What's the story behind your avatar?

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I just kinda ran across my avatar while surfing the internet. I am glad I did. It is Batman and Darth Vader combined. No one is safe.

It is a caramelldancing Kathleen... Do I even have to say more? :O

I spent a week working at a mountain dairy one summer, and while I was there, one of the cows had a calf.
I took a picture of it and used it as my avatar.

Then came my first March Mayhem, and I decided to ask some user to help me customize my avatar for the occasion.
darth.pixie made my avatar spin over a march mayhem bacground, and later he changed the background for the one you see now.

I met Obama...

He was very still and his skin was very waxy, but I thought I best share it as it's not everyday you see the President in Blackpool...

Its a drawing of Rick from Splatterhouse that i did one night when i was bored.

I'm a big fan of the Berserk anime, and have recently begun to read the berserk manga. I thought Guts/Gats was an interesting character ontop of being a total badass. The whole "a man must find a dream to live for" bit didn't draw me in as much as Gutses refusal to back down on anything, no matter how hopeless. Thanks to that something clicked inside me, and I haven't let myself give up on anything since.

I loved that so much that I made him my avatar. Looked for a picture where he didn't have a angry face, or even a creepy one. I just wanted one of Guts being Guts during the golden age arc. I found a picture of him with Griffeth, but I cropped Griffeth out, just leaving me with Guts.

Doctor Glocktor:
Dale is hilarious, especially in that specific episode.

OT: Dash is awesome, and this scene just begged to be made into an avatar


I know I should fix it at some point

Do you make your avatars yourself?
I always wondered where you were getting so many awesome Footrot Flats avatars from.

yep :P

generally when Im ive got nothing better to do


The Cheshire cat is my favourite character, nothing else to say really.

I know people have said this to you before, but your avatar is one of the creepiest avatars on this site!

Why thank you my good man (I think).

I tip my hat to you! :3


My avatar is awesome no doubt about that (I kid I kid), and once again I extend my gratitude to Caramel and Ultimateownage for resizing it for me :3


Spent two hours making it to avoid coursework, it was supposed to be way more advanced & have pixels going out in random directions, but ended up just leaving it simple.

I was more interested in your old avatar.
"Blue"? I think it said. What was that one about?

Aha, glad to see it's gained that much recognition. It's from a strip in a webcomic which I turned into a gif, thought it would fit a forum quite nicely. I need a new avatar really, this one's getting old.

Mine is I've been playing PC games since 1993 and a couple of years ago there was a number of "PC GAMES ARE DYING!!!" threads so made this picture my avatar to save me having to post it each time. Also, I think its quite funny.

Well it's no brainer that I'm a brony and I wanted a pony avatar to replace my old one (it was kind of boring). While I did wanted a Fluttershy but any Fluttershy gif avatars I had found, someone else on here was already using it and I want my avatar to be unquie.
Anyway I went for the alternative pony Pinkie Pie as she had some clips that are perfect to be in avatar form.

Warren Ellis comics are the best and everything about Doktor Sleepless made me go:"Fuck, yes! If I was rich and could get away with it, I'd pull the same shit!" Unfortunately, the warning sign I originally wanted became illegible after resizing to avatar format (it had a picture of an angel with the text:"Angels are the new UFO's. Watch the skies"), so I picked this one instead. It suits me, because I lose track of time frequently and severely (I've been wrong about the month in the past).

An awesome, grumpy, asshole dwarf, what's more is there to say ? ^^

I'm a big "Naruto" fan. At one point in the manga, Pain went all over the top like some Batman villain. Then came that creepy shot that made me think of the Joker from "The Dark Knight". So I thought: "Why not?"

I play TF2. A lot.

My Steam Tag name is Bill Nye.

My favorite class is engineer.

So I photo shopped Bill Nye's pic with a Sentry and a hard hat for my tag in TF2. It has been there ever since then because of SCIENCE!

I recently watched the Arrancar arc on bleach and discovered Coyotte Starkk who, as part of his character, had been lonely. Other than the fact I thought he was an interesting character, I recently moved to Nepal and have found it difficult to get to know people here. So, I suppose I see myself in him a little

Well I were introduced to warhammer at a young age (10 or so) and the Skavens immediately struck my fancy.

My avatar is just a photo i found of a skaven engineer, which I found pretty fitting to be an avatar.

Because for fuck's sake it's Stephen Fry.
You gots to love the Fry.

I bought Banjo Kazooie on XBLA, I got an avatar when I accomplished something and I chose to use it as my avatar. then I decided after going 3 years without an avatar on my escapist profile that I would sync my avatar with my XBLA avatar rather than finding something that fit. Also I like Banjo.

I guess the story behind summed up in one sentence is: I like Banjo and I'm lazy.

Am I the only one who didn't bother to change the Xbox Live avatar?

an Ork boy, fits my use name nicely. Orks are the best!. But ponies are awesome.

Well, I saw a box, and put it on my head. And someone took a picture.

I was watching an Extra Credits (or is that Creditz with a z? Anyway, you know which show I'm talking about), when suddenly, for a split second, this glorious creature appeared on my computer screen. I decided then and there that I wanted to have him as my avatar.

I later had it explained to me what it was called and what the idea behind it was, which made it even more awesome... alot more awesome if you will :P

It's a version I drew of Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island.


For those who hate clicking links Thich Quang Duc was a buddhist monk who in protesting mistreat of Buddhists by Vietnam's government preformed a self-immoltion (burned himself alive.

To me it is a showcase of ultimate discipline and sacrifice to protect what you believe in.

It's a cartoon chick (who is supposed to be me) vomiting rainbows. Every avatar I've had since I've joined has had rainbow vomit in it,..because I like it; and I noticed it's not used much around here. I'd like it if the vomit was moving, but it's alright the way it is too. ENJOY!

Edit: I drew this specific one, but the original came from the internet. I just drew it so I could colour it in differently.

My best friend, my sister, and I have always been a bit of a trio, and my friend used to draw each of us with some sort of distinct article of clothing. For me, it was the hat in my photo. The picture itself is cropped from a rather old drawing of hers. She hand-made a hat in that exact design as a gift to me a few years ago and I absolutely love it.

The wampus of course! The living embodiment of a game's spite engine.

(From M.U.L.E. - the game all modern games wish they could be, but fail miserably)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is my favorite manga of all time. Tsuna is my favorite character and the pic is badass. Might change it soon either to another Reborn pic or an adventure time one or something else.

Its a Slovakian Air Force MiG-29 with awesome digital camouflage. Why? Because my previous one was a Russian Su-35 with green-brown camouflage (I like Russian jets). Why? Because I had just set up my account and hadn't a clue what to use. It may have been because the first the first thread I participated in was about the US considering scrapping the F-22, but I can't be certain.

I did the Spirit Pokemon thing and got Haunter. He was also the pokemon i used back in the day when Red and Blue were extremely popular. Never traded him to evolve into Gengar, because Haunter was just awesome. First level 100 pokemon too. Sleep, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave and Hyper Beam made my Haunter a beast.

I like retarded comedy, and Leo and Satan is just that.

Gundam Unicorn. The camouflaged Neo Zeon remnant "Sleeves" ship Garencieres comes under fire from a Londo Bell Clop class cruiser. Captain Suberoa Zinnerman orders pilot Marida Cruz to launch in the Kshatriya and fend off the three chasing mobile suits. Marida funnelrapes two of Jegans [one of them pictured].

Not much story behind why I got it. Just grabbed it after I wanted something more iconic than my "Attempting to give a shit"-avatar I had before, but it comes from a party when I was 17 years old(22 now). A friend later on decided to photoshop it a bit and that was the result.

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