Well, why did you pick your username?

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...No idea, I just picked something random.

My family has been calling me 'Peanut' since I was born, and I even have friends that do too.

Most of my usernames have either 'Pnut' or 'Peanut' in them. I usually just but a word in front of it. 'Brutal Peanut', 'Astute Peanut', 'Lovely PNut'; stuff like that.

it is the name of the symbol I use for my avatar

Simple, it's the coolest name ever. If I had a crappy real name (I don't) and I was considering changing my name I would probably change it to this so I could pretend to be offended if people asked whether or not I made it up.

Allow me to recite you a tale:
Once upon a time on a computer long since past, there was a boy who has creating his very first diablo 2 character. But he was in a bit of a predicament, who see he had to choose a character name.

First he tried to name his character "Blob", but naturally it was taken. Undaunted he attempted to name his first character "Pie", but again it was taken a very long time ago. So our hero then displayed some brutal cunning, and combined the two word to create: Blobpie.

The end.

Didn't exactly pick it, since it's my actual name. As for why I'd go with my actual name... why not?

I made it up, and I can't remeber what I thought about

Made it up sometime in the late 90s when trying to think of a fantasy name. I just connected 'dragon' and 'spire'. I recently found out it's also Gannondorf's last name.

Haven't got the foggiest idea why I let my name be a communications device that is painted in a certain primary color.

I remember thinking I was so clever in fifth grade for coming up with "Deathenger" as as portmanteau of "death's messenger." I played Runescape back then, but the character limit made me cut off the a in death. So, Dethenger. I've just kind of been using it like that since.

I've been using this name for my darker mage themed characters in RPG's // MMORPG's.
Guess the name stuck a bit. And yes I used it even before the whole Assasin's Creed hype - Creed means Pact, a bond with something or someone, Ubisoft stole my idea!

Just my name, other than it I just use KehoeOUT.

Mine has a pretty boring origin, really. About five or six years ago I was desperate for a new screenname. Being in the middle of a Metroid binge, I decided to use Phazon. I also wanted to use alliteration, so I put funky in front of it and replaced the f with a 'ph'.

That's my exciting story of the day.

I have Darren because it's my first name and 716 because my birthday is July 16th it's been my username for about seven years now and I use it whenever I join a site.

Hit my keyboard a few times randomly when I was struggling to come up with a good username for some web browser game years ago. Stuck with me ever since and now I use it everywhere. The good thing about this name is that it's very rarely taken.

Yuki because thats the nickname my friends gave me, and Seele because i love the organization with the same name from the anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Thinking of a random word.

Thinking of a random adjective ending in Y.

I've used "Atmos" as my mainstay alias for over a decade now (though not my only).
But plain old "Atmos" was taken here (by an account that apparently did nothing, looking at the profile), so I needed a pretentious/cool sounding appendage since I hate tacking on numbers with no real meaning to a name.

Let me regale you with the story of how ty12004 got his name.

It was a dark and stormy night, in the distance a lone crow caws. A young boy sitting on his computer was faced with one of life's great questions... "Enter Neopets Nickname".. Long and hard did that boy think, he thunk and thunk again until he could thunk no more.

Then he used his name and date of birth Ty + 12/04.. goldeneye was cool then to so 004..

That my friends was the birth... of ty12004.

My name roughly translates to Holy Hand Grenade in Latin.

OK, so it should technically be Sacrem Pyrobolum Manus but Sacrem Pyrobolum sounds better.

And yes, Pyrobolum means fireball, but it is the closest thing the Romans had!

Much to my dismay, I used to be an Anne Rice fan as a wee teen. I latched onto the barely-used character of Mael, inverted his name, took to writing it in ALLCAPS because it looks like a cool acronym, and appended my year of birth to it.

As for the "Iam" part, that's to circumvent my forgetting my password for my first version of that alias, which was just LEAM1983. It was basically me going "Hey guys, it's me!" with my then-regular gang of text-based roleplayers.

I have two generic usernames which I tend to use often. If I can't use "LEAM1983" or "IamLEAM1983" for whatever reason, I tend to use "WeaselBiggs", as this is the name of one of the characters I play.

On the off chance that none of the above work, then "rodentmafia" is used instead - which is kind of an indirect callback to Weasel Biggs.


Yeah, I was pretty young. Weasel's original concept was as an anthro weasel dressed like Vincent Vega who happened to be an extremely cliché mobster. I think I'd just played "Conker's Bad Fur Day" or something, when I first designed him. Years passed, my writing and reading chops expanded, and while I can't retcon Weasel out of the board's canon or remove him easily, I have managed to add enough layers of complexity to the guy to make him out to be something other than a GoodFellas reject.

"Trooper" was the screenname I used when I played Halo with my vo-tech class. The number at the end is my birthday.

I came across mine because it randomly came up in conversation about 7 years ago, that my Mum was gonna give the name to a cat. The name doesn't exist anywhere as far as I'm aware, and after using it for about a year I found that she spelt it "Peblig" with one b, but I think it looks better with two b's.

Why continue to use it? 'Cos having an obscure name means it's never taken on any game/site/anything. So I like having continuity across all my digital namings.

put... owt...in

Yorkshire for put anything in!


Its a name I use for almost all online accounts. Just kinda a joke in a way, there is no particular reason behind it.

I chose mine because it's my youtube username and my primary PSN. The actual name is from the Gorillaz "band member" 2D who I think is an awesome character. The actual name is like seeing in 2D instead of 3D. No idea why, I've just liked the name for a while so I plan on sticking with it.

My name. Becuase I thought you could change it. :/


Alucard 11189:
At the time I was playing Castlevania: Symphony of the night and I was stumped for a username so I decided on Alucard followed by my date of birth. Looking back, I wish I had chosen a more feminine username, but I guess it can't really be helped.

I'm fairly sure you can change your username now.

OP: It's from an electro song by a band called Robots in Disguise. I don't like the song anymore but I kept the username.

I know you can change it, but I have gotten used to it, its rather comforting, like an old pair of slippers so I am keeping it :)

Alucard 11189:

I know you can change it, but I have gotten used to it, its rather comforting, like an old pair of slippers so I am keeping it :)

That's how I am with my avatar. Every time I find something to change it to, I chicken out.

I grew a moustache, was reintroduced to my Sherlock Holmes complete works, and loved the new series of Sherlock...

Also I currently work for and with Americans, and they perceive me as some sort of 19th century gentleman, so I have played to that stereotype, and kind of like it, so deided to reinvent my profile on here!

I didn't have one, so I picked "The"

I liked the sound of it, plus I was rather heavily into (mythological) trolls at the time =3

In Swedish its an old-fashioned word for a magical curse, or a word for "little people". Something like that anyway; the internet doesn't have much info on the word =(


...because I'm certain we've had threads like this before several times.

Of course we have, butt due to the ever changing population, and the fact that a lot of different people answer each time, AND it hasn't been around for a while, means that it is ok! :D

You could say the same thing about 'Reccomend me some music' threads... but you don't get exactly the same answers each time! In fact I make a point of never posting the same song twice on different threads! :P

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