Would you relive your childhood?

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Ugh, god no. I don't even like REMEMBERING my childhood. Of course, I am mostly referring to anything involving school.

No as profitable as that would be I would lose all the friends I've made. I'd know about them but all those memories would be false now.

Fuck yes! This time however I would truly enjoy the nineties, secure a source of income so that I can get a computer to get myself into 3D modeling and animation a decade earlier, immerse myself into the pop culture and as today, never let it go!!!

No. I enjoyed my childhood, but I don't feel the need to go back and relive them or change them. The decisions I made then, and the regrets I have, have shaped me into the person that I am today, and I am pretty happy with who I am. I have a great family, wonderful friends, and a good life. Any changes I could make would change all that, and not necessarily for the better.

No I wouldn't because I would not fully enjoy it due to my mature mind. I mean yes life was simpler back then but I cannot bear to be stuck in the past and to relive the whole 21 years again!
Beside while I can change stuff in the past but what of the new consequences I had created from the new action I had took especially when I want it to happen?

Yes. I'm a man with a lot, a lot of regrets.

If was given the opportunity to do it all over again, do it right. I would take it.

I counted 12 "yes" and 4 "maybe". Four of 40-ish answers. I'm not complaining, it means there would be more fame, fortune and success for us who decided to go back! Hey, fellow time-travellers, what do you say we organise a meeting once we become rich and famous kids? How about 1999 - lots of good movies came out then, so we can have a "best movies marathon".

Man, all those movies I'd already seen, games I already mastered; do you know how BORED I would be with my mind being six?
I'd have to wait over 20 more years for anything NEW to come into existence.

Too many philosophical questions involved if I'd be the same person if I changed my childhood. I'll pass; The past is the past, I don't feel regret in general, so I don't feel a need to tempt fate.

Perhaps but only if I retained my memories and knew what I had already done.

I'd change a few things, do a few things differently, ditch a few people, punch a few others and generally not be so trusting.

has anyone thought that by the fact of doing this you wont be just changing you life, but everyone who you met in one way or other, cause lets be honest you'll never be able to repeat the things youve done in your past beacause of your knowldge you'd end up doing it differently which means you wont be the same person/ know the same people

So no i wouldn't wanna risk changing who i am now

Oh God no. My life is pretty great, it always has been, but I've already lived it so I have no reason to do it again. Being a child kinda sucks too, everyone treats you like shit compared to adults and you can barely do anything at all.

If I had the current knowledge I have now. Hells yes. I was an 'adult' before the 90's was over. I would invest heavily in some companies and stop 9/11 somehow...

On a personal level I wish I could stop one of my brothers from dying, it's been 13 years but I still miss him all the time. Though I suppose I wasn't a child when that happened.

Overall I'm going to say no, I think my life has turned out pretty great and I wouldn't want to risk screwing it up.

Am I allowed to keep all of my knowledge?

If so, fuck yes. I'd invest in some google.

Nooooooooooo. Life as an adult is awesome. Life as a child is full of never-ending homework and inedible vegetables.

No - I have goals now and I don't want to delay them happening by 15+ years, even if they might be more likely to eventually happen.

God no, I was a reclusive shut in with no friends until I was about 12.

If I could relive any time of my life it'd be from 20 to about now.

If I did that then I would relive my own personal hell, and with the knowledge I would try to change things which would in turn bring me to somewhere else than where I am today. And I don't want that.

There were two TV shows about this.
Aired at about the same time.
Lots of people wish they could go back.

But they both got cancelled rather quick.
So, it was never very popular.

Entire childhood? No.

While school was mostly relaxing and care-free, I was and still am afflicted by many illnesses that make me sick and depressed (childhood was when I discovered the joys of being sick for 2 weeks every two months or so, allergy, asthma and nose bleeds), and I spent most of my childhood sick.

Now, if I were to just cherry-pick the moments I wasn't sick, then sure. Rediscovering games like Neverwinter Nights, Diablo 2, Pokemon would be sweet. And many, many others.

I would. My childhood was good. I would right some small things I wish I could change. Enjoy some good old games when people still played them. Spend some more time with people I can't now. Also I get an extra 14yrs onto my lifespan.


Iron Criterion:
Not childhood but my mid-teens.

You'd have to go through your childhood anyway to get there. Would you wait?

I was under the assumption that if I could go back to my childhood I would also be able to go back to any point in time I wished. See if I HAD to go back to my childhood first then I don't think I would - it wasn't a bad time in my life (what I can still remember of it I remember fondly) but I just wouldn't like the restriction.

I love the freedom my adult life brings so I don't think I could sacrifice that (even for say fifteen years) to correct a few mistakes; maybe that means the bad moments in my life are trivial.

Brutal Peanut:
No, because my life and (nearly) everyone in it is awesome right now, and I've worked to get here. My childhood and early teen years were (without a doubt) the most negative time in my life. If I was able to go back and 'redo' it, there wouldn't be any guarantee that I could get back to this point, or even that the outcome will be better. To know that there is a possibility that I could never be with my spouse, my dogs, or the people I know that brighten my life ever again; ugh, it's depressing.

However, I think the circumstances of my decision would be different if my current life were different. If I were single without any real emotional attachments - I'd most likely say yes.

Sir/ma'am, you've summed up exactly how I feel.

My childhood may have been painful, but it made me who I am today, and I wouldn't change that, even if I may have thought about it at times.

I would take a few moments and look up the lottery numbers and winners of major sporting events then sure as fuck I would.
Even though my childhood sucked, since I know exactly what happens and since I am mentally no longer a child I could change so much for the better.

Depends, do have my current memories and if i do change things will the outcome drastically change reality.

While i do have a fucked up childhood i do wish i could change things. However I'm... content? with my life right now. More or less.

But if i had a chance to change things for the better might as well try am i right?


Yes I would, so long as I remain mentally intact. My childhood was a mix between good and bad. A lot of the bad things in it were brought upon by my own stupidity. I was just not a very smart kid, I wasn't doing stupid dangerous stuff like drugs, but I was annoying as fuck and oblivious as hell to just about everything(I still can be) and that really ruined my growth socially (that and the fact that I had motor tick which was something similar to Tourrette's syndrome albeit a more minor version). If I went back with myself the way I am now, I would probably spend a fair amount of time indulging my nostalgia and really enjoying things that are gone like Toonami that I was really a bit young to properly remember most of, I would breeze through school up to the around 11th to 12th grade which would eliminate that horrible suffering aspect of my childhood in which I spent entire years being grounded (i.e., no tv, video games, computer in later years, being force to read harry potter books which I hated because I wasn't the best reader) and having my parents be constantly disappointed in me for crappy grades and staying up til 11 every night with my parents doing homework only to lose it in the morning. There certainly would be some things that I wouldn't like to relive like my parent's divorce and the death of my grandfathers as well as my dog, but I still think it would be worth it. I would also take into account a few key stocks to invest in to help make it rich ;). (I like how I have put so much thought into this almost like it's something that can happen XD)

Wait, you mean go back to catholic school?!


'clears throat' Fuck no. The younger I am the more of a spoiled twat I become. I like being mature.

If it lead to a slightly alternate timeline from where I am now? Then yes, yes I would. Not only would I be aware enough to get into things I missed out on the first time around (like MST3K and Firefly, to name a few), but I would hopefully be able to avoid a few mistakes I made in the past...

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