What's the story behind your avatar?

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Okay my fellow escapists what's the story behind your avatar? Why did you pick it, where did you find it and do you think it fits you?

I'll start of course, My avatar is from Code Ment an abridged series of Code Geass. I was watching one of the latest episodes (This one to be specific) and I saw that part during the episode and it made me laugh so I thought it would be the perfect avatar. It did cause me some trouble to make it but I am happy with it and I think it fits me perfectly.

So what about you?

I drew it myself.

It's me in cartoon form.

I like sonic. I mained sonic in brawl. At one point, I paused the game after having somehow hit Ganon with sonic's side smash, who was BEHIND me. And then I saw that Sonic was in a pretty badass pose.

So I set it up so I could have the same badass pose, on the same cool looking stage (the bridge), but without having Ganon flying awkwardly in the background.

And that's my avatar for ya.

Up to about 200 posts I had an avatar of Anima from FFX 'cos shes a badass!

Then one day surfing for pics of Mr. chu for god knows what reason, when I saw this drunken one and then I decided it was going to be my avatar.

It doesn't suit me at all, I don't drink alcohol and haven't for the past 4 years. I just thought it was funny.

I have droll etchings and I like a good story about a bridge. Now let's revisit the birth of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company...

Well, for a couple of weeks I'd been tiring on my long-time Big Daddy avatar and thinking of changing, however what was holding me back was a lack of alternative. Recently I've been having a phase of nostalgia for a joke religion called Pieism me and some friends made up some years ago and that's caused an upsurge in my already strong love of lobsters since they are an important part of the afore-mentioned religion. I wanted something that had a lobster and a human together, I didn't think I'd find anything really but yesterday I stumbled upon the picture containing my current avatar. I liked it so much I couldn't resist cropping it down immediately and uploading a slightly modified version.

For a larger image of the cute baby lobster depicted in my new avatar, see here:

I ask a lot of questions, so I figured a question mark was pretty representative of me. Green is my favorite color and I thought that shade of green looked best on a black background when I was making it so.. voila..

damn, that's boring.

I like Glaceon. That's pretty much it.

Don't remember where I found it though.

I made this .gif myself.
I drew it on MS paint, then coloured and transitionized it using photoshop.

I chose it because it's cool having a moving avatar instead of a static image. I wanted to use a lot of my imagination but I'm not very artistic when it comes to 75 by 75 pixels, so I made it really basic.

The only resemblance of me and my avatar is the glasses, since my eyes are not psychedelic.

It's an Empoleon saying that you fail

Empoleon is my favorite pokemon

Not really much to say, Fuuka is my favorite girl from P3 and this is one of my many, many pics of her.

I got this idea after I became a fan of both Fullmetal Alchemist and Friendship is Magic, and realized the potential for a visual pun with Roy Mustang.
Unfortunately, I lack any remote drawing skill, so I payed a friend of my sister's five dollars to draw it for me.

That's about it, really.

What can I say? I love me some DBZ. SPECIAL BEAM CANNON[1]

[1] Or MAKANKOSAPPO! for you Japanese/Kai fans


I think it to be the perfect reflection of me...

Untouched by the sun, introspective, bringer of death and grief, faceless, quick to announce oneself, quicker to flee, without colour beyond the pallor and gauntness of bones, a visage of dread and misapprehension and incitement to contempt and disdain...

I love House. Pretty much sums that up. Specifically this one is from different hallucinations/dreams of Cuddy episode.

Sackboy Cole MacGrath...

it's cool and cute at the same time! (IMO)

a joke religion called Pieism [...] lobsters [...] are an important part of the afore-mentioned religion

OK, what? I'm not sure if I want to know more, but I'm curious. I mean "pie" and "lobsters" are not something I'd consider went together.

OT: Boring - Vorador from Legacy of Kain. I usually suck at choosing an avatar. The facts that, one, I don't visit that many forums with avatars, and, two, I don't have that many pictures that look good when shrunk to a thumbnail, have led me to have a very limited selection of potential avatars. This is just one of them.

My avatar is of Ziltoid The Omniscient, the greatest 4th dimensional guitar player ever to have lived, his sole reason for invading earth is to find the the best cup of coffee since that is what powers his ability to move his ship into hyperspace.

Its from the metal album Ziltoid The Omniscient by Devin Townsend.

The cd is special in that it was the first time that I discovered an artist for myself without being influenced by other peoples taste first.

I am a stark raving FC Barcelona fan. Greatest club on Earth with the greatest player on Earth.

Dale is hilarious, especially in that specific episode.

It's something I doodled up the other day in Photoshop: a cross between MLP and Supreme Commander.
I suppose it could have turned out better, but it'll do.

Derpy Hooves + Cybran neural/AI twining process = a fully coordinated and intelligent pegasus? One can only speculate.

I was on icanhascheezburger.com. I saw a gif of tiny cat beating up big cat. I converted it to a size that works on this website.

General Kael from Willow

I put it on after the podcast where Steve(?) said Willow was a terrible movie

My avatar is Vincent D'Onofrio. He is my favourite actor, so I decided to have him as my avatar.

My avatar is a paid art piece from someone on a different website I frequent.

It was relatively new in regards to the rest of the art, so I just randomly selected it to be avatar for this website.

Amaterasu Okami is the origin of all that is good, and mother to us all.

Also, she's like, a wolf, and when she runs, she makes pretty plants sprout in her wake, and that's why I wanted an animated avatar, to really get that effect.

I'm whimiscal like that.

I love anime and i love romantic series. Kimagure orange road is one of the first romantic anime series i saw and just fell in love with Hikaru (always preferred her over Madoka). First i had an avatar of them both kissing (was from the first movie) but lost that one around 10 years ago and using this one ever since.

I REALLY like the series.

I love Tony Soprano!

Well after I changed my username to Mortai Gravesend, I felt like throwing in another reference to Planescape. So I looked around and found this drawing of the Lady of Pain.

Spent two hours making it to avoid coursework, it was supposed to be way more advanced & have pixels going out in random directions, but ended up just leaving it simple.

I was watching this video on loop while signing up to the site. I can't imagine (properly) changing it now.

At the moment it's costumed for March Mayhem.
I could've sworn it used to be called "March Madness", and as a long-time wrestling fan, the first thing I think of when I hear "madness" is Randy Savage. Hence the cape. The mask is more a wrestling reference than a Savage reference.

Casual Shinji:
I drew it myself.

It's me in cartoon form.

That's awesome, you could draw people avatars and charge them a small fortune. Like a street artist but online.

OT: Gears of War is my favourite series so I decided to go with the GoW omen.

Geoff Barrow, and Beth Gibbons from the British Trip-Hop band Portishead.

I'm a fan, so...

It's Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck, with a face of disgust.

I'm honestly going to get a new avatar in time for MM.

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