What's the story behind your avatar?

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It's my dog, waiting for a cookie. I made him run across the house a few times for it because he's getting kind of fat.

I didn't have any My Little Pony pictures.

I liked the design of the clone pilot from Episode II and thought it was fitting since my user name is "Trooper". It wasn't my first choice though. I wanted to use Fisitron from the Transformers comics but I couldn't find it in the right size.

Well, for a couple of weeks I'd been tiring on my long-time Big Daddy avatar and thinking of changing, however what was holding me back was a lack of alternative. Recently I've been having a phase of nostalgia for a joke religion called Pieism me and some friends made up some years ago and that's caused an upsurge in my already strong love of lobsters since they are an important part of the afore-mentioned religion. I wanted something that had a lobster and a human together, I didn't think I'd find anything really but yesterday I stumbled upon the picture containing my current avatar. I liked it so much I couldn't resist cropping it down immediately and uploading a slightly modified version.

For a larger image of the cute baby lobster depicted in my new avatar, see here:

strangely this is how i think half-life's headcrabs would look like if valve was a japanese game dev.

i don't have an avatar.
i just can't seem to care/find one/take the time to upload one.

is an avatar really that important to the community?

I play medic. Lots.

Also, how awesome is playing medic? Ubercharging scouts, that's my thing.

I'm an artist, I made a cartoon character based off my anger+nerd side and there he is ...with the ass of another character on him.

"Not another fucking hat!" Need I say more?

I saw this video and thought it was funny, so I made a gif. from it.

Well... i found a picture of a kitty on icanhascheezeburger.com and thought, that kitty looks like bill from L4D so i photoshopped (by which i mean ms painted) pills hat and cigarette onto it and the BillCat was born.

I'm a Ninja?

Who ever gets the reference. 1+ internet too you!

My avatar is a model for a fountain in Minecraft I made. There was a group of about 5 of us building a huge underwater dome we name Atlantis. I was about 2 weeks late into the project so they already had the glass dome made and we were down to just carving out what was left of the inside of it (about half of the dome hit the floor of the ocean). Anyway, they wanted a center piece and my friend volunteered me saying that I am good with fountains. So I made that fountain, which I named Ocean's Beginning, on the surface using the correct dimensions so it would fit in the dome. The idea was that the top would hit the top of the dome where I would then remove the existing glass so the water would flow down it. Sadly, it never made it out of it's model form since the day after I made the fountain, it was griefed along with all of Atlantis. I recreated it on a single player map, but I don't think I will put it inside a dome. Draining underwater domes take along time and it would need to be quite large to fit this fountain in it.

I enjoy music.

They do excellent music.

'Nuff said.


i don't have an avatar.
i just can't seem to care/find one/take the time to upload one.

is an avatar really that important to the community?

Very few of us really care if you don't have an avatar but it does make you less recognisable in threads since most people, myself including, recognise people primarily by avatar and then only by name if we know them better or see them more. If you've okay with that then good for you I guess but I won't pretend to understand why, is there really no image in existence that you would have represent yourself?







It's a hero unit from Disciples, a rather simplistic but beautifully crafted TBS.

because it's true

Hmm . . . I've been asked about my avatar quite a bit since I chose this one.

Well, if anyone's wondering, it's from this old game . . .

That game series was the very first video game series I ever played.

So I guess, I chose this avatar for nostalgia reasons (and perhaps also because it's so recognisable. . . . It is recognisable, right?)

Yep I love that game

I...drew it myself actually. It's a mushi, which I invented (with some minor input from a friend).
Originally it was a character I started drawing in art class in grade 3.
I would include it in any and all artwork I possibly could from then on.
I wasn't very good at art so...yeah. It was fun though. This one was just done in 5 seconds on paint.

I just love Nyan Cat, I used to ironically, but now I do for real.

My name is Wheatley, My favorite Video Game Character is Wheatley and I just happen to have a picture of Wheatley on my computer

I started posting on The Escapist following a very long stint on the IGN forums, I was fairly recognizable over there for my Calvin avatars. When I arrived here, I didn't like the way my classic icon looked over the white, so I found this picture and thought it would make an amazing avatar.

...at the time that I created my account, I was in the army and often drunk. Also, I'd had this picture just sort of floating around on my hard drive forever for no other reason than I thought it was funny (especially if you're familiar with the character depicted). So I used it. Never really got around to changing it...

my avatar is a combination of two of the most awsome comics ever

So it's Footrot Flats and... what? Dilbert?

I like Disturbed, the symbol stands for "Believe" the meaning which I take as don't believe in a religion, but rather believe that there's something working "above" which means a lot to me because everyone in my family believes in some different religion whereas I just "believe".

I thought it was all the religious symbols combined, or something to that effect. Like they're layered on top of each other...

its my shy arse cat at my old house
in hindsight I wish I stayed at the old house since my other cat died at this one the old house had a much better neighbourhood

My avatar? Well it was Zoidberg, but then I changed it because I am obviously a classy motherfucker.

arggh I hate that picture so much because of last year arrrgh fucking lulzsec where are they now anyway

1. It's Karl Urban. Karl Urban is a BAMF. Plus he's pretty goddamn hot in person (having snuggled the man personally, I can confirm this).
2. It's McCoy and both incarnations of said Doctor is awesome. Also, Star Trek is cool.
3. The quote pretty much sums up how I feel about the human race, at least 85% of the time.

I'd hit that.

That's pretty much the only reason, I'd hit it good.

Mine's of the Dragonball Z character 'Guru' except from the Team Four Star abridged version of the series. The words say "Super Kami Guru allows this". I'll let this clip tell the joke.

I am a dwarf.
Diggy Diggy Hole.

I am a Dwarf. Dwarf Hole.

((Im a Dwarf Fortress Dwarf. Why? Because Dwarf Fortress Dwarves are pure win!))

It's Corey Taylor...what else can I say really =/

I rather liked Shadowrun for the SNES and I thought Jake Armitage's picture during conversations in the game would go well as an avatar.

I like Smugleaf. A lot. And this was one of the few pictures I found that looked good and fit the size restrictions for Avatars.
It was a picture of Chrono/Robo when I first started though... changed it after 30ish posts though.

When I got Bebo at around the age of 15 I went through a mad phase of trawling the interwebs for colour-coded anime pictures to make a series of 7 albums in rainbow order. This is one of the pictures I found, and I use it as my avatar because my name's Kitty and I sometimes have pink hair :3

Dunno, I just found this image and I really like it, so I made it my avatar. That's all.

I really like Shin Megami Tensei, and Black Frost just happens to be one of my favourite demons of the franchise. (I also got him on a "What's your Persona"-test on the internet.
Go ジャアクフロスト!)

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