So A Teacher At My School Was Just Fired...

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Seems unreasonable to fire him as far as I'm concerned, but the question is: does he have a history of doing this kind of stuff? I'd also like to point out that just because kids like him doesn't make him a good teacher. Kids like teachers who are fun, and often don't give a shit about how much they actually learn in the class, so teachers who spend all class showing jackass episodes and powerpoint presentations making fun of people for what they wear will be popular but should still not be hired. That said, I don't know how frequently he does this stuff.

Well, if this was a one-off occurance, then sacking him (if it comes to that) would be overkill. Yeah it should be balls on the chopping block for six months to remind him that he fucked up and really should think twice.

If this has happened multiple times with complaints from parents, then I think sacking him would be understandable.

We had a teacher always defending the consume of drugs in class because he likes to take the underrepresented side of the argument (add to that he was a biology / philosphy teacher). Never got in trouble for that.

Really sad that a teacher gets fired for that. It's just a friggin movie and about everyone knows that those guys are professional stuntmen.

One other of my teachers bought me a goddamn keg of beer when I organised an out of school meeting with 1-4 other students I liked and him.

God forbid a teacher make class fun. That'd be so bad. The kids should be miserable. If they're not tearing their hair out, weeping, cutting themselves, or cursing your name and flipping you off every time you turn around--you're not teaching correctly.

So not the Point.

Yes Class should be more fun, but don't forget your also supposed to be teaching.
What did anybody learn from that class? It's alright to dick around at work?

Schools just not the place for that kind of behavior. Sure kids have seen worse and can swear in more colorful tones than probably most people over 30. That doesn't make it okay to subject kids to that kind of norm.

This was DUMB, even he knows it was wrong. It's really just a matter of principle, it doesn't matter what he did for the school or even if he's this super great guy who helps old Ladys cross the street and occasionally fights crime at night.
If the school said, okay slap on the wrist "bad teacher, stop that", they'd have to put up with the discussions that aren't really worth the effort to defend his platant mistake.

It's just best for him and everyone involved to move on from this.

I think it was a moronic thing for him to do , never mind the fact he broke a law or maybe 2 in the progress. Showing a movie in any class is a nono. just hope the owners of the movie dont jump on him to Would not put it passed them :)).As for the content, he should have used his brain.

OK, I'm willing to accept that the Jackass thing was wrong. And I don't think it would be bad enough to be fired. Then again, schools are known of being wee bit insensitive to such matters to please the public. Well, it's his fault here, he used his own judgement and was wrong...because the kids told their parents.

However this part of the article:

Poston also launched a PowerPoint projection with photos from the website, "People of Walmart," which pokes fun at oddly dressed Walmart patrons. He told school officials the website taught lessons on the consequences of violating social norms, the police report states

is pure nonsense. That seems to be there to make the teacher look even worse and it fails.

Poston is a 1994 Wando graduate and Citadel alum, according to his Facebook page.

But this part irks me the most. "I don't need to do real journalism like research and stuff, I'll just hop on Facebook."

do not question the omniscience of facebook!
his royalty, the Prince of Nigeria.

well all you got to do as a teacher is to drink a glas of wine in your spare time and shake your head how silly the world can be.

Oh, Wait. you can't.

With a pint of beer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, the worst thing you could accuse Ashley Payne of is mixing her drink.
But this happy holiday snap has cost the high school teacher her job after a parent spotted it on Facebook - and complained.
The picture was taken while travelling around Europe in the summer of 2009.
But Miss Payne, 24, was shocked when she was summoned to the head teacher's office at Apalachee High School, in Winder, Georgia, and offered an ultimatum.
She told CBS News: 'He just asked me, "Do you have a Facebook page?"

'And you know, I'm confused as to why I am being asked this, but I said, "Yes", and he said, "Do you have any pictures of yourself up there with alcohol?"'
He then offered her an option: resign or be suspended.
She chose to resign.

well this particular teacher had it comming. he should not have watched movies during class in the first place.*facepalm*
or show movies that are Rated M to Teenagers.*double facepalm*
he could have said that he was marking some exam papers and it was funny how many simple mistakes someone can make.*triple facepalm*(yeah i'm a mutant)

how is him showing "jackass 2" lewd but they made me watch that horrible mentally scaring "the miracle of birth" movie and that is OK?

Absolutely stupid. That's no reason to fire him. I mean, seriously, even if you don't like the fact that he did that it's not bad enough to fire him.



watched the movie "Jackass 2" on his laptop while students worked at their desks

He wasn't just fucking around, the students were given their assignment.

he WAS fucking around. just because he's not giving a lesson doesn't mean he doesn't have work to do: course prep, correcting homework, grading tests, etc...

even substitutes usually have work-related shit to fill their time.

my mom was a substitute teacher for 30 years, sitting around watching a movie or reading books is not what they get paid for.

There's not much to suggest that he wasn't doing both. I multitask like that all the time. Especially if he was correcting homework or grading tests.

What an awesome teacher ... that's really sad that they would do that to him :<
That whole thing is just ridiculous ...

Honestly, unless it was the teacher's fourth or fifth (or w/e) offense, then it might be justified, but given everything else he's done for the school I don't think he should be fired. Reprimanded sure, but not fired unless he's had a string of these offenses.

Wow, that was stupid. Back at my old school, we watched Homeward Bound and shit.

He shouldn't have showed the students Jackass or watched it himself but shouldn't have been fired for it. Just given a warning.

Damn right they should fire him: because he wasn't doing his job.

Pro tip here guys:

If you are employed as a welder and your job is to weld shit and your boss catches you watching Jackass instead you will get fired.
If you are employed as a waiter and your job is to serve dinner and your boss catches you watching Jackass instead you will get fired.
If you are employed as a teacher and your job is to teach children from the prescribed curriculum and your boss catches you watching Jackass instead (and showing it to the kids) you will get fired.

Not sure why the school needed to call the police though, is it a criminal offence to not follow the movie rating system in America?


WE watched much worse in my sociology class.
And in sex ed they show us much much much worse where stds come to topic.
So I find this odd.

Did you have to bring in a signed permission slip, or at least have parental consent to view the sex-ed video or the sociology video?

I dont think so and we watched some fucked up shit
High on crack street
That jeffrey Dahmer movie
Ted Bundy movie etc

Yea we actually watched that exact movie in class on our last day as seniors. Someone tattled they need a paddling.

I'd say the termination is valid.

If it had only been a matter of him watching movies on "company time", then some milder disciplinary action could have been taken.

But showing an R rated movie to a bunch of teenagers, in class no less, breaks a few laws and points to horrible judgment.

I mean, it's not like the movie as any redeeming qualities or is the least bit educational... there's really no gray zone to this.

"Horrible Judgement"?
Alright, he is breaking a law by showing an R-rated movie to "kids", but really..He should be fired for that?
He should be warned, yes, but fired?

The teacher knew his rights and he lost him the moment he showed that. For those that don't know, a teacher can be fired for things they do off campus EX Get drunk on the weekend. Why? Because people are touchy.

If he really valued his job, he shouldn't of done that. I dont care if the students thought he was awesome, he fucked up.

Take your punishment idiot.

Lol. My Chemistry teacher brewed his own alcohol in his class. There was a room that was intended for chemicals, but it wasn't really used, so he made is own alcohol. Even gave me some when we were doing a test. Good stuff.

My French teacher turned out to be the Belgian equivalent of a hooligan.

My Literature, my English teacher, a couple of mates and I usually had lunch together outside of school and one time we came back slighly intoxicated.

My P.E. Teacher made us decide what we wanted to do and sometimes he'd smoke.
None were fired, because despite it all, they were great teachers and we all held great respect for them for not being stuck-up, hypocritical PC filinwordyouwanthere

So no, he shouldn't have been fired.

Oh please, I had teachers do stuff like that in cover lessons all the fucking time.


aegix drakan:
Meanwhile there are teachers who are shit at their jobs...

Oddly enough, I would think someone watching movies while they're getting paid to work would constitute as being "shit at their job".

but it seems like most ppl think it's perfectly ok for him to goof off, apparently that's all that the students want to do too, right?

ya, really legit teacher right there.

It was a cover lesson; if he hadn't of been watching it he'd have just been sitting there anyway.


he is breaking a law by showing an R-rated movie to "kids", but really..He should be fired for that?


just like any other job would fire you for committing a crime on premises, during business hours.

seriously, ppl saying this should be brushed off have very questionable work ethics.

Silly laws in education make people dumber. No surprise there. I guess I should be happy that back in days in my primary school, the priest teaching us religion brought us first Alien on VHS and we watched it over the next few lessons. We were about 13 back then, no idea which grade it is in US system. No one complained. There was no shitstorm due to it.
Two years later, when our biology teacher got sick and our literature teacher was filling in for her we watched Seven. Again. No shitstorm. No one complained.

I'll never understand the whole idea of "OMG evul teacher shows bad stuff to poor lil children! Think of the children!". For f-sake. It was high-school. They watched and probably done worst things already.

Idiotic laws and regulations that are there because some bigot figured out it's the best way.

It's the kind of thing that makes you shake your head and mumble "Oh, America..."

Shoot up school with firearms and murder people: good thing
Watch a slightly tasteless movie in class: horridly evil thing

A classic case of parents overreacting and gutless school principals/officials pandering to their stupidity.

When I was in sixth grade our teacher threw a soaking wet chalkboard eraser sponge at me to make me stop talking during the lesson. It smacked me straight in the face, proper watery SPLAT and all. Shockingly, I stopped talking once that happened. My parents heard about it then and reacted the same way they still do.

"Serves you right, you idiot. Stop talking during class when people are trying to listen and learn!"

Yes because high school students are going to be adversely affected by seeing a clip from a Jackass movie. Their innocent minds scarred forever.....their souls crushed.

Fucking ridiculous over reaction. No way should he have been fired.


Shoot up school with firearms and murder people: good thing

Care to elaborate on that?

Oh's just Blabahb. Nothing to see here folks.

Ya, sorry OP, but he probably should have shown greater foresight before showing it to the class, let alone watching it while on the clock. I got no sympathy for the man. What he did was obviously against the schools policy and going against your employers policy tends to get you fired.

It's the kind of thing that makes you shake your head and mumble "Oh, America..."

Shoot up school with firearms and murder people: good thing
Watch a slightly tasteless movie in class: horridly evil thing

Da fuck are you talking about?! If that's suppose to be a joke, I gotta say, it ain't funny. Not in the slightest.

The Shadowlord:
How dare he attempt to allow students to enjoy themselves during school hours!

No, seriously. It's ridiculous the fact he's getting punished for this. At the age of most of those kids, I can guarantee they've already seen far, far worse. He should receive a warning for his behaviour, not termination.

Exactly. If this guy's getting fired, then my GCSE english teacher, who made students cry, or bullied them out of his class on a number of occasions and that I was the only one who ever talked back to him (though weirdly enough he respected me for it, and when he wasn't being a dick to people we got on alright) certainly should be.

He bullied a guy out of his drama class over dyslexia, made a girl I know cry over a haircut and pejoratively accused one of my close friends of being gay. Though the back and forth there was sort of funny:

Teacher (to multiple students): Oh, you should watch this music video. It's called 'The Bleeding' by Five Finger Death Punch.

My friend: Oh, that sounds cheerful...

Teacher (to my friend): Well we're not all gay, like you!

My friend isn't even gay and has never led anyone to suspect as such, so it was completely out of the blue.



he is breaking a law by showing an R-rated movie to "kids", but really..He should be fired for that?


just like any other job would fire you for committing a crime on premises, during business hours.

seriously, ppl saying this should be brushed off have very questionable work ethics.

uhh the MPAA rating system is a voluntary scheme not enforced by law... people who make judgments about others without knowing the facts have very questionable ethics

wtf is with all these people who think the MPAA rating system is the law... it's not even a government agency... lmao

Oh for fucks sake! Give the man his job back! Wanna know what my teacher showed my class back in Junior High? Dead Like me, and the episodes we watched were way worse then Jackass. (Although Dead Like Me is much more intellectual of a show then Jackass 2) Now that I think about it maybe he's getting fired for really killing off their brain cells

A part of me wants to curse modern society for being so over-protective of children while another wants to call the guy an idiot for taking the chance knowing the society we live in. I guess I'll just do both while crying in the corner.

If this had any educational value, I would say give him a reprimand and send him on his way.

However, this wasn't educational at all. He was deliberatly wasting class time. Having good rapport with students doesn't make you a good teacher.

Open for news article:

All of the students at my school loved him and are actively protesting his termination. He led our school's Buddy Olympics and was an avid supporter of many school clubs and organizations. While I didn't have him as a teacher, I've heard nothing but good things from fellow students.

That being said, I want to know The Escapist's position on this. If a beloved teacher pulls a stupid stunt, should they get a second chance was my school right in firing him?

EDIT: This is a petition that the kids at my school have started. This shows more of the public's opinion of him.

Before I make any judgement, I'd like to know if he was actually good at his job as a teacher beyond just providing you guys with entertainment.

Well, sounds like my old teachers should get fired then. We've seen Jackass 1 and 2 in class. =/

And other teacher I had found youtube vids and showed on the projector...during class.

Idiot decision, imo.

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