Well, why did you pick your username?

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I was eight, couldn't think of a name and was watching a program on farms at the time. I believe I was annoyed that there wasn't a stile for dogs, but there was for horses.

Bish bash bosh, i have a username that gets banned from sites before the mods ask me what it means.

Jauffre because it's similar to my own name and Oblivion jokes (and making fun of how ridiculous the AI and everything was) were a sort of meme between me and my friends at the time.

Because it is short, to the point, and you know who you are talking to?

It seems I lack an origin story to par with other members. I am open to reinterpretations of my origin story.

When Zeus turned his goodies into a fruit bearing tree two skin cells fell off and became fish. These fish got bored and ordered a computer in the 2000's (as you count them). Now they grace this forum with wisdom and a touch of the gods.

my regular name it,s a "deault" username for me until it turned into RetroBoy (I picked it up when I got interested in older games and it stuck with me) and later QuatroDash (from a picture of Rainbow Dash cosplaying as Quatro Bajeena from Zeta Gundam)

It seemed anonymous enough. Nothing more to it.

I suck at making up usernames, so instead of going for something lame like "Shadowmaster" or "l33tzor", I tried to be creative, and I took a look at the items on my desk, picked the first letter out of 6 of them and the result was "ONIAPL" so I went for it.

Later on I realized that now everyone thinks I am polish, but you can't always win.

Because I cosplay a character from Persona 4 who is also known as The Detective Prince. XD

I was playing Pokemon and when it asked for my name I once put "Bojack" (probably reminiscent of when I used to watch Dragonball Z) and it was one short of the character limit so I mashed the d-pad and hit A, the letter was x.

Not a glamorous story but what were you expecting?

I usually call myself "MeshFeet" now because Killing Floor kept naming me "Fresh Meat" whenever I had connection problems and had to rejoin a game, so I switched the first letters of the words around and that made "Mresh Feat"... but yeah MeshFeet seemed like the best way to go from there.

I just picked a stupid name in my stupid names list.

This is my Xbox live gamertag. But "TheMadScientist" was already taken, so I went for the stereotypical German accent. Why? I have no clue.

On a completely unrelated note:

[Kira Must Die]:

Dat avatar...

Well, I created this account specifically to troll someone (assuming I would be immediately banned, but then I wasn't--and he was--so I stuck around), so I didn't want to use any of my usual selection of usernames. So I used a stupid joke name I'd come up with, because I wanted to get "under his skin" as it were.

Because Sergei Korolev was the best rocket designer and space-technology pioneer who ever lived and anyone who thinks that Braun was better can suck it!

Fact: Korolev was awesome and had a leather jacket which made him look like the Fonz
Fact: Braun used concentration camp slave labour to build V2s - AND HE KNEW ABOUT IT.

Korolev was a genius, a pioneer and even if he was a communist he was a great person and it's a damn damn damn damn damn shame that few people remember The Chief Designer.

Ben is nowhere near to my real name. It has still long served as a kind of alter ego nickname. Not only Ben, but always Ben Bazooka, which I came up with nearly 10 years ago. I wanted to somehow evolve it and changed it here to benzooka. This is now, and has been for some time, the only place where I use the ben bazooka / benzooka nickname.

Ultro's is my favorite villain in all of Final Fantasy and I feel that if I became a villain I'd be him. The name is a reference to what he asks Relm to call him before she kicks his ass.

My name's originally derived from my best friend Joseph, when I made a joke about him being the Pie in human form and calling him "JoJo". We soon together decided to make this into an online joke religion, however he wasn't happy about himself being the Pie so instead I became "the JoJo". We worked a lot on that religion at the time and so I became used to using that name online along with "Deathunter", a cool name one of friends in middle school bestowed upon me while playing a game of Assassins.

Around 2007 or 2008 when I signed up for YouTube, I found that the name Deathunter was already taken. I didn't like adding numbers to a name, so instead I had the idea of combining my two online names into one: "JoJoDeathunter". I can't actually remember the name I used to sign up to on this site but within about 50 posts I switched it to JoJoDeathunter, which until recently was my standard name online.

Recently however, I came to turn against the Deathunter half of my name, I felt my name was too long, difficult to spell and I didn't like having the word "death" in my name. Thus just this month I asked the staff about a one year amnesty for name changes since I'd already used mine up, the idea was rejected but Nasrin kindly bestowed upon me the username I wished for "JoJo". On sites where that is already taken, I currently use "Mr JoJo" since it doesn't distract from the JoJo part.


How... disappointing.
I was expecting much more from you Topaz, i am disappoint.


Friend, i didn't even need to read what you said to know where your name is from.
Bravo good sir, bravo!

To be honest, i have no f-ing idea

We must go deeper.
I believe it would be quite the story.

Anyway, onto mine:
Being the god-like sex machine that i am, i felt that i needed a fitting m=name for someone of my stature. I mean, not any old name will do for me, maybe for you peasants, but not for me.

At that time and indeed all the times after and mostly before that, i was rather fond of a comedy duo by the name of Mitchell and Webb.
Now, this is where things get interesting.

I received news of a lost holy sketch of theirs, a sketch so powerful it had been reported to give those who listened to it god-like powers.
I traveled to Tibet, where i meditated on this for many years, finally, a vision came to me. Following my vision to the location of this sketch, and several dragon battles and an ancient demon later, voila!

Sandokan is the name of a really old tv show about a hippy (according to my parents) and my name is Stan, voila.

I had thought of my username back when I was almost always playing games on Miniclip.com. I didn't feel like using my real name when posting my score one day and the name Fijiman popped into my head so I used it. Of course, I stopped visiting Miniclip after a while and I didn't resurrect the name until I started posting comments on some of the various web comics I read and when I (finally) decided to create an account here I just stuck with it.

Alucard 11189:
At the time I was playing Castlevania: Symphony of the night and I was stumped for a username so I decided on Alucard followed by my date of birth. Looking back, I wish I had chosen a more feminine username, but I guess it can't really be helped.

I'm fairly sure you can change your username now.

OP: It's from an electro song by a band called Robots in Disguise. I don't like the song anymore but I kept the username.

Ahh, a repeat of one of the very first threads I commented on. How nostalgic. :3 And to show my apathy has not budged in the course of over a year, I'm just going to copy my answer from back then:

Verbose rant ahead: My username is a bit of misnomer. An ostrich is a creature known to be increadibly thick, so I'm not indicating the creature itself is omniscient but rather implying encompassing onlookers have erroneously labelled it as such (lets say ostriches can talk for the sake of this rant). It's a jab at those who see profundity in simplistic, vague or otherwise arbritiry writing/logic. I kind of developed this attitude while studying English at school, especially when looking at poetry where every word would have to be meticulously analysed for some kind of deeper meaning. It wasn't that I felt the authors were inarticulate (not all of them anyway), but I just felt things were getting a bit ridiculous when we were looking at the significence of words that were clearly only used as connectives. I'm also rather fond of alliteration.

It always bothered me how people say non-words and not even realize it. The one that bothered me the most was irregardless, a single word that is a double negative. I go around correcting people's grammar all the time (don't judge me) and nobody had taken the name yet, so I thought it was appropriate. I am also one of the many people out there known to dabble in sarcasm.

Enders Game was my fovorite book when I was a kid and in the book a famous line is that the enemies gate is down so Endersgate1321 was born.

Sirron Kcuch:
I failed miserably at writing Chuck Norris backwards

I'm sorry that you misspelt your name dude, but you gave me a good wee chuckle at your story.

On Topic. Well mine is nickname of mine, which in fact a bastardized version of two other nicknames I used to have, Wee Man and Ally Bob. (Ally is an appreviated version of my first name, and I don't know where Bob came from) Which where mashed together, and then made to rhyme with Beelzebub.


Sirron Kcuch:
I failed miserably at writing Chuck Norris backwards

I'm sorry that you misspelt your name dude, but that gave me a good wee chuckle at your story.

On Topic. Well mine is nickname of mine, which in fact a bastardized version of two other nicknames I used to have, Wee Man and Ally Bob. (Ally is an appreviated version of my first name, and I don't know where Bob came from) Which where mashed together, and then made to rhyme with Beelzebub.

It's okay, I even kept the name. I find it funny

It used to be Pckls, i changed it to this when the Escapist was being attacked by Lulsec. Now i can't change it back.

Sandokan is the name of a really old tv show about a hippy (according to my parents) and my name is Stan, voila.

I have watched the movies and as I recall (not very clearly) he wasn't a hippy but some cross between Tarzan and Robin hood. If that makes you feel any better.

Me, the short (and less boring story) is that I misspelled "doom" and it came out "dopo". Short, meaningless, unique - I liked it and rolled with it.

Later, I found out it's an actual word in Italian (I think) but whatever.

My name is a spawn of my name (Alex) and Tassadar from Starcraft.
This is was mirrored off my brother who did the same, except with Zeratul.
And those were the names of our first WoW characters, now lying asleep in some forgotten realm of the internet.

:P Aaaah, this story again, huh?

Back in high school I went by Absoldragon or Mad Dragon in the few online games I played with my friends.

Then, in my last year, I was starting to find the internet more interesting, and I wanted to come up with a more cool name, one that felt fresh and untainted by my terrible high school memories.

So, in a french class, the teacher handed out one of those "hidden word" crossword things. And I looked down and saw the letters "A, E, G, S, I, X". And then I went "waaaait...if I drop the S....I get Aegix...That's kinda badass!". And then I added the Drakan at the end because of my love for dragons.

And that's how I came to be known as Aegix Drakan.

Favorite grey-area character in a book-series I've read.

For some reason, I've got a great imagination when it comes to almost everything, except picking names. Sometimes I'll try to think up a full name for my Skyrim or Kotor character, and it'll take me an hour before I finally give up...

But yeah, one of my favorite characters.

My sister called me "Ducky" when I was little and I had to create a username. She was watching Back to the Future and called me ducky mcfly. I have used it ever since on every site I go to.

As for the 99, I love that number. 9 is just a fucking cool number.

mine is a nick name i picked up during my time with the army. my normal choice would of been mythtech cos i think it sounds cool but i cannot for the life of me remember the password so gekford it is

I didn't pick mine, I stole mine.

For some reason I feel I should post this...


...because I'm certain we've had threads like this before several times.


Back when I was in college, I was the go-to guy for all things video game tips and tricks since there was no internet back then and no GameFAQs and the like. I was called "Gamemaster" by the guys in my dorm as a result. It was also during college that I was working on a weird idea for a paper-and-pencil RPG where you can role play a video game.

When I started working at a web design company, a coworker of mine who was a contributor of the gone but not forgotten Web Site 9 introduced me to MiSTings and by proxy fanfiction in general. I decided to write the backstory to my RPG idea as a fanfic, and...I became something of a net celebrity as a result.

The fic was called "Heroes of Arcadia - The Gamemaster's Legacy", and since then I've been called GamemasterAnthony by my colleges since. (Read the fic, and you'll see why.) I'm actually working on a reboot of my fic series as we speak.

mines kinda special to me cuz its got my best friends nicknames in it.
A for Aj, Shadow for Shadow Beholder and Pie cuz i like pie :)

Ashadowpie, has a nice ring to it i think anyways

'Twas my old (and still current should I decide to play again) Runescape username.
Just kind of stuck with me as an internet alias ever since.

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