How do you like it?
Warm bread
2% (6)
2% (6)
Lightly Toasted (Slightly crunchy)
21.9% (65)
21.9% (65)
Medium Toasted (Lightly browned, crunchy)
52.2% (155)
52.2% (155)
Heavily Toasted (Very brown, very crunchy.)
10.1% (30)
10.1% (30)
Burnt (Black, basically a pile of bread shaped ash.)
0.7% (2)
0.7% (2)
I Prefer Bagels/English Muffins Instead
9.4% (28)
9.4% (28)
I Don't Eat Bread (Either in the morning, or ever,)
2.4% (7)
2.4% (7)
I Don't Eat Anything At All.
0.7% (2)
0.7% (2)
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Poll: Toast

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no preference of bread.

medium setting.


Cinnamon and sugar mixture.

cause that's how i roll son

Warm enough to be crunchy and enough to just warm the bread.

That is a magical piece of toast.

Light/medium toasted with nothing but butter. Damn good stuff.

I tend to like most things a little overdone (I order my steaks medium-well, as an example) and the same applies to toast. Sometimes I like it burnt to ash, but most of the time I just get it black along the edges, dark brown everywhere else. Butter/Margerine on top. Nothing fancy.

Darn you, Escapist, now I'm jones'n for some toast.
*gets up to go make some*

Lightly toasted, though sometimes I get sidetracked and get way too toasted. But since I ruined it being forgetful I eat it anyway as my punishment. Don't want to waste it -__-

Now, come on. You KNOW what's gonna happen if you ask me about toast...

Really Good Bacon, I say!

Not a fan of toast, but I will take a nice muffin or a bagel.
I think the only reason I don't like toast is that if its dry and crunchy bread has a habit of scraping the roof of my mouth and leaving it irritated for the rest of the day.

Toast is yummy I like to eat it!

Lightly toasted is the way to go, its even better when used to make a bacon sandwich... I'm drooling on my keyboard.

I either use a sandwich presser or...nothing.

Medium toasted sourdough bread with butter (real butter) is God's gift to breakfast. Top it with your eggs if you want, add jam if you desire; just know that it will never, never let you down.

Sourdough uber alles!

I'm in between lightly and medium toasted. Have to have butter and Marmite on it, and if worse comes to worse and I have no Marmite... Strawberry Jam.

Also I can only eat toast with bread you cut yourself, I can't stand the crappy already cut stuff for toast.

Excuse me my dear sir's and madams. While I appreciate your input on the best ways to prepare and serve me, I'd rather you take it up with me in private and not discuss it via a public medium.

I'd also be very appreciated if you'd discuss me in my original form. I know many prefer just the toast portion and that's how I'm often referred as but there's more to me than toast. I am also gravy and I'd like this included.

Thank you.

(Also lightly toasted)

It must be dark brown. A bit burnt is ok. If I'm having Vegemite, I like the toast hot with melted butter that mixes with the Vegemite. For jam or cheese I like it room temp.

Lightly toasted with some butter melting on it and some nice cheese, yum.

Lightly toasted with butter n jam for me please, makes a good hangover cure to hehe :) TOAST FTW!! :)

I'm glad that TF2 Yeah Toast vid popped up.. also, Talkie Toaster, hells yeah! Must... re-watch... Red Dwarf...

That said, I generally don't eat bread. Not a hard and fast rule, so on the occasion that I do have a sandwich of some sort (usually a BLT), I tend to do so with the bread lightly toasted.
Just toast, though? Never.

Medium with butter (ONLY BUTTER!) I'll be having none of that other shit like marmite....

Slightly crunchy, with honey or peanut butter, nutella, jam or cream cheese.

I really like toast heh.

Lightly toasted or medium toasted. Depends on my mood.

Or Bagels. Bagels are good.

I like white bread done so it's a golden all over but still soft-ish in the middle. I like brown bread toasted slightly more than I like my white bread toasting. But both so the butter melts into it.

Also cold toast with Marmite on is amazing, white or brown bread.

I prefer medium as I view burnt as being bad for my health. I do eat lightly toasty but I enjoy medium more.

I like it when it is golden brown everywhere

My preference would be a medium toasted English muffin with either a small amount of butter or a little bit of extra crunchy peanut butter.

I've got nothing particularly against toast, though. If I didn't have any English muffins, I'd probably go with medium toasted bread (sourdough is what we usually buy) with a little bit of butter.

Granted, I usually don't eat breakfast because I'm usually not awake for it. My current job requires me to work nights, so I usually wake up too late for breakfast and a little too early for lunch. If forced to choose between breakfast foods or lunch foods, I'm going to pick lunch foods almost every time. Nothing beats a well-made sandwich.

I like my toast medium rare, preferably with jam. Hmmm... jam... Or with Nutella... Hmmm... Nutella... Hell, even if the toast were burned, it would still taste good with Nutella!

As my family say "like you held it up to a light bulb", if it was on white bread it would be a very light golden colour.

I don't mind it a little further than that but I can't stand charcoal or ash toast, why have it like that? All burnt food tastes the same so why inflict it on bread?

Y'know, this same thread idea popped into my head when I was eating some toast this morning, but I was all like "Nah, that'd be silly and totally unrelated."
OT: I like mine somewhere between lightly and medium, so that it's not entirely crunchy, but still rather... The butter usually helps.

Medium, because its very gold looking when its done. I love it.
You know what they say. All toasters, toast toast.


Medium and either by itself or covered with Nutella. Jam or with slices of cheese.

Medium toasted.

Just enough to get the butter melted and the jelly spread without ruining the toast. I want some.

Medium with syrup, eggs, cheese, some grits, a bit of ham, and sometimes peanut butter if I'm feeling messy.

Until the toast is just rigid enough to stand up to the spreading of butter/jelly/whatever, but not so much that I end up with more crumbs than toast.

Good God I have a huge craving for toast right now :<

Soviet Heavy:
-Video Sniparoo- YEAH TOAST!

Awww, Beat me to it...

OT: Medium toast. Not too brown, not too white, just perfect.

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