Poll: Stuck on the Internet? What and Why?

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I know this seems like a silly question, and I know I have left some things out from the poll, but I am curious (as is my psychology class) as to how many uses will both A) take part in a poll regarding the internet and B) claim with honesty which option they picked.

I'm asking for opinions on what you do, even if I left it out (which would be other) and of course WHY you would do it. It's not hard. It's not simple either. Give some thought and let us begin shifting through the info!

If you would like to know how the data is coming, I am compiling it into a Quantitative Analysis for my Psychology Class, so don't hesitate to private message and/or add me to let me know you're interested in the details!

I look forward to your responses and poll replies!

I don't have a set routine on the internet. I float around like a dandelion seed, caught in a breeze.

The Shadowlord:
I don't have a set routine on the internet. I float around like a dandelion seed, caught in a breeze.

Yeah, I'm also the same way.

With the internet so vast in scope, it seems a little wasteful to reduce its usefulness to simple routine.

A mixture of the Escapist and Youtube really, like someone said, no set order. just where my boredom takes me.


The Shadowlord:
I don't have a set routine on the internet. I float around like a dandelion seed, caught in a breeze.

Yeah, I'm also the same way.

With the internet so vast in scope, it seems a little wasteful to reduce its usefulness to simple routine.

In this case, in the study, you two would fall under "Other"

I use youtube but not for random stuff, I usually check out retsupurae and Chipcheezum aswell as Nintendocaprisun. I used to like That Guy WithThe Glasses but grew out of him. Then of course that came full circle with this.

chek the previous days statistics on my site, work on it, check facebook messages from a friend (only way we can talk i hate facebook), echo bazaar 10 actions, check escapist, go searching for documents for my site. <- my typical first few hours online

I don't know what I Hell I've been doing, but I can tell you I've been doing about 3 hours of it, now. And it's like 60 degrees outside today. I really need to break this ridiculous cycle right now.

Most recently I've been spending a lot of time on the Skyrim Nexus, looking for new mods. Though the way I do things there is always a Facebook tab and an Escapist tab open for me to flip to every 10-20 minutes. I also spend a lot of time reading tech news on sites like Cnet.

I mostly use the internet as a research tool via the databases my university has helpfully linked all into one for us to access online. So, I spend the vast majority of my time online knee-deep in scholarly and peer-reviewed journals.

Otherwise: Escapist, Cracked.com, Memebase - in that order.

The Escapist, All the (Ongoing) manga on my backlog, all the (Ongoing) anime on my backlog and 9gag are the more notorious ones. But the biggest offender, robbing me of hours of precious free time once I get there, is this Goddamn timesink.

Basically the only thing I do is waste time on the escapist. I also use youtube for music but the majority of my time is spent on here.


It is like an uber-condensed, much more content for space efficient version of every meme site ever that uses facebook for commenting and is very very addictive. Enjoy :D

My most visited site is the Escapist, my second most is youtube, and the next 6 are pony sites.

The poll is seriously incomplete without TV Tropes.

I have a set of sites I browse every day, but most of my time is spent doing completely random shit.

I go to some NC things, Escapist, video game blogs and occasional memes. I've grown tired of them in the past, but when they're done in a way that's pretty good I can't help but take a look.

Mostly the Escapist, with some Youtube and Roosterteeth on the side.

MLP/EQD when I'm not studying

I'm on for the Escapist, but anyone else ever visit Memebase? Just it seems the quality of content has deteriorated in the past few months. Then again, I only really look at rage comics, just the majority seem to be re-posts at the moment.

I'm on YouTube the most but I spend a fairly equal amount between Escapist, Twitter and Tumblr. When I'm really bored I'll use StumbleUpon, which basically guarantees I've been everywhere at least once.

I always have my facebook open but that is because it is how i talk to my girlfriend most of the time

But then float around the web mostly on cracked.com,here,rooster teeth and erepublik

I don't really have a set routine. I generally chat with friends, play games, or am looking up random things.
Youtube is often open in the background for music and I tend to flip onto The Escapist fairly often to kill time.

I'm going to be a man and admit there is porn on one of my most visited chrome window.
However I spend the rest of the time on Youtube and here. SSoHPKC just uploads like a boss.

I'm most likely to be lurking on Reddit, getting high off Tvtropes (that shit is low-grade crack), or browsing /d/ on 4chan. Oh and the Escapist of course.

I'd say about 60% YouTube, 35% Escapist, and about 5% Facebook. Oh.. And mix Netflix around there somewhere.

I do this thing where I type in the Facebook URL, and I scroll down for about two or three minutes, realizing that I either barely know who this person is or I figured that I hated them throughout High School.

But I'm not one of those cool kats that hates Facebook. It's a great tool for keeping in touch with friends, and it's pretty fun to not give a shit about anything and straight up tell people they're stupid.

Escapist activity > all my other online activity.

I'm infrequently on Facebook and Formspring. I'm fairly involved in a Nationstates RP region and I go on youtube from time to time but the Escapist is where at least 70% of my time is spent.

- Reddit.
- More Reddit.
- Other sites that I'm linked to from Reddit.
- Here.

Hard to say...
I check YouTube and armor games a lot. But because i watch angry joe and TGWTG a lot and their videos tend to be 30 min affairs i think i spend most of my time watching them

How can any poll about internet usage not include porn, the single most popular thing on the net? BESIDES porn I'll have to go with Youtube. Lately I've been watching a lot of videos on atheism (Richard Dawkins, etc) and The Young Turks.

Dude, you guys are REALLY helping out with my research project! Keep it up! Right now, as Quantitative Analysis project is concerned, I just finished pushing new updated number in and we have a strong positive yet non-direct correlation regarding our variables of -- OOp, I almost gave away the secret of the real experiment!

Just a reminder - This goes for you all:


Well, my morning routine includes checking mcblue (my Minecraft server's forum), the Escapist, the Minecraftforum.net and youtube. Then the rest of the day is randomness online.

I do a little bit of everything on the list except for Facebook, I rarely go on Facebook.

70% escapists, 10% news, 5% reading web comics, 15% random surfing,youtube and Wiki'ing. Thats about the average for my day of interneting usage.
Excluding the unmentionables, and if I'm watching some TV/Anime.

If your going to sell this info. I demand a 60% take of profits made off me. : D

Psychology, OK here's something.

Lately I spend time going out of my way to find any shred of hate posted on the internet about things I dislike myself, in fact before I happened upon this thread I was doing just this for hours on The Artist.

This is a new development for me, it started after I began watching ZP and RLM a year ago.

I don't know why I do it other than it makes me feel good about the way I feel about things but at the same time it makes me more cynical so in the long run I end up hating myself and everyone around me.

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