Would you relive your childhood?

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A stranger appears with a machine. It will send your consciousness back in time to inhabit your body when you were only 6 years old. Would you live your childhood over again, do things differently?

I would say no. I enjoyed my childhood but I don't need to do it over again. Besides, I still do childish things for fun anyway.

Your thoughts?

Yes, I'd do it. Since I'll have my current memories, I'll be able to become a better person! Alternatively, I can be more lazy, since I'll know lots of stuff. A win-win situation.

Hell no my childhood was the worst part of my entire life.
I don't want to relive the memories I've repressed.
Pro tip, don't have a meth lab in the house you will get arrested and as a 3 year old my house getting raided was unimaginably scary, basically I was miserable at least 50% of the time until I was 13.

No, I'm nearly 18 now and tbh the first 10 years of my life are simply a blur, so basically any old shit may have happened I just don't remember. There were a few shitty years (12,13,14), but I doubt I'd relive them as they'd be pretty much the same.

Yes, I'd probably pick up an instrument at a much younger age and probably put more effort into school work because I can see the benefits of it now. Although I would probably be extremely lazy throughout primary school and the majority of secondary school if I had my current consciousness

I dislike my younger self. I have no interest in going back to see that little runt again.

My childhood was just the worst. I'd rather relive the time I fell off the roof of a shed.

A stranger appears with a machine. It will send your consciousness back in time to inhabit your body when you were only 6 years old. Would you live your childhood over again, do things differently?

I would say no. I enjoyed my childhood but I don't need to do it over again. Besides, I still do childish things for fun anyway.

Your thoughts?

To be awefully honest? Fuck. No.

My childhood was quite frankly terrible. Yes, my "Parents" bought me whatever I want, but did they do any actual "Parenting"? No. When I get a concussion at the age of seven, did they do anything? Did they take me to a hospital or call the cops on the child who hit me with a metal baseball bat? No. They told me to "Get over it" while they guzzeled their alcohol.

When I was 13 and got in constant fights, did they care? No. "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOUR GRADES NOT UP?!" Which is what they would say. I would tell them, "Well Mother [you stupid fucking fatass, alcoholic drunk] I am having a hard time doing anything when I am not only teased by the entire school [which you do nothing except sit on your fatass while we live in this hell hole] and repeatedly insulted by teachers [as they despise it when I quote things they simply can't understand, seriously, did no fuckin human being read Goethe's Faust?!] and repeatedly having to deal with the Prostitues on the corner and the drug dealers above us, I can't seem to do any of this." [Things in Brackets are what I thought, not said] In which case she would slap me and say I am the most ungrateful bastard she has ever known.

Thankfully things got much better later on as she married a wonderful man [Yet she still drinks enough for four alcoholics] and my actual father has been sober for over a year.

My "childhood" sucked ass and I would so be greatful if I never had to re-live it again.

I honestly don't think so. My childhood was pretty great and if I was able to just go back to parts of it for like an hour, maybe a day or a week at most, without it effecting my present day, I would definitely do that, multiple times in fact. However having to start over and relive it all, even knowing what I do now would be pretty tough, if I forgot all my knowledge I wouldn't want to for fear I'd turn out badly and if I had my knowledge you run the risk of going insane or doing something that ends up changing your life exponentially. I feel like at a different time in my life (past or future) I'd probably answer this question differently but right now I have a lot of unfinished business and I just need to stay focused on the goal.

Hell no.

My childhood didn't suck, but it wasn't great. I wouldn't change a single decision however, because then I'd not be the person I am in the place I am.

Most importantly.. childhood isn't a magical place that should be wonderful. It's sole purpose is not to be happy, but a larval stage through which we grow to become useful, adult, members of society. Why would I want to relive being useless?

Yeah. My childhood was pretty shit but I'd relive it if it meant I'd get my grandpa back.

Yes, I'd relive it, primarily because it would mean effectively having an extra 13 years of my life added back on and also because my formative years weren't that bad. In-fact, most of the problems which were there were caused by my then comparative lack of social skills, which would no longer be an issue since I could use my adult social knowledge, and my intellectual knowledge would make me one of the most well-learned six year olds on the planet. Bring it on!

Yeah, I'm gonna have to pass on that, especially at 6 since I moved to another state and that wasn't a pleasant experience.

I'm not a fan of my childhood and I certainly don't want to see those people ever again.

To live through and enjoy it again, or to unfuck it up?

The second doesn't really work, you've already lived through it. Unless you mean, instead of avoiding experiences, you avoid consequences.


What was the world like when I was young? Computers were monochrome, for a start, we had floppy disk drives...yeah, technology wasn't great.

Then there's the problem of being 6...you are going to be a fucking weird six year old kid. You've got a massive headstart, you know all sorts of things that you shouldn't at that age, makes you look like a genius, until you get older and the advantage fades away.

Also, you're stuck being a kid. Now, most people here are adults, right, they like adult things, right? How much can you play with playdo? And, yeah, it'll be fucking weird knowing about sex at that age.

It would be awkward as hell. Why would I want to hang out with 6 year olds? I mean I suppose I could go ahead and become a world renowned genius, but that would then screw with me meeting the people I do want to meet later in life by altering the course of my life. I don't know what I did or didn't do to get my mom to put me in the school she did for middle school and for things to go as they did. I might very well lose some friends by doing that. I might want to change some things in my past, but ugh how would I know what to do to set my life on its 'proper' course to meet the people I want to meet? I don't remember everything I did as a kid and I might not want to reexperience the things that I'd need to -__-

And again, the 6 year old thing. I'd be freaking creepy to be hanging out with 6 year olds while having my adult mind.

Even if I could do things differently, it wouldn't mean that anyone around me would would be intrinsically different.. so, the sum of all my experience and trying to change things would probably be an even more nightmarish childhood than I had the first time.

No thanks, I'm good.

It's tempting... I wish I could have made the most of it, and not f**ked up quite so badly. It would be very painful knowing all the things that went wrong, and potentially having to relive them. Would this create a time paradox? Would my memories become undone if I altered the course of my life? It would be nice to undo and forget past negative experiences after they have been averted, as long as there is no domino effect.

There are several points in my life where I wish I could have intervened and said NO to certain negative influences - at a certain point, my mother died; not long after, my father married a COMPLETE BITCH who made our lives Hell for quite a while. I would rather start my life again just after my mother's death. But then, what if due to the butterfly effect, the path I take is even worse than the original? I would be even more personally responsible.

I would also like to go back and be a more open-minded and friendly child. I was a jerkass at times, and I am not proud of that.

Nope. To paraphrase Max Payne, if I'd done anything differently, it wouldn't be me sitting here today, it'd be someone else. I enjoy existing, and while I'm sure that gentleman would enjoy existence... fuck him, I was here first.

Hmm, I'd flip a coin to be honest. If going back in time it was, I'd probably end up in more fights though. And all of that was easy the first time I went through it, second time would be easy as hell.

I'd have to go through HS again though... That'd be a pain in the ass. *shrug* Like I said, coin flip it.

With the same mental capacity I have now? Absolutely.

Being as smart as a College Freshman when I'm two years old would get me mad bank.

Oh and... reliving childhood and all that bullshit. Sure, why not.

If I could do it with my current mind, sure. No need to think about it, 100% yes.
There's a lot I'd do differently.

Of course. I would have no second thoughts about creating a 6 year-old with the mental capacity of a 20 year-old. Hell, I'd do it from the moment where I was born.

Even if I had a bad childhood, I can avoid the consequences of the bad moments with prior knowledge I've held onto for so many years.

It would be tempting because it would allow me to breeze through school and enjoy my life at an easier pace than what I remember growing up. Hell I knowing what I know now I would tell my parents to make certain business decisions that would make our family rich, and avoid the various problems that have presented themselves to my family over the years.

The only problem is that I wouldn't want to give up who my family and friends are right now in the present. I would be extremely sad if the friends I knew growing and my best friends I met in high school I never ended up meeting. I would also dislike fundamental changes in my family members, it would be like living with an entirely new family. If I could avoid these personal problems than I wouldn't have any problem with going back in time.

Also captca (whatever you call those password things) fuck you. I am not a bot, I am a human being trying to post my thoughts on the Internet. Also become more legible! I don't need to try and fail multiple times to understand what I need to type out.

I'd love to have something a-la Radiant Historia, and have the ability to travel between important parts of my childhood, and be able to alter events on a case-by-case basis, rather than just reset and start over again.

sure, I have some health problems now due to decisions made for me as a child so I would like reversing that. Also having a good idea of the future might be profitable.

Relive that abusive chapter of my life? Fuck no. I totally want to be almost raped by my uncle again. Totally.


I don't know what sort of mental mishappenry would happen if I sent back in time to age six. I don't know the first nine years due to a sporting injury. And, if you can't prevent history, that would only give me three years before I'd forget it all again. Where would my soul go then? Seems like a waste.

Now if I could go back to, say, age thirteen, I'd probably say yes. Any earlier and I would have to face the needle-in-the-eye incident, the reconstruction of my tear duct, and other Spring nightmares I'd rather not go through again.

A stranger appears with a machine. It will send your consciousness back in time to inhabit your body when you were only 6 years old. Would you live your childhood over again, do things differently?

I would say no. I enjoyed my childhood but I don't need to do it over again. Besides, I still do childish things for fun anyway.

Your thoughts?

Not childhood but my mid-teens. I've been thinking about a lot of mistakes and missed opportunities that happened during that period, and if I could go back as the knowledgeable, arguably wiser and all round better version of myself, maybe things could have been different.

Iron Criterion:
Not childhood but my mid-teens.

You'd have to go through your childhood anyway to get there. Would you wait?


Homework? Shitty teachers? Idiot students? Crappy lunches? You want to go through all of that again just so you can live a couple more years? Besides, you've already exprienced it all anyways, the stuff you had fond memories of won't be as fun. You won't have the freedom of being an adult, and you being a smarter version of yourself but younger sounds cool now, but being a smart person in a sea of dumb people can get really frustrating. To be honest it sounds like torture.

I'd love to have something a-la Radiant Historia, and have the ability to travel between important parts of my childhood, and be able to alter events on a case-by-case basis, rather than just reset and start over again.

Thank you for providing a solution. That would be the perfect way to avoid altering your life too profoundly, it would great if you could change things on a case by case basis. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life I wish I could undo and a case by case basis would be very helpful rather than living my life over.

wih my current mind? Ive actually thourght of this scenario

on one hand I could be a genious and not make any mistakes/bad choices..relaly set myself up

on the other being treate dlike a child with none of the advantages of being an adult (no videogames or movies or music that i like) think would drive me mad

So, back to childhood but with current memories. That's a tough one.

I'd say no, my childhood was terrible and if changing anything meant changing who I am now I'd prefer to simply stay here and ignore those old memories.

I'd take the machine and hold on to it for a while before using it. My childhood was pretty damn good, with barely any bad stuff, so I certainly wouldn't mind giving it a whirl again, maybe making a few changes. That said, once I hit my teenage years, there are some things that I should have done differently, but I'm not entirely sure HOW. But I would do it, probably within the year. Growing up again would give me a good environment to improve my social skills, for one - take risks, see if they pay off, etc. And of course, if I get to keep some foreknowledge, I'd warn a few people to get cancer screenings early. Maybe make a few investments.

But for the most part, I wouldn't change things. I'd still read and read like there was no tomorrow. I'd still want to be friends with my best friend, because he's my best friend for a reason. I'd still love my very extended family. I'd still play dumb about my parent's marital problems. And I'd keep the same attitude, more or less. Maybe I'd do some acting earlier, who knows. Point is, I'd love it.

So yeah, sign me up.

No, because my life and (nearly) everyone in it is awesome right now, and I've worked to get here. My childhood and early teen years were (without a doubt) the most negative time in my life. If I was able to go back and 'redo' it, there wouldn't be any guarantee that I could get back to this point, or even that the outcome will be better. To know that there is a possibility that I could never be with my spouse, my dogs, or the people I know that brighten my life ever again; ugh, it's depressing.

However, I think the circumstances of my decision would be different if my current life were different. If I were single without any real emotional attachments - I'd most likely say yes.

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