Well, why did you pick your username?

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'Cause I swing my axe at you.

It's a reference to the Terraria Let's Play made by the popular youtube personalities Totalbiscuit and Jesse Cox of OMFGcata fame.

Because I couldn't think of something with a snail in it at the time.

Do I even have to explain...

You clearly are a man who loves the bats they use in baseball! Or you are made entirely out of wood/metal in a shape of a hitting bat... Or maybe you are a man who likes to sort BAT files? OH! I know, you are the CEO of the British American Tobacco company!

So many options... Or maybe you are everything at the same time. :O

OT; Well... Nightmare Moon or any other variation was taken... So I took NightmareLuna instead. :) My favourite pony.

It was my PSN name, and I chose that because I just plain like the Gundam Sentinel photo novel. Task Force Alpha forever!

Because I am a deadly assassin!

Just not a very good one

Because I'm fucking ridiculous
"Fluffles" is a shortening of my username "Flufflesthepancake", which is a shortening of the original "Fluffy the demented pancake".
Told you I was fucking ridiculous.

Oh sweet time to bore you all with a story. So why don't you take a seat while Mr staika tells you a tale of long ago.

You see as a young boy I sometimes talked or at least attempted to talk to my dad in German. And so one day I played a trick on my younger brother and completely fooled him and my dad called him a "steiger" (or however you spell it) which is German for sucker or so I am told. What happened is that I misheard my dad (which happens much more than I'd like but I do make jokes out of it) and I thought he said "staika" and I liked the sound of it so it became my username for pretty much everything. I did discover that staika is an actual word and its a tent, and some other people sometimes steal it on other areas which kind of irritates me :P

Steiger is about as far away from sucker as you can get. Lutscher would be sucker, but if you were to actually say it here it would be far more like calling someone a pussy.

So, Fail. ^^


My name has to do with Graphic Design and the common misconception the monochrome means black/white or grayscale. It doesn't. It just means 1 Color, as in, blue, but every shade of blue.

Basically, it's the message that good design doesn't require a bunch of different colors.

Due to that common misconception it has also always proven good for making people look like idiots, to be precise, someone referencing my Nick and then saying that I obviously look at the world as black and white which is why I disagree with them. Always fun to make them look like idiots when you explain that isn't what it means.

It IS my name.

...The end.

I like trilby hats and my name is Will.

Well, the numerical part is kind of obvious really if you think about it and consider my age. As for the Shoggoth part...Well, I'm something of a Lovecraft fan (not so much anymore; I'm more into Pratchett at the moment) Also, since this is the internet and only about 0.01% of your will ever encounter me outside of this format, I may very well be a shapeless, formless abomination. Especially when I express a point of view or opinion that you personally don't agree with! It's win-win everybody.

Mainly because it's my name.

This is helpful as I'm pretty likely to forget my usernames.

My username is the same name I used for my favourite character in the game Guild Wars (an Assassin). When I first register onto this site I was stuck at making a name (lack of imagination I know) so I decided to use my Guild Wars name instead. I felt that name repersent me in that game so will that name repersent me again on here.

The first half is my first name,and I like Skyrim.

"You must have an escapist account to play imps vs fanboy"

*Picks any random crap out of the air*

I needed a name that nobody else would ever have and that would fit in pretty much anywhere and still be undeniably mine.
It also helps to be an amateur writer.

Names aren't usually my strong point, but...Thyunda has a lovely feel to it. Despite the relentless thigh-related jokes, or 'the man under the thighs', it feels right at home.

From a movie I never even saw. Years ago I wanted a new user name on AOL (yes, back when AOL was big and such.) I remember seeing previews for Brad Pitt's movie "The Mexican" and at one point he yelled "EL CAMINO!!!" and it just stuck with me. So I made it my new username and it stuck with me since out of easiness to remember. I use it for just about everything. The numbers signify my birthday, April 13, 1983. I realize for many of you, you feel that way of writing it is backwards and honestly, I don't care. I'm American and it's how I was raised to write dates so deal with it :D

I like wolves and "Xeno" is a cool sounding prefix. Simple really.

Picked it out of a list of Latin expressions.
This way, I feel like I'm being polite to those that read my comments :P

Well, plex is my IRL name and I stuck some random word in front of it.

cause someone already had mine :/

This is the generic username I have for pretty much everything - just something my mates called me in school after watching Sparticus.

I was originally going to go with PortalSnake (to fit my profile picture) but... couldn't be bothered.

Quite Boring really, it's the 1st letter of my 1st name, my last name, and my year of birth.

Every other name was taken. I had the amazing idea of making a name that sounded like something no one would ever think to name himself by randomly pushing buttons on the keyboard in a way that made a semblance of sense.

I could have easily been zdrgnoiumbt. Or lerofne. Or flentifoe. Same process for all of these.

Well, I was stuck at one of my Grandmother's house for a week. While I love my Grandma to death, and while she was a very good mother who stuck to her Son at the worst of times, the best way I can describe her is this.


Except, she smiles more. With a cigarette.

Anyways, I was stuck alone with for for a week, and about every other night she would go out with her friends. She only had three channels of TV, no computer, and a radio. Absolutely nothing to do.

The only thing that kept me entertained throughout this ordeal was half of a taped plastic sheath to a prop sword that comes with Halloween costumes, which I became attached to and used to make up worlds of my own. It literally was a tool that helped me direct the insanity from my boredom into endless entertainment. (I still have that plastic black Sheath 15 years later, and still constantly play with it.)

Anyways, I remember seeing an a cereal called Joe's O's, which were a shitty knock off or Cheerios. For some reason (I blame the boredom), it was the most insane thing to me that they had tried copying Cheerios.

I failed miserably at writing Chuck Norris backwards

It was how I was feeling at the time - sadly still am.

Because I am a very odd person and I play video games.

I used a random word generator. It was a choice between this and "Luminous", except that was taken on XBOX Live. I've had to adapt it in a couple places, but I'm pretty happy with it now.

In high school my indomitable positivity had me dubbed Mr. Brightside. And I took it upon myself to remove the 'Mr.' as I dont feel I am mature enough to possess such a title and replaced the 's' with a 'z' to backup my childish demeanour. Go team!

I was given my name on the way home from school, my friends and I were playing with a lighter and I almost set my beard alight, so my friends called me Fire face :)

I took my name from the main character of the book Armor from John Steakly (Favorite book of all time)

Futurama. Bender once called Fry Cardinal Biggles, but that was taken on XBL so I opted for Cardinal Piggles instead. (As Cardinal Wiggles was also taken)

Also I read my Captcha as The 3 ways Pope


It used to be something else, but I decided to change it. I was playing Devil May Cry 4 on Dante Must Die at the time, and I had just finished watching Death Note, so it was just something I came up with when I felt like changing my old username. The brackets are there because it looked kinda plain on its own.

To be honest, i have no f-ing idea

When I started going on heavy metal chat rooms I needed a username. I noticed that everyone had names like "slayer_metal666" and "Metallicarulez666" and I thought it was all totally over the top and rediculous. So I looked around the kitchen where my computer was at the time for inspiration, I spotted a tin of Catfood and thus a legend was born.

The 220 came after trying to use the name on other chat rooms and forums and found that there had been other Catfood's before me, so 220 was added.

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