What's the story behind your avatar?

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i made this for a gog contest a while ago.
the contest was turn something from a gog game into a nyan cat varriant.

I happen to find this particular drawing of a screaming batman to be quite humorous.

I love my companion cube!

I love Katawa Shoujo and really like Misha's bubbly attitude. That's pretty much it.

Because it's like a strange reverse mascot of my favourite youtube channel. That's it really.

Play Portal 2 co-op and you'll understand. Basically, a talented user from Youtube called Axel787 animated this clip and the basic jist of it is that Blue got Orange pregnant. Good job Blue.

i was wondering wtf was going on in your avatar ...

OT: Princess Luna is my favorite pony, that's really all there is to it

Couldn't find a really good avatar sized pic of Derpy, I'll probably look again though now that Derpy got brought to the front.

Also save Derpy!

My Guy comes from a Cartoon I made for the Escapist in it's 2010 Film Festival. Basically, it's the Spy.

BTW, Does anyone know if they're gonna have a 2012 Film Festival? They didn't have on in 2011...

I had a Nationstates nation and I wanted to have a custom flag for it. Unfortunately I can't draw for shit, and I'm even worse when it comes to drawing on a computer. So I drew my idea on paper and got my friend who's good at Paint to draw it in Paint and e-mail it to me and then I liked it so much I made it my avatar on every forum I'm registered on.

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