Well, why did you pick your username?

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I assure you there is a reason behind mine. It's just...

A secret...


A paradox is a logical statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which (if true) defies logic or reason, similar to circular reasoning.

Well, Paradox! I love that word. Also, it suits my style of posting.

ANYMONKEY, the 'm' itself, was a random placement. Plus, mPara, sounds Emparah, which is close to Emperor. >.> Which makes it a brilliant confectionery of delight.

Name (required):

or some variation on that makes me want to give them a requisite name. Pretty simple, actually.

Cookie to whomever figures out what book series mine is from.

Captcha, exhortation. orsshe what the fudgepacket.

I'm not even bipolar. I just thought it sounded funny.

It's my autobiography, accurately describing my performance in anything I do.

Add a u to Now and you have a unique name :P. Oh how silly I was a few years ago.

It's my nickname from high school.

Coz...well actually i stole this from a friend.

we were watching the Simpsons and Luftwaffles came up

Hehehehe we said, it would make a good gamertag he said and by god it does.

I also like planes.

Well I had picked Fagotto because a friend told me to. Referencing The Master and Margarita and going along with my friend's choice of username.

Then I got told a year after that by the mods that no, I could not have that name. Got banned temporarily for it, complained repeatedly until someone reasonable read my complaint and I was allowed to change my name to something more suitable. Personally I think someone doesn't like me and thought they'd abuse their power a bit given an initially weak excuse I got, but it worked out with enough tenacity.

So I chose Mortai Gravesend. Reference to a minor Dustman NPC in Planescape: Torment. I like the game, the name sounds good enough and it isn't an immediately obvious reference, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

5 is my favorite number. I added it even though it was unnecessary

Lin is the first half of my first name, Red is the first half of my last name.

It rolls off the tongue pretty nicely... Well I think so anyway.

Suicidejim was a name I gave to one of the guys on my team from 'Worms,' who just used various kamikaze techniques. I reused the name again later for a stick figure who wore a top hat and whose escapades were created during the times I should have been paying attention in maths. Afterwards, i just got into the habit of using it as a username, because nothing else sprung to mind, and I've always enjoyed the sound of it. I mean, suicide, although an awful thing, is a very nice word to say. It flows so well. The 'Jim' at the end just provides a nice little contrast at the end, as it's shorter and sharper.

Recently, however, it's become a little bit of a nuisance, since I have people A) assuming I'm suicidal, which is very rarely true and B) that my name is Jim. It is not Jim.

Oh sweet time to bore you all with a story. So why don't you take a seat while Mr staika tells you a tale of long ago.

You see as a young boy I sometimes talked or at least attempted to talk to my dad in German. And so one day I played a trick on my younger brother and completely fooled him and my dad called him a "steiger" (or however you spell it) which is German for sucker or so I am told. What happened is that I misheard my dad (which happens much more than I'd like but I do make jokes out of it) and I thought he said "staika" and I liked the sound of it so it became my username for pretty much everything. I did discover that staika is an actual word and its a tent, and some other people sometimes steal it on other areas which kind of irritates me :P

It's the name of a villain in a book that I read. Couldn't think of anything unique.

Been using this handle for just about everything since 2001.

Can't remember the exact details why. I think Zio had to do with naming after the lightning-based attacks from the Shin Megami Tensei games.
As for the 4 (it's supposed to be roman numerals), I think it's because I had recently found out about 4 being the "number of death" over in Japan and thought it was the coolest thing since frozen pizza, being young and all back then.

Whatever the reasons, Zio IV was the result and I'm certainly keeping with it.

I...don't even know to be honest. Me and my friend both created these similar names back a few years ago. The reason...no clue ._.

It's one of the many names I use online, for characters and the like, this one means Blood in Gaelic.

Completely unimaginative, but I used an online username generator.

Is the fact that mine is from WoW's random name generator more or less imaginative?

Anyway, I started playing WoW before I really did anything on the internet so I hit the random name button until it gave me something I liked. I then proceeded to use it for everything , because I have no imagination. I don't even play the game anymore, but I haven't gained much imagination in the meantime and one random name is as good as another, really.

Because I'm a big fan of Red vs Blue.

Plus, it's catchy and has a "ring" to it.

The "X" is only there because "Chupathingy" was already taken :(

Way back when GW used to be cool, I created the name from "Thalui" eldar/elf for hatred or vengeance and "Khaine", the Bloody-Handed God of Murder. The "e" was dropped because the Mordheim elf special character from the original book has a sword name the Hand of Khaine or somesuch, and that didn't have the "e", so I assumed it to be a grammatical thing.

But, yeah, sorta stuck with it now that GW gave up and dumbed down.

As an aside, at the old BL forum, people used to think I might be Yahtzee, because surely nobody else would speak negatively of their products?

Bathory and Graveland are two of my favourite bands.. well, artists - they both only have one member, so not really "bands" per se. That's it in a nutshell.

At the time I was playing Castlevania: Symphony of the night and I was stumped for a username so I decided on Alucard followed by my date of birth. Looking back, I wish I had chosen a more feminine username, but I guess it can't really be helped.

Because I am entirely sane obviously.

Well Geth because i like them in the ME series and Ball because... because... I dont know why.

Do I even have to explain...

I used to be an emo, and I loved F1. The 666 part is self-explanitory

I copied it from someone else on another site

Had an Undead Warlock in WoW named like this. Stuck as an easy name that's almost never taken :)

I'm 70kg, but I broke a bench... A damn solid bench... With 3 of the biggest guys at my unit sitting on the other end of it.

The 41 is my unit. 41 Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery.

In 1998 I devised an alternative identity to use on the internet, Regnes Ekim, my name spelled backwards. I used it for two years before the launch of the The_Smooth_Dude phase of my internet career. Eventually in 2006 I started playing World of Warcraft, I needed to pick a character name and I thought Regnes Ekim sounded ok for this sort of game. I couldn't have two words in my name though, so I shortened it to simply Regnes, and the rest is history. Regnes is my number one online name.

Because who dosen't love Gizmo. Look at that guy It is impossible not to love him. Especially when he go's all Rambo in the 2nd movie.

And 1990 is when I was born.

...I like appels and I like flowers so it's just the latin name for flowers that turn into appels or something like that...Just google the shit

Because I prefer to use my real username as little as possible to help prevent my stalkers from finding me and I remembered this name from a old comic I used to read which I recently packed away.

I made it up randomly a long while ago and it stuck

I like it since its short and has a slightly immature joke in it

Usernames I have used before: Patrioks(I was eight-ten when I created my first ever internet username for My world of warcraft mage)

Sycthe:The undead version of patrioks

Patkrios:This ones very recent as in two days ago recent, internet cookie for who can guess whats it for

A few years back my friend went through a Japanese nicknames phase. Since my name's Kitty she branded me as 'Neko-chan' (neko being cat in Japanese, the -chan implying it's a kitten although koneko would have been more appropriate). I'm also incredibly pale and often get told I look deathly ill, so I combined necro (dead or of the dead) with oid (to be similar to or of such properties) and viola!

So long story short, I'm a dead-looking cat.

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