the first one first, but have since gone back and worked my way through a fair few of them. Good times were had!

This. I started at Final Fantasy 10, then went to 7-9, 10-2, and 11. I played about an hour of 6, didn't much care for it. I also played about 10 hours of 13 (and that much was torturous.)

Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal

The Metal Gear Solid series. Played 3 and loved it so much I dusted off my ps2 to play the others. Also got to borrow my friends ps3 to play 4. Too bad I started with the best one and the series quality declined from there.

Only the hipsters are going to vote no I think.

Anyway Half-Life 2 and Call of Duty 2 spring to mind, followed by Saint's row 3 and Guitar Hero 2. The list probably goes on but I can't be arsed to name any more.

I actually played Half-life 2: episode 1 before playing Half Life 2.
Right now, it seems like an silly mistake, but back then, my train of thought went something like this : " Episode 1? Ergo, must be the first one in the half-life 2 series. Or something like that."
The game didn`t make quite a lot of sense, but i have to admit, it was interesting to first play Episode 1, before Half-life 2.

I started with Mass Effect 2 after my roommate convinced me to try it. (I had already been a Bioware fan, loved Baldur's Gate.)

This mostly happens with books for me though. Especially when I was younger. Now I go out of my way to start at the beginning of a series, but I know I started on books two with both Jordan's Wheel of Time and Butcher's Dresden Files.

Terminator 2 got me into the Terminator series

Yes, playing God of War II got me into the franchise. I also played Half-Life 2 before I played the original and it's expansions.

As for movies I watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day before the first one.

Fallout 3 got me into the rest of Fallout. Earthbound got me into Mother. Assassin's Creed 2 got me into the rest of the series proper.

Soul Calibur 2, I always loved the fighting mechanics, though I'm still a button masher -.-
LoZ...I honestly forgot which one was my first, but I love most of them
TeS: Oblivion, I never really got into it but it made me exited for Skyrim and I found out about it's roots in the DOS era etc.
CoD4,...yeah honestly it just showed me how a franchise has it's ups and down.
I heard so much about Half Life 2 I eventually just played Half Life 1 and enjoyed it thoroughly, later I bought the orange box.
I forgot which one exactly...but I think DBZ:Budokai 2 introduced me to that franchise, and then Tenkaichi kinda lost me.

Honestly I tend to go OCD on franchises, if I like the game I play I'll go look for prequels and sequels to see how it started and how it's going, which tends to get frustrating sometimes.

I got a free copy of Mass Effect 2 off EA for.......some reason. Figured I shouldn't play it without playing the first so I got Mass Effect 1 off steam and then got very annoyed at myself for not having played them sooner.

For me it's Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It was pretty juvenile but I was fourteen at the time. Anyway, it got me to look up the rest of the games and now it's my favourite series

I played KotORII first, and that's how I loved that series in its entirety.

Also notable are Saints Row 2, Half-Life 2, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War(doesn't really count), Halo 2, Twisted Metal 2, etc.

So recently, I was playing the Mass Effect 3 demo (under the persistent "advice" of a friend). Anyway, the multi player is fairly nice, but I also gave the story a quick go. Anyway, I was interested in the Mass Effect universe after that and remembered I had bought number 1 a while back in a sale. I've completed it now and am raring to get onto the second one.

Have you guys ever had a similar experience?

Yes, actually. With Mass Effect even.

I bought ME2 for PS3 on a whim when it came out (for PS3) last year. Loved it. Got ME1 on Steam to get the beginning of the story.

Preordered ME3 and can't wait for March 6th.

Edit: Oh, I thought we were just talking about video games. For books, I have had that happen even more often. The most notable occasion being Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey.

I picked up book 2 of the series (Kushiel's Chosen) from the library on a whim. I go to about page 5 before I put it down, went to the nearest bookstore, and BOUGHT book 1. It was that good. ^^ Also that in the middle of stuff. :p

Anyway, I now own the entire 9 book series in first edition hard cover. ^^ I liked it that much.

Let's see...
Mass Effect: started at one.
Original Portal...
Didn't start with the first Metal Gear, but I did start with an old Playstation copy of Metal Gear Solid (couldn't save to a PS2 memory card, but I got to Psycho Mantis in one sitting), so I don't think that counts...
Assassin's Creed...
Believe it or not, Halo: Combat Evolved snagged me with a Silent Cartographer demo, way back when I was a little kid. While everything else faded into obscurity and had to be later rekindled with Halo 3, I never forgot what the Warthog was.
Even the Discworld series launched me off with The Colour of Magic.

Ah, here we go.
Jak III and Ratchet & Clank: Up your Arsenal. I knew I had something.

As well as Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The only reason behind that purchase was because of the Smash Bros. trophy gallery identifying the origin of Marth, Roy, and Ike. While I found a distinct lack of Marth and Roy, I eventually found my way to Ike's grand appearance at the end of Part II. Along with the entirety of the Greil Mercenaries. The characters are presented so well that I got a vague feeling of familiarity, like I always knew them. Eventually I felt compelled seek out and buy a copy of the game's prequel, Path of Radiance.

I also am looking at picking up the previous 2 mass effect games, they seem quite a hoot! Errm apart from that the only thing I can think of is Dead Space 2 which I absolutely loved! Though I haven't gone back to play the first I'd definitely buy any more titles if they chose to make them.

Yes, but in disjointed ways where the "sequels" weren't related by story or anything. Like Zelda and Final Fantasy, I didn't start at #1 for those, but went back to play them eventually. Sometime I don't go back but at least read into what went on, as is the case with Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. And even then, it took until the second of their new generation to get me into it. I played FO3 / Oblivion, but couldn't get into them the same way my friends did. Then come along New Vegas & Skyrim, and I'm much more interested. This is more true for the Fallout universe though, but since New Vegas contains more references to 1 & 2, it isn't so surprising that it made me interested in what came before.

Well, of course. If someone hear a current game is the shit, they aren't going to play through the previous games so they can further enjoy the sequel, they're hoping right into the game. If it's good, they buy the earlier games. It works like that for more than just games.

Grouchy Imp:
Fallout 2 and Daggerfall are the big two that spring to mind from the gaming world. Aliens (and technically Episode IV) from the film industry. Also Mort got me started on the Discworld books as a kid.

thats how i started with fallout and elder scrolls, also wingcommander 3


Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (more of a reboot)
Fallout 3
Assassin's Creed II
Half-Life 2
Neverwinter Nights 2
Pokemon Silver Version
Spider-Man 2
Zelda: Ocarina of Time (can't believe nobody mentioned that)
... I'm sure there's more

Kind of. I got into the Silent Hill series only well after the fourth game was out; I started with SH2, and then proceeded to play (in order) the first, third and fourth instalment.

At times, it's sort of hard not to be with long-running franchises. Doctor Who, for example, is... I think it's turning 50 this year, actually - I was introduced to Series 4 of the reboot, but I've now seen all of that and am making my way, on and off, through the original series, from the beginning. I had never seen any Star Trek before the 2009 movie came out, and by before the end of the year I'd seen all the Star Trek there was, save Enterprise.

With video game franchises in particular, there's long, LONG-running ones like the Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Zelda, where the originals aren't only so old that, for someone my age, I couldn't have been exposed to them at release, but their original forms are so technologically and stylistically removed from their current incarnations that being exposed to the franchise through the original is near impossible.

Doesn't happen for me with books, though - I'm careful to get the first book in a series - that way you aren't going to miss anything, it should all make sense. The sole exception to this is Terry Pratchett's Discworld, where although I did start with the first book, The Colour of Magic, I wasn't hooked until my friend gave me Men at Arms, which is the 13th overall and the 2nd in one of the many story arcs that make up the series. But hey, Discworld is pretty unique in that respect.

So yeah, while I am, rarely, hooked in by sequels, once I am I do my best to start from the beginning to get the whole story.

I've only played AC:2 and AC:3... but now I want to play the original, just for completion purposes!

Medal of Honor Frontline was the first MoH I played, but now I have played and completed all of the console releases! (Except Heroes 2!)

Yes Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Half Life, Silent Hill and many others i'm sure.

Played Final Fantasy 8 First. Now i love all of them.

Yeah. A great example is Devil May Cry 3.

That would be GTA: Vice City for me. When I was younger I had played a little bit of the very first two but didn't think much of them. Then my friend told me to borrow his copy of Vice City because it was amazing, and I was skeptical from my memory of the old bird's-eye view style.

But holy shit it was not what I was expecting at all and I found my first love. Because of that game I decided to go and play GTA 3 and then San Andreas when it came out soonafter, which is my favourite game of all time.

GTA is my 2nd favourite game franchise.

A pretty loose example. My brother and I were looking for PS2 Shin Megami Tensei games for a bit. We finally got our hands on Persona 4 and I ended up playing almost nothing else until I was 80 hours in. Now we pretty much pick up any SMT games we see on principle. We were already kinda looking for the games, but didn't really know exactly which we would start with. P4 was just the first one we saw.

Final Fantasy VIII was my first Final Fantasy. Since then I've played FF's one through ten and, thirteen. I've only beaten two, four, seven and, nine though. Currently own four, six, seven, eight, nine and, thirteen. That's really the only one that comes to mind though to be honest. I guess it could be argued that Holy Grail got me into Flying Circus though since FC came before HG.

I had to read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to my Little Brother a long time ago, as I read through it, I became interested in the plot, even though I had no clue what was going on.

I started reading Prisoner of Azkaban shortly after, but after getting halfway through the first chapter, I realized I was missing something still, realized that it's a chronological story.

Not sure if it counts but I saw Serenity before Firefly. Oh and the person who showed me Serenity wasn't aware firefly even existed.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is technically a prequel to Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 but it was the first Metal Gear game I ever played. After finishing it I had a deep love for the gameplay and story of the series and have to this date played every game in the series including the portable games.

God of War II made me go back and play God of War I. I played God of War III when it came out and played the portable games when they came out.

I played Assassin's Creed 1 and enjoyed it but Assassin's Creed 2 is when I truly felt like this would be a fun franchise to stick with. I have played all of the (main, haven't touched the portable ones) games in this series as well.

Red Dead Redemption (not sure if this counts) got me interested in the Grand Theft Auto games and gave me appreciation for RockStar as a company as it was my first RockStar game. It also made me play its spiritual successor Red Dead Revolver.

Resident Evil 4 was my first Resident Evil game, also my favorite one. Got me to play the older games and Resident Evil 5. I still think 4 is the best after having played all of the other ones.

Bad Company 2 got me into Bad Company 1 and drove me to purchase Battlefield 3. I have yet to play any of the other Battlefield games as I don't really like multiplayer exclusive games (maybe that might change if I was more of a PC gamer).

Call of Duty 4 led me to liking the Call of Duty franchise and led me to play all of the World War II versions. I think for their time Call of Duty 1-3 were very innovative especially with the way they handled the World War II setting. Modern Warfare 2 was great in my opinion as was Black Ops but Modern Warfare 3 felt kinda lazy to me. Still like the franchise, I hope it does well in the future.

That is about all for now.

yes HL2 got me into FPS,s and the Half-Life series.
GTA Vice City or San Andreas got me into the GTA franchise.
arguably Gundam 0080 got me into the Gundam franchise.

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